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China - Beijing - The Great Wall of China

Holiday – China: Beijing

Thursday 19 May After a 13 hr overnight train ride from Xi’an we arrived in Beijing. I had an interrupted sleep and was tired like everyone else. After a taxi ride in peak hour traffic, an experience in itself, we arrived at our hotel. Unfortunately rooms aren’t ready (we have […]

China - Xi'an - Terracotta Warriors

Holiday – China: Xi’an

Tuesday 17 May After getting off the train it was a short ride to the hotel where our rooms happened to be ready which was very fortunate since we arrived well before check in. Time for a shower before heading to breakfast. A few of us decided to head out for […]

China - Yangshuo - Viewpoint

Holiday – China: Yangshuo

Wednesday 11 May Yangshuo seems pretty busy with lots of activity. Not a large developed city like Shanghai, the town has quite a buzz. I notice this place is filled with large rock formations which suddenly jut out of the ground and are very steep. Unlike a mountain with a […]

China - Hangzhou - Longjing Tea Plant Visit

Holiday – China: Hangzhou

Tuesday 10 May After a hotel buffet breakfast, we went to the West Lake region and popped into Longjing Tea Plantation Visit. It’s a musuem about all things tea. I’m not a tea drinker but it’s quite fascinating learning about tea. We then sat in a room where we had […]

China - Shanghai - Skyline

Holiday – China: Shanghai

Friday 6 May My time in Taiwan has come to an end and now I’m off to Shanghai. I thought the lunch served in the airplane would be Asian but was Western. Quite disappointing and the entire plane bar the few foreigners must be wondering what this is. And I […]

Taiwan - Taipei - Raohe St Night Markets

Holiday – Taiwan

Tuesday 3 May It’s been a long time since I took leave so I’m really excited for my next trip which begins with a visit to Taiwan. After catching the midnight flight I landed in Hong Kong before it was a quick dash to get to the next boarding gate […]