Chee Tayeb – 10 Aug 2016

Cuisine: Lebanese, Middle Eastern
Location: Perth CBD – Murray St

Tawouk $23

Chee Tayeb marinated chicken skewers served with pickles & garlic sauce. Served with hot bread, salad & grilled potatoes

Chee Tayeb - Tawouk

The chicken has been removed from the skewer and is nice and tender with a lovely light marinade that adds a subtle flavour. The mayo adds more pep. The grilled potatoes are soft too and tasty, just lacking a touch of salt. This meal is deceptively filling once you eat the rocket salad and super soft light hot pillowy bread. One could easily use the ingredients to assemble a wrap. Tasty.


Knafeh $12

Chee Tayeb - Knafeh

An item not on the menu but the customers next to me were relating how good this was. So I asked what it was and decided to order it. A cheese and semolina mixture is topped with a cornflake like crumb. Looked interesting, kind of like lasagna, so why not give it a go. I was tossing up getting namoura which is like a cake, maybe on another visit. After one bite of this I was glad I chose this. When you take a spoonful, gooey long elastic strands of cheese stretch out and the taste is amazing! A mixture of gooey chewy cheese, a slightly sweet semolina mix, the syrup, and crunch of pistachio and walnuts make it really interesting and delicious. A bit rich, cheese in a dessert is slightly unusual, but it works. Yum yum yum!


Chee Tayeb Food Review Summary

Verdict: Chee Tayeb is a relatively new addition to the Perth CBD. Located on Murray St, they serve a range of coffees and teas but they also serve Lebanese cuisine. Open for breakfast and lunch, I popped in for lunch. I decided on the tawouk, marinated chicken skewers that were removed from the skewer and served with super light soft warmed pita bread, a rocket salad, tender slices of thick grilled potatoes, and the chicken of course which was moist, tender, and carried a light subtle marinade. The flavour wasn’t overpowering and a touch of the mayo added more pep to each bite. Deceptively filling. I was also keen on dessert and the customers next to me got something interesting that wasn’t on the menu. I got it too, knafeh, a semolina dessert with a most delicious gooey stringy elastic cheese topped with a fine crumb and served with a touch of syrup and pistachios and walnuts for some crunch. Oh wow, what a delicious dessert! Cheese is unusual in a dessert, but while rich, the touch of sweetness works wonders in this wonderful traditional Lebanese creation. Excellent service, pop in for a coffee, a takeaway wrap or come in and taste the menu.
Price: Reasonable
Taste: Delicious
Value: Excellent
Recommendation: Recommend

Chee Tayeb Restaurant Details
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