Tan’s Food Court – 2 Brown Men – 9 Jul 2016

Cuisine: Indian, Malaysian
Location: Canning Vale – Tan’s Food Court (Catalano Circuit)

​I hadn’t visited Canning Vale for a long time where I’d visited different restaurants near Banister Road. There’s now a food court at Catalano Circuit which has been open for about a year, opposite the markets so I popped by for a supplement to a very light breakfast. The food court is large, spacious, and clean with several tables and seating. I had a walk around having a glance at the other eateries on display – Thai, Indian, Chinese (roast meats), Vietnamese, a drinks stall, even chicken rice is available. Go order at any of the eateries, grab a table number, take a seat and your food or drinks will be brought to you. The food court is open 6 days a week (closed Tuesday) for breakfast, lunch and dinner. So if you work close by, meals are covered. Or, you can grab a bite like me and grab your shopping on the way. Aside from the food court, there is also a grocer too.

​I visited the 2 Brown Men stall first and got a crispy vadai as I’m a sucker for anything deep fried and also a plain prata which is served with fish curry gravy (no fish, just the curry). 2 Brown Men serve Singapore style Malay & Indian food. The menu comprises 40 items which vary on availability based on time and days of the week. They serve roti pratas with fish curry, nasi goreng, kway teow, biriyani, and murtabak. Pratas go by timings.

  • Weekdays 10.30am to 12pm and 4pm to 7.30pm
  • Weekends 9am to 12pm and 4pm to 7.30pm

Everyday there are thosai served after 4 pm till closing. Weekends all day specials are Malay cuisine:

  • Nasi lemak
  • Mee soto
  • Mee rebus
  • Mee siam


2 Brown Men – Crispy Vadai $2


The vadai was the first to arrive with a little spiced coconut chutney which was a delicious accompaniment. The vadai is nice and crunchy and had a lovely soft center flavoured by the chutney. That disappeared in no time. A lovely tasty snack.


2 Brown Men – Plain Prata with Fish Curry $3

Tan's Food Court - 2 Brown Men: Plain Prata with Fish Curry

Then the plain prata was served which easily tore apart. Crunchy on the top, slightly elastic inside, the soft dough was a delight to eat on it’s own, but even better with a flavoursome curry to dip into. I was in the zone tearing off a piece, dipping, and enjoying. I polished that off, literally, the final pieces reserved to leave the bowl clean of it’s contents. Awesome value for just $3!!! I must point out that the curry doesn’t contain fish, it’s just the curry or gravy, but that’s all you need with a roti prata.


Tan’s Food Court – Drinks Stall: Teh Tarik


I walked around the food court casting an eye over the menus and also spotted a drinks stall but the weather is far too cold to consider ice cendol which I fancied, so instead I went with a nice hot mug of teh tarik. Perfect!


2 Brown Men – Chicken Biriyani $10


I came back for a takeaway order of chicken biriyani. The chicken biriyani had an excellent texture of nice loose rice grains with a lovely spice and delicious tender flavoursome chicken and curried vegetables. Yummy lunch.


Market City – Jannani Trading – Indian Sweets: Jalebi and Peda


I had gone shopping across the road at the Market City where there’s an Indian grocer called Jannani Trading. When I walked I spied a display cabinet containing a variety of Indian sweets. Yes please! A few of those will be added to my order thank you. After lunch I tucked into these. Yum yum yum!


2 Brown Men Restaurant Details

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  • Azimah

    Hi Shaun, thank you for your wonderful feedback on 2brownmen. We strive to provide you food which reminds you of home! Just a slight amendment to above though. The entire foodcourt is closed on every Tuesday. So we don’t want to dissapoint our customers in case they arrive on that particular day to an empty foodcourt 🙂

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