Media Release: Northbridge Brewing Company Beer Club – IPA Launch

Northbridge Brewing CoNorthbridge Brewing Company by Beerland is launching our latest creation on Wednesday June 8th at 6.30pm. This edition of Beer Club will introduce our new IPA, a delicious brew that elevates the traditional style of beer to new heights.

India Pale Ale is one of the most popular styles of beer, and can be credited with the global craft beer revolution. It was originally heavily bittered and alcoholic, created specifically to better weather the long voyage from the United Kingdom to India in the days of Empire. The version that we know today is a malt and hop canvas, limited only by the brewer’s imagination.

Northbridge Brewing Company’s Master Brewer, Ken Arrowsmith, has created a blend that reflects the traditional style with 6.3% alcohol and a very generous hopping schedule. “The pale golden colour under the creamy white head reflects the hop loading and absence of filtration,” says Ken of his newest blend, “The aromas bring to mind flavours of berry, citrus, tropical fruits and pine. The taste is hop-heavy with a firm bitterness and a dry, smooth finish.”

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