Galileo Buona Cucina – 30 Aug 2016

Cuisine: Italian
Location: Shenton Park

I’d passed by this restaurant when I visited Petite Mort. There is a designation given by the Italian government signifying a restaurant’s authenticity in the provision of Italian cuisine. Galileo Buona Cucina is one of the few restaurants in Perth holding this designation. There’s plenty of parking at the front and side of the restaurant and walking in, the décor and interior reminds me of something like what you see in the movie Under the Tuscan Sun.


Fish Croquettes with Garlic Sauce

Galileo Buona Cucina - Fish Croquettes with Garlic Sauce

Golden brown crumb, crunchy on the outside, relatively soft filling on the inside, strong fish flavour with the flavour of the sea enough to provide the seasoning. Along with the rich mayo, this was delicious and a great start to the meal.


Short Cut Pasta with Duck in a Marsala Sauce (specials)

Galileo Buona Cucina - Short Cut Pasta with Duck in a Marsala Sauce

You can really get the slightly intense flavour of the marsala which permeates throughout the dish. Plenty of tender duck and slightly al dente pasta. Yum


Polpetine Jotta

Veal meatballs served with a white wine sauce

Galileo Buona Cucina - Polpetine Jotta

Really really really tender flavoursome pork meatballs that just melt in your mouth. What a tasty dish.


Rigatoni Al Torchio Con ‘Nduja Di Spilinga’

Short hollow pasta, bronze cut, in a spicy pork sausage and broccoli sauce

Galileo Buona Cucina - Rigatoni Al Torchio Con 'Nduja Di Spilinga'

I really liked the flavours of this dish. There’s a touch of spiciness combined with the herbs, the broken down Italian sausage turning the dish into a bolognaise of sorts. Lovely pasta. Very enjoyable dish and deceptively filling. The large dishes cause the serving size to appear small but it’s clearly not.


Goldband snapper, mashed potato, eggplant relish (specials)

Galileo Buona Cucina - Goldband snapper, mashed potato, eggplant relish

Super moist and tender fish covered in a light lemon citrus flavour, delicious mashed potato with a soft eggplant mixture.


Grilled veal chop, cannelini beans (specials)

Galileo Buona Cucina - Grilled veal chop, cannelini beans

Strong char flavour permeating through the tender veal chop but a tad chewy, maybe needed just a little more cooking, but tasty.


Arista Di Maiale Agrodolce

Lamb backstrap, mashed potato, jus, Parmesan

Galileo Buona Cucina - Lamb Backstrap

The lamb backstrap is so tender cutting through like butter. It’s very flavoursome, is served with a lovely jus, though I wanted more. I liked the crunchy Parmesan bits strewn through the dish providing crunch and a slight salty explosion. Pretty good mash too. I like the herbed tuille.



Galileo Buona Cucina - Tiramisu

I had one spoonful and it was amazing! I was offered more but I’d eat the lot!


Cassata, Orange, Vanilla Ice Cream

Galileo Buona Cucina - Cassata, Orange, Vanilla Ice Cream

I also had a taste of this, a delicious soft ice cream cake with the orange segments providing a lovely fruity citrus flavour to balance the cassata.


‘Bonet’ Bianco-Gelato Gianduja

Piedmont white chocolate custard with gianduja ice cream and hazelnut biscuit

Galileo Buona Cucina - 'Bonet' Bianco-Gelato Gianduja

I thought I’d go for something different so decided to give this a go. The custard is like a firmer creme caramel but with white chocolate and it’s really tasty. The white chocolate adds just enough sweetness to the smooth custard. I also really liked the flavour of the sweet milk chocolate ice cream. The chocolate crumbs are also yum too, as too the biscuit.


Petit Four

Galileo Buona Cucina - Petit Four

Galileo Buona Cucina Food Review Summary

Verdict: I really enjoyed my experience at Galileo. There is a heap of different dishes to select under the various starter and entrée categories, along with mains and dessert. The menu items are not what you would typically see on a stock standard Italian menu, in keeping with preparing traditional authentic Italian cuisine. We started off with fish croquettes which carried a lovely flavour of the fish and sea and were delicious. I had rigatoni in a spicy sausage and broccoli sauce which was full of flavour. I had tastes of the veal meatballs which were super soft and melt in your mouth, and the duck in a marsala sauce which was evident in flavour. For mains I chose the lamb backstrap which cut like butter and was absolutely delicious. I loved the jus and wanted more of it and the Parmesan crunchy bits which carried a slight salty explosion were excellent. I had tastes of the goldband snapper which had a moist tender flesh with a light citrus flavour and delicious mashed potato, and the chargrilled veal chop certainly carried a lovely char flavour though the chop needed a little more cooking. For dessert I had tastes of the amazing tiramisu and also the cassata which was really yum. I ordered the Piedmont white chocolate custard as something different and I was pleasantly surprised. A little like a crème caramel, the white chocolate adds a nice touch of richness and sweetness to the smooth custard. I really liked the chocolate ice cream, the crunch from the chocolate crumbs and the hazelnut biscuit. Wonderful setting, excellent service, delicious Italian cuisine, I left comfortably full and satisfied.
Price: Moderately expensive
Taste: Delicious
Value: Excellent
Recommendation: Highly Recommend

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