Batavia Corner – 27 Aug 2016

Cuisine: Indonesian
Location: Victoria Park – Albany Hwy

There’s heaps of restaurants along Albany Highway with Batavia Corner, an Indonesian restaurant, starting the processing. It lies there rather unnoticed but could it be a hidden gem? I got a takeaway order after doing some shopping and headed home to feast on the dishes chosen.


Ikan Sambal Hijau $20

Batavia Corner - Ikan Sambal Hijau

A whole barramundi fish cut in half, lightly deep fried and smothered in a spicy sambal like mixture. There’s a nice crunch to the outside, lovely soft barramundi flesh on the inside, and lovely flavour from the sambal.


Ayam Bakar Kecap Balinese Style $7.90

Chargrilled chicken topped with our special Balinese style sambal and kecap manis

Batavia Corner - Ayam Bakar Kecap Balinese Style

Two pieces of chicken that are well cooked, a little dry, but the marinade has penetrated through. The sambal and keycap manis has a distinctive and much stronger intense flavour in this dish adding great flavour to the chicken.


Nasi Rames $11

Combination chicken curry, beef rendang, egg rica, curry vegetables served with steamed rice

Batavia Corner - Nasi Rames

I was keen on getting the beef rendang but then for a little more one can order a combination dish and get more variety. There’s more rice in this dish than protein, though, the variety compensates. The chicken curry was pretty tasty with the curry seeping into the plain steamed rice and delivering flavour. There was a nice piece of chicken cooked on the bone providing extra flavour and also curried veggies to balance the meat. A smallish chunk of tender beef rendang was tasty though there wasn’t much of the creamy coconut curry to get the true flavour, it probably all melded in with the other components. If I’d got the beef rendang on it’s own I could have tasted the dish better. Having said that, all components in the combination dish were pretty good.


Gado Gado $10

Mixed steamed vegetables with rice cake topped with tofu and egg, and gado gado sauce

Batavia Corner - Gado Gado

I love this dish and was keen to try the version here. Peanut sauce makes everything taste wonderful so why not throw it over plain old boring steamed vegetables and bring them to life? The peanut sauce mixed well with all the veggies, just makes each spoonful more and more enjoyable, though it does get it little bit rich. It’s an excellent way to get veggies in your diet and is a great partner to the meat dishes I’ve ordered. Very tasty.


Ice Cendol $4

I rather like ice cendol so I was happy to grab this and sneak a few sips on the way to the car. There’s the lovely soothing creamy coconut flavour mixed in with the pandan jelly and sweetness from the palm sugar syrup. Nicely balanced, this kind of drink goes really well with the flavours of the food and helps to cool the palette from the spicy chilli in a number of the dishes.


Indonesian Pancakes – Choco, Cheese, Pandan

Batavia Corner - Indonesian Pancakes - Choco, Cheese, Pandan

Whilst placing my order I was also drawn to the plastic containers of Indonesian pancakes. They looked intriguing and having a sweet tooth, I’m all about sating my appetite for dessert so I picked one of these up too. They don’t look like anything I’ve seen, though they look like a pancake though not in shape. Inside is a lovely filling and I really liked munching on the soft light pancakes. I particularly liked the cheese filling which was most enjoyable.


Batavia Corner Food Review Summary

Verdict: Batavia Corner offer a range of Indonesian dishes which can be enjoyed in the restaurant or one can get takeaway as I did. I notice they have a range of condiments to help yourself too and glasses with tap water available. Most of the dishes on the menu are price quite cheaply to what one would expect. The serve is a little smaller as a result but that’s to be expected. The chilli mix, sambal, is a key ingredient in many of the dishes and this helps to deliver the flavour to many of the dishes I had. The whole barramundi was lightly fried and had a nice crunch encasing soft flesh with a green sambal mix deliver the punch. I really enjoyed the char grilled chicken done Balinese style, sambal providing some heat and the keycap manis, a sweet soy sauce delivering a caramelised and sweetish flavour to the chicken, which was cooked well though a tad dry. There’s also combination meals on offer so I chose one to get more variety. In return I got a lovely chicken curry with the curry seeping into the plain steamed rice livening things up, curried veggies and a half boiled egg, and a smallish chunk of tender tasty beef rendang. This was a pretty good. Gado ago got my attention and I immediately chose this dish, peanut sauce covering a bunch of steamed veggies and livening them up considerably, a very tasty dish. They have a range of drinks too and ice cendol caught my eye. The cold creamy coconut flavour with pandan jelly and palm sugar syrup is the perfect way to sooth the palette from the spicy chilli sambal in many of the dishes. I also grabbed some Indonesian pancakes with different fillings which were a lovely light dessert to finish off proceedings. Quite flavoursome Indonesian food with a cheaper price tag than one would expect, maybe that’s an excuse to order more and get to sample a variety of dishes on offer.
Price: Bargain
Taste: Delicious
Value: Excellent
Recommendation: Recommend


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