Lamont’s Bishop House – 6 Apr 2016

Bishops' Gardens
Cuisine: Modern Australian
Location: Perth CBD, opposite Perth Exhibition Center

As part of the Eat Drink Perth food festival, certain restaurants have joined the party by offering specials which brings me to Lamont’s Bishop House 3 course special menu at $55. On my way to the restaurant I thought it must be situated somewhere amongst all the concrete buildings, but I was completely wrong. Walking along a walkway next to The Terrace Hotel lead me to a large open space with the beautiful Bishops’ Gardens in plain sight. Keep on walking along and you come to the heritage listed Bishop’s House where Lamont’s is based. I’d eaten at Lamont’s in East Perth several years ago but the lease expired and they shifted to this secluded enclave instead a few years ago. I took a seat on the balcony which overlooks a grassed area with greenery. One wouldn’t think they are in the heart of the Perth CBD. I can see why this venue is chosen to host weddings typically over Thursday – Sunday according to the waiter.

Lamont's Bishop House

Poached lobster with almond and buttermilk gazpacho, green grapes, Navera cured bacon

Lamont's Bishop House - Poached lobster with almond and buttermilk gazpacho, green grapes, Navera cured bacon

I started with the lobster which is just delicious. It carries a lovely sweetness and is enjoyed with the milky gazpacho. The lettuce helps to soak up the gazpacho too but is quite bland so the cured bacon provides just the perfect salty burst of seasoning. I also like the grapes that provide a lovely juicy burst of sweetness, though a different sweetness to that of the lobster. It’s a lovely light dish and drinking the remaining gazpacho is a lovely soothing finish to the palette.


Margaret River Wagyu, charred bresaola, zucchini blossom and heirloom carrot

Lamont's Bishop House - Margaret River Wagyu, charred bresaola, zucchini blossom and heirloom carrot

I love deep fried food and you wouldn’t expect to get any at a fine dining restaurant but I was most pleased with this dish. A very light golden brown tempura batter encased a zucchini flower. The batter is very crunchy and I also love zucchini flowers and this was cooked nice and tender. That was consumed in no time ensuring that there was no chance for it to go soggy. I moved to the Wagyu and first bite in I was just mmm. Perfectly cooked and seasoned, it evoked lovely flavours. However, there were a few pieces that were a little chewy, more to do with the cut of meat than the cooking. What lifted each bite even more was the jus which was fantastic. I get annoyed when there is just a tease but there was sufficient quantity for the meal. Full of flavour complimenting the earthy Wagyu, I loved it. The smooth potato mash helps sop up any escaping jus and the charred heirloom carrot was really delicious. The Wagyu piece hidden under the delicious slightly salty bresaola, just falls apart and carries a greater meaty intensity which is just superb. Several delicious components that work in harmony with each other creating a delicious and very satisfying meal.


Chocolate Fondant with raspberry sorbet, malt marshmallow, Bahen and co chocolate

Lamont's Bishop House - Chocolate Fondant

Putting the spoon in and the fondant did it as it should and oozed delicious chocolate. Decadent and very very naughty but so so delicious. It wasn’t molten hot but at a very comfortable temperature, each bite was carefully savoured. I liked the marshmallows which mop up the chocolate and sorbet, though while I liked the raspberry sorbet, it’s tartness contrasts too strongly against the chocolate fondant, wiping out the chocolate flavour in your mouth. I went back to the fondant to get more of that yummy taste back. Satisfied.


Lamont’s Food Review Summary

Verdict: In amongst all the concrete buildings one wouldn’t think you could find a beautiful secluded tranquil area away from the hustle and bustle of the Perth CBD. But the Bishop’s Gardens and heritage Bishop’s House which houses Lamont’s is the perfect getaway to enjoy delicious cuisine in a relaxed atmosphere. The first course presented juicy sweet lobster immersed in a delicious soothing gazpacho which was a very light tasty introduction to the 3 course meal. For mains, I loved the deep fried tender zucchini flowers and the jus was simply superb, thoroughly enjoyed with the tasty meaty Wagyu beef. I liked the purple heirloom carrot which has a different flavour and the smooth potato mash and yummy bresaola round out the components to a satisfying dish. For dessert, an oozing chocolate fondant was served up which is simply divine. I loved the chocolate flavour and the marshmallows to mop up the sauce. The raspberry sorbet was tasty though a little jarring in comparison to the fondant and didn’t think it complemented the fondant, but it is still a delicious way to finish the meal. The waiter who served me was a very casual, yet professional, affable person which also made the experience worthwhile. Comfortably full and satisfied.
Price: Moderately Expensive
Taste: Delicious
Value: Excellent
Recommendation: Recommend

Lamont’s Bishop House Restaurant Details
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