Decanter – 18 Aug 2016

Cuisine: American, Tapas
Location: Victoria Park – Albany Highway

Decanter are an American tapas style restaurant and bar not far from Centro Vic Park. They offer a casual setting to enjoy a drink or you can dine and choose from a range of share dishes. I had the sliders and a dessert last time, this time I was here to try several dishes from the tapas menu.


Jalapeño Poppers (x3) $12

Cheese stuffed jalapeño served with tangy sour cream


The poppers look like croquettes, though they’re really large. The poppers have a crunchy outer shell and are packed full of cheddar cheese. The filling is perfect with the not so hot jalapeño chilli and some sour cream to take the edge off. A pretty interesting creation to start things off.


Tequila & Lime Prawns $13

Fresh prawns, pan fried in tequila & lime


To cool the palette following the jalapeno poppers, these lovely light juicy prawns are a great dish to follow. With a squeeze of lime and the accompanying salad, the prawns are a lovely dish though could have had more flavour.


Chicken Waffles $15

Crispy chicken bites served on waffles with whisky maple syrup


I loved the crispy chicken bites atop the waffle and that sweet sticky whiskey maple syrup glaze is so delicious. However, the thick waffles were doughy and quite a let down. Disappointing as crispy waffles with the chicken would have made all the difference and turned it into an amazing dish.


Crispy Pork Belly Bites $19

Decanter special crispy pork belly served with honey bourbon glaze

Decanter - Crispy Pork Belly Bites

Oh wow! The pork belly is crispy on the top, super tender meat in the middle with the lovely fat rendered down. Once again, that honey glaze is awesome with the pork belly! There’s also a mild but tasty relish which is excellent with the pork belly, the perfect accompaniment.


Pork Ribs $33


The large ribs with plenty of meat just falling off the bone were cooked to perfection. I really enjoyed the marinade smothered over the ribs which makes each bite so enjoyable. Can’t ask for anything more.


Decanter Food Review Summary

Verdict: Decanter are an American tapas style restaurant and bar not far from Centro Vic Park. We started off with the jalapeno poppers which are large, croquette like, crispy outer shell encasing cheddar cheese and slightly hot jalapeno chilli which is really delicious and supplemented with sour cream to take the edge off. For something milder, the tequila prawns and soft and juicy, enjoyed with a dash of lime juice and the salad. A lovely dish but could have had more flavour. The crispy chicken waffles deliver on the flavour stakes. The crunchy crispy chicken bites are delicious, particularly with the sticky whiskey maple syrup. However, the dish was let down by the thick doughy waffles which should be light and crispy. The crispy pork belly bites have a lovely crispy crackling, soft well cooked meat with the fat rendered down perfectly. The pork belly is excellent, more so with the awesome honey glaze and tasty relish. Lastly, we had pork ribs which present a large quantity of slow cooked tender meat just falling off the bone, immersed in a delicious sweet and slightly sour marinade which adds heaps of flavour and will leave you licking your fingers. Heaps of food and a very enjoyable night out seated in a lovely interior with friendly service to boot.
Price: Reasonable
Taste: Delicious
Value: Excellent
Recommendation: Recommend


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