Angel Falls Grill – 15 Jul 2016

Cuisine: Venezuelan
Location: Perth CBD – Shafto Lane

On my travels around the world I’ve really enjoyed eating the different foods served at Latin American restaurants. However, I’ve bemoaned the fact there’s nothing like that in Perth. Over time a few restaurants have opened up and now Perth has it’s very first Venezuelan restaurant, Angel Falls Grill located on Shafto Lane in the Perth CBD. The restaurant takes it’s name from a major Venezuelan landmark, the highest uninterrupted waterfall in the world. The restaurant serves dishes based on old family recipes and features dishes from meat cooked on the grill (parilla) to comfort foods like arepas, cachapas, and empanadas. The latter 3 I’ve eaten at food stalls such as the Twilight Hawkers Markets held in Forrest Chase during the summer months and they are delicious. Aside from the food, coffee and a range of drinks from the bar are also available. They’re open for breakfast, lunch and dinner 6 days a week (Mon-Sat).


The AFG Parrilla

Tender smoked rump cap and porter house steak, grilled free range chicken tenders, our signature chorizo, congri, yuca chips, and our delicious AFG guasacaca

Angel Falls Grill - AFG Parilla

Angel Falls Grill Food Review Summary

Verdict: Being the first Venezuelan restaurant in Perth, the menu brings items not seen before at other restaurants. I thought I’d give the grilled meats a go as ‘grill’ is in the restaurant name. The AFG Parrilla presents lots of variety which most apealled to me so this was an easy choice and gives me a good idea of the type of food served and their execution. The Venezuelan version of chorizo doesn’t have the same paprika intensity as the Spanish variety, though this sausage happened to be a tad over salted. Despite that, the flavour is good and the chorizo is nicely cooked. I love the flavour the grill has imparted on the tender rump cap and porterhouse steaks. I was asked how I wanted my meat cooked and they delivered with two tender medium rare slices that were delicious and seasoned well. I thought the meat needed a sauce so the guasacaca, an avocado based sauce akin to guacamole, is a good match which brings moistness and freshness, though is a little unusual when paired with meat. However, it pairs exceptionally well with the grilled chicken making each bite that much better. One does have the option of ordering different salsas from the menu so the Venezuelan chilli kick would be my choice. Other Latin American cuisines have chimmi churri though I’m not sure if this is made in Venezuela too. The congri (rice, bacon and black bean mix) is very wintery. The soft rice grains with the soft black beans add lots of body to a dish dominated by meat. There’s only three yuca chips but it’s more than enough as each one is quite filling. I like the crunchy outer and soft, slightly starchy, yuca filling. They’re a bit like potato chips but different. I think yuca chips are really good though. I walked in hungry but left very full and satisfied. The interior is rustic and relaxed and the service very warm and friendly. I’m keen to try the other menu items so will be back to eat more Venezuelan cuisine.
Price: Reasonable
Taste: Delicious
Value: Excellent
Recommendation: Recommend


Angel Falls Grill Restaurant Details

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