Davvero Caffé E Cucina – 15 Jun 2016

Davvero Long Table Dinner
Cuisine: Italian
Location: Floreat (Floreat Shopping Centre)

Disclosure: meal is complimentary

I really love Italian food so I was most pleased to receive an invite to a Long Table Dinner at Davvero Caffé E Cucina. They’re located in Floreat Shopping Centre and have been operating for a little over a year. Davvero specialise in traditional Italian cuisine with dishes from all over Italy. For this reason you will not find dishes not served in Italy such as spaghetti meatballs or chicken Parmagana, but rather, they stick to the roots of Italy with a modern twist. Davvero have introduced a new winter menu featuring 16 dishes and they proceeded to serve each one, not to each person, but to share amongst groups of 4. Either way, this is a lot of food and in the vein of Italian hospitality and generosity! So let’s begin.


Antipasti Board #1 – Burrata mozzarella Dop, San Daniele Prosciutto, cherry tomatoes and coccoli

Davvero Long Table Dinner - Antipasti Board #1

To start we were introduced to two antipasti boards. The first one contained very soft creamy burrata mozzarella enjoyed with a touch of acidity from the cherry tomatoes. I also love proscuitto so really enjoyed that slightly fatty oily texture and flavour. At the top of the board are coccoli which are dollops of deep-fried bread dough typically served with antipasti. Interesting.


Antipasti Board #2 – Tuscan grilled sourdough, anchovy, crunchy prawn heads, pate, squid in tomato sauce

Davvero Long Table Dinner - Antipasti Board #2

The next board served up anchovies atop toasted sourdough bread which was tasty. The other dish presented soft tender squid immersed in a lovely light tomato sauce. On the end of the board are some lovely crispy prawn heads in a tasty chicken pate. The two compliment each other perfectly.


Tartrà Piemontese – Savoury Piedmont pudding served on Asiago cheese fondue

Davvero Long Table Dinner - Tartrà Piemontese

Moving on to the single entrées section of the menu.

The pudding is really delicious and not really like a pudding. The dish is a bit rich, cheesy, the filling is like a chicken stuffing with a strong herb flavour. I like the shaved parmesan which adds that touch of hardness to contrast against the richness. Very different and unique.


Panfried WA scallops served on a pumpkin sauce, parmesan cheese foam and toasted pancetta sprinkles

Davvero Long Table Dinner - Panfried WA Scallops

The scallops were perfectly cooked, plump and juicy and perfectly seasoned. I like the sauce and the smooth subtle soft tones of pumpkin puree. This dish is a winner.


Tasmanian salmon cube demi cuit in flossy salt, panfried and served with balsamic vinegar and beetroot sauce, horseradish cream and beetroot chips

Davvero Long Table Dinner - Tasmanian Salmon

The salmon is very tasty and has a nice crust on top. The salmon could have been more moist and juicy, not that it was overcooked but seemed a little dry. The beetroot puree provides a nice earthy flavour and there are a few other sauces which compliment the earthy vegetables and salmon.


Roasted quail and fig sauce, winter fruit chutney served with homemade grilled pan brioche

Davvero Long Table Dinner - Roasted Quail & Fig Sauce

The roasted quail has been cut into 4 pieces and the piece I had was perfectly cooked, moist, perfectly seasoned and very tasty. The quail is a bit rich which is balanced by the winter fruit chutney. Using the grilled pan brioche (love the presentation of the bag the brioche is served in) in the fig sauce adds additional flavour.


Pappardelle al cinghiale in dolceforte – Homemade pappardelle pasta with slow cooked wild boar and typical Tuscan sauce “dolceforte”

Davvero Long Table Dinner - Pappardelle & Wild Boar

The next 4 dishes are from the pasta and risotto section.

The pappardelle pasta was so delicious, plenty of soft ribbons absorbing the flavours of the Tuscan sauce. I really enjoyed the slow cooked wild boar which tastes more more like beef. One of my favourite dishes of the night. A bowl of finely grated parmesan was placed at our table so a dash of this adds additional flavour to the dish.


Calamarata – Calamarata pasta with fresh tomato, basil and fresh calamari sauce

Davvero Long Table Dinner - Calamarata

The texture of the pasta is a little rubbery, kind of like squid, however, it doesn’t taste rubbery at all. The pasta is really tasty and helps cling to the calamari sauce perfectly, flooding your mouth with tasty fresh flavours to compliment the tender calamari.


Casoncelli alla Bergamasca – Just can’t translate this awesome regional dish, we will explain it to you at your table.

Davvero Long Table Dinner - Ravioli

We were wondering what exactly would be served to our table upon seeing the menu description which certainly creates lots of intrigue and curiosity. What is served is plenty of ravioli with a filling of Italian sausage, pear, biscuit, immersed in an extremely delicious butter sauce. I absolutely loved this dish which was amazing and easily the dish of the night. The item on top is like a sage leaf coated in a light crispy batter and deep fried till nice and crunchy. Yum yum yum!


Risotto ai funghi e tartufo – Vialone nano risotto with king oyster mushrooms and black truffle

Davvero Long Table Dinner - Mushroom Risotto

The final dish of this section presented a lovely plate of mushroom risotto. Unfortunately, from the first bite all one can taste is truffle oil which completely dominates the dish. They have been far too heavy with the truffle oil. A much more subtle touch is needed to allow the mushroom risotto flavour to shine through. The mushroom risotto is cooked well, is not chalky, and carries a lovely flavour. I like the soft juicy mushrooms on top of the dish.


More food! On to the main courses. The pace of the dinner has been reasonable, maybe could have been a little quicker, but there has been quite a wait for the mains. It’s 9:30pm and we have still to eat through mains! How much food are they giving us! Way too much food and getting quite late. Could really finish off with a nice dessert at this point and call it a night. However, we have to push on and taste the mains. I’m relatively full at this point so it will be a little difficult to truly appreciate the dishes served. A hungry stomach always makes one receptive to a tasty meal.


WA linecaught rankin cod trilogy – slow cooked, crumbed, and mousse on a “cecina” wafer served with Tuscany cabbage and smoked paprika and cherry tomato coulis

Davvero Long Table Dinner - Ranking Cod Trilogy

This dish is an interesting take serving fish done three ways. Cod has quite a strong flavour compared to other fish and so they have tried to temper it via the preparation and elements on the plate. I thought the smooth smoked paprika and cherry coulis was an excellent partner to the slow cooked cod portion on the left. The cod mousse served in a wafer, almost like a taco of sorts, was interesting but not as enjoyable for me as slow cooked cod with the coulis. I’m always a fan of anything deep fried so the crumbed version was good. The cabbage is tasty, particularly the crunchy leaves, but maybe something acidic could have worked more effectively with this meal.


Guance di manzo con polenta – Beef cheeks slow cooked in Chianti red wine served with polenta concia

Davvero - Beef Cheek and Polenta Concia

There have been some very enjoyable dishes tonight and this is another one. The slow cooked beef cheek is amazing, soft and tender, breaking apart and so full of flavour thanks to the red wine. The polenta is also smooth, creamy and cheesy which I love and it complements the beef cheek perfectly. Another standout dish.


Polletto alla Diavola – Free range spathcock marinated in Mediterranean spices and chargrilled “diavola” style, served with homemade coriander and ginger mayo, rainbow carrots and chat potatoes

Davvero Long Table Dinner - Spatchcock Diavola Style

I’ve eaten a lot of chicken but I never knew chicken could taste like this! I don’t know what spices they used in the marinade but it is absolutely amazing! I was really surprised by the favours I was tasting which was so unique. The chicken is tender and succulent, potentially wood fired as there appears to be a smokey flavour, and can be dipped into the rich creamy mayo. The mayo is a little too rich for me and needs to be toned down though it adds a lovely moistness to the meal along with the earthy carrots and potatoes.


Cosciotto d’agnello – WA Lamb leg vacuum packed and cooked at low temperature on an almond sauce with confit onion and homemade fries

Davvero Long Table Dinner - Lamb, Confit Onion, Fries

The lamb is reasonably tender but a tad dry and really needs much more sauce to add additional flavour and moisture. The confit onions are nice but I particularly liked the paper thin strips of crispy potato fries which are yum. I found this dish needed some oomph.


Dessert Trilogy – Italian Parfait, Lemon Curd, Tiramisu

Davvero Long Table Dinner - Dessert Trilogy - Italian Parfait, Lemon Curd, Tiramisu

We’re really full by now but there’s always room for dessert and we were particularly excited in anticipation of what would be served. The dessert is one individual dish, however, is a trilogy offering a very chocolately but dense Italian parfait, a lemon curd tartlet, and an Italian classic: tiramisu. Despite sharing this amongst the others, it was more than enough. The Italian parfait is quite thick and gooey but quite tasty. The poached pear slices help to offset the dense chocolate and is a nice addition with a slight sweet acidity. The lemon tart is tasty, as too, the lovely pastry and the tartlet carries sufficient lemon flavour without being too intense. It’s quite light in comparison to the heavier parfait. What’s even lighter is the tiramisu which is soft, airy, creamy, almost cloud like at times, but then there’s the soft sponge fingers with the subtle coffee flavour. I particularly enjoyed the tiramisu.


Davvero Food Review Summary

Verdict: Walk into the spacious open restaurant and be greeted by the friendly staff before sitting down to enjoy a range of traditional Italian dishes from around Italy. The new winter menu at Davvero’s offers 16 dishes across antipasti, entrees, pasta and risotto, and mains, as well as delicious desserts. I was fortunate to receive an invite to a long table dinner and have the opportunity to sample the new winter menu which presents some really delicious dishes. Particular standouts were the pappardelle pasta with slow cooked wild boar; ravioli in butter sauce; slow cooked beef cheeks in creamy cheesy polenta; and the spatchcock marinated in Mediterranean spices. These dishes presented some really delicious flavours and were highly enjoyable and satisfying. Overall, the night was really enjoyable, the food delicious, and in the vein of Italian hospitality and generosity, we certainly did not go home hungry, rather we were way too overwhelmed with all that food. A big thank you to Cristiano and Lorenzo and the staff at Davvero for a wonderful night.
Price: Moderately Expensive
Taste: Delicious
Value: Excellent
Recommendation: Recommend


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