Freshmade (FM) Japanese Cafe – 24 Aug 2016

Cuisine: Japanese
Location: Perth CBD – corner Pier and Hay St

Freshmade Japanese Cafe are a relatively new addition to Perth’s CBD eateries serving a range of Japanese dishes such as sushi, ramen, bento box, rice bowls, salad, sandwiches as well as offering breakfast and catering. Located on the corner of Pier and Hay Streets, this light and breazy space is invitng and relaxing. I had a good look at the menu and settled on the karaage chicken bento box. Place your order at the counter and take a buzzer with you, grab a table and wait for the buzzer to go off before collecting your meal. Cutlery, chopsticks and condiments are also available at the counter.


Karaage Chicken Bento Box $16.90

Each bento box comes with crumbed fish cafe, octopus ball, tempura prawn, salad, rice and miso soup

Fresh Made Japanese Cafe - Karaage Chicken Bento Box

Freshmade Japanese Cafe Food Review Summary

Verdict: What a generous serving! There’s plenty of food on offer and lots of variety which appealed to me the most. I’m a real fan of karaage chicken so was glad to see this as an option under the bento box section. This version was different to those I’ve eaten previously with a slightly different batter. It’s light and crunchy and doesn’t go soggy at all. The batter is lovely and encases tender succulent chicken with a rich mayo. Karaage chicken normally is crumbed which I prefer but this was still tasty. I also loved the other elements in the bento box. The fish cake was so delicious, light, soft super tender fish encased in a golden crumb. The tempura prawn was also excellent, a perfect light crunchy batter encasing well cooked prawn. Then there’s the octopus balls (takoyaki) which has soft tender octopus surrounded by a light gooey pancakey mixture with a lovely golden brown outer. These were rich, creamy and very enjoyable, especially with the sweetish BBQ sauce. The miso soup was warm and soothing, the salad certainly helped to take the edge of the rich and deep fried elements and was particularly refreshing. The rice with sesame seeds was lovely and I like the pickled ginger to aid digestion. The sugar snap peas were a bit unusual though, very stringy and chewy apart from the peas inside. Really stuffed, glad I’ve got a bit of a walk back to the office which is much needed. Satisfied.
Price: Reasonable
Taste: Delicious
Value: Excellent
Recommendation: Recommend

Freshmade Japanese Cafe Restaurant Details
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Freshmade (FM) Japanese Cafe - 24 Aug 2016, reviewed by Shaun on 2016-08-24T13:13:40+00:00 rating 4.1 out of 5