Petite Mort – 13 Apr 2016

Cuisine: French
Location: Shenton Park

On my trip through the South West last year I had attended a few events at the IGA Great Southern Taste food festival. One of those events was at Singlefile Wines where we were treated to an excellent degustation prepared by the chef, Todd Stuart, from Petite Mort. Which brings me to my long time coming visit to Petite Mort. Petite Mort serves French cuisine with particular strengths shown through their deguatations, including a vegetarian only version available. That will have to wait for another time as they also have a 3 course option available ($64) where there is plenty of choices for each course. I was also surprised to see a menu with cigars! They offer different types of cigars which can be enjoyed with an alcoholic beverage and smoked outside. The restaurant appears to be housed in an old house but the interior is very modern with (nude!) artworks adorning the walls and the service was also excellent through the course of the night.

Brioche and Sourdough Bread

Petite Mort - Brioche and Sourdough Bread

I really enjoy delicious breads and both varieties presented were very tasty, particularly the brioche with lots of butter. Brioche has got to be one of my favourites.


Pork, Apple, Grape

Petite Mort - Pork, Apple, Grape

The pork uses the pig’s head and ears and it was super tender and tasty. I’ve eaten dishes prepared with the pig’s head which is a very tasty part of the animal holding bags of flavour, possibly the best part of the pig. That small taste was so delicious.


Porcini Gnocchi, One Hour Egg, Miso, Mushroom

Petite Mort - Porcini Gnocchi, One Hour Egg, Miso, Mushroom

I also had a small taste of the gnocchi which was soft and pillowy with a dash of the egg yolk giving a creamy addition to the soft potato. Very tasty.


Cured Salmon, Kombucha, Ginger, Wasabi Sorbet

Petite Mort - Cured Salmon, Kombucha, Ginger, Wasabi Sorbet

I ordered the cured salmon and the delicious cured salmon married with a really interesting sorbet which was an unusual element but it works. There’s a nice fizz from the kombucha and ginger with peppery Wasabi, but it’s the sweetness which some how enhances and elevates the flavour of the salmon. Quite a surprising and creative element.


Kaffir & Coconut Shooter

Petite Mort - Kaffir & Coconut Shooter

Kaffir and coconut at the bottom with apple and blackcurrant tea on top, this is like a shooter but one starts from the bottom via the straw. All I can say is wow, really delicious but gone in an instant. I want more! Can I have a glass of that?


Lamb, Aubergine, Olive, Petit Vegetables

Petite Mort - Lamb, Aubergine, Olive, Petit Vegetables

Salmon, Cauliflower, Scallop, Apple, Bacon

Petite Mort - Salmon, Cauliflower, Scallop, Apple, Bacon

I had a small taste of the lamb and salmon dishes. Both were tender, succulent and well seasoned which accentuates the flavours of the proteins. The salmon also had a lively light crispy skin. The lamb also includes a mini cannelloni which is the element standing upright in the photo.


Goat Tenderloin, Garlic, Potato, Radicchio

Petite Mort - Goat Tenderloin, Garlic, Potato, Radicchio

The goat tenderloin is nice and tender and earthy. I love chestnut puree and this was yum. I would have liked more of that tasty jus to enjoy with the goat though. The fondant potato was nice and tender though a little sour. The veggies are earthy and compliment the goat. I like the olive and also the crunchy dehydrated leaf for different flavours.


Pre-Dessert – Raspberry Roll, Shortbread, 1952’s Ice Cream, Raspberry Jam, Milk Foam

Petite Mort - Raspberry Roll, Shortbread, 1952's Ice Cream Recipe, Raspberry Jam, Milk Foam

Using an ice cream recipe from 1952 including how to make the cone, this was served on shortbread crumbs, a raspberry jam, and the presentation is quite appealing, like someone dropped an ice cream on the road. I love the ice cream which is absolutely amazing. The raspberry roll is really tasty too. This is a very different and interesting pre-dessert which I enjoyed greatly.


Death By Chocolate

Petite Mort - Death By Chocolate

There were too many elements to memorise but chocolate lovers will be treated to a spectrum of all things chocolate. I had a small taste of a few elements. I liked the white chocolate shell with a yummy white chocolate cream center which wasn’t too sweet. The praline was also excellent.


Passionfruit Souffle, Sorbet, Bailey’s

Petite Mort - Passionfruit Souffle, Sorbet, Bailey's

I really liked the light passionfruit souffle which had risen and had a nice light hit of passionfruit. The passionfruit sorbet on the other hand was a little jarring for my liking with a sharp burst of sweetness and tartness. I moved on to the rich blobs of cream which balance the two elements out and I really like the chocolate Baileys balls which are a real departure from the passionfruit theme and are really delicious.


Gouda Cheesecake, Pineapple Textures

Petite Mort - Gouda Cheesecake, Pineapple Textures

Gouda cheesecake with pineapple mousse, pineapple sorbet, dehydrated pineapple, and pineapple wafers. Surprisingly, we were also presented with another dish compliments of the chef. This showcased pineapple in a variety of forms. Interesting and tasty, I particularly liked the doughnut shaped gouda cheesecake.


Maccaron, Salted Caramel, Cuban Cigar Smoked Cream

Petite Mort - Maccaron, Salted Caramel, Cuban Cigar Smoked Cream

Yet more food! The chunky maccarons are enough to leave you full if you were still, by some chance, hungry. The smokey Cuban cigar flavours are definitely evident in the cream and add an interesting touch to the maccarons with the richness balanced out by the salted caramel. Great finish to the night.


Petite Mort Food Review Summary

Verdict: The fine dining experience at Petite Mort was everything you expect, quiet ambience, quality interior, excellent service, creative dishes, and not to mention very tasty too. The night started with two bread rolls, one sourdough and the other a very very delicious brioche roll which I particularly enjoyed with butter. For mains I had tender cured salmon which was paired with a sweet buzzing kombucha, ginger and wasabi sorbet which elevates the flavours of the salmon. We were then presented with a kaffir and coconut shooter which was fantastic but gone in an instant. I could easily have a glass of this. For mains I enjoyed very tender earthy goat tenderloins and in keeping with the earthy theme, it was enjoyed with chestnut puree, jus and fondant potato. A pre-dessert was then presented serving up a fantastic ice cream using a recipe from 1952. Dessert presented a delicious passionfruit soufflé that was risen, light, and fluffy, though I felt the passionfruit sorbet was a little jarring due to the sweetness and tartness. However, the rich cream and the very tasty chocolate Baileys balls, evened things out. We were also presented with another dessert compliments of the chef, Gouda cheesecake with pineapple prepared in a variety of ways. I really liked the Gouda cheesecake. To finally finish the night off, Cuban cigar smoked cream with a touch of salted caramel formed the filling to a set of maccarons. Wow, so delicious. What a finish to the night. The 3 course special is an excellent option with several dishes to select for each course but I think I’ll have to visit again to try their degustation.
Price: Moderately Expensive
Taste: Delicious
Value: Excellent
Recommendation: Recommend

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