Perth Meets Peru – Peruvian Cuisine and Special Degustation

If you’re intrigued by Peruvian cuisine then why not discover the wonderful dishes Peru has to offer at the Long Table Peruvian Dinner matched with South American wines on the 3rd of September. Details about the degustation and how to book are below.

Perth Meets Peru are a group of people interested in promoting Peruvian cuisine in Perth. The group started demo Peruvian cooking classes earlier this year hosted by Chef Luis Vergara and Esperanza Roberts. From travelling, I’m quite intrigued by the different flavours on offer that I’ve eaten at different Latin American style restaurants. The degustation is a natural extension of the cooking classes, giving people the chance to taste rather than cook while also being introduced to the Peruvian culture.

To find out more about this great event check out the Perth Meets Peru Facebook page or email Esperanza directly. If you also are interested in the demo cooking classes, keep an eye out for the next class on the Facebook page and feel free to try your hand at the ceviche recipe below.

Long Table Peruvian Degustation Menu


Peruvian Long Table Degustation Details




Chef Luis Vergara


Serves: 6


– 720g Snapper

– 4 red fresh chillis

– 100gr fresh coriander

– Juice of 8 limes

– 1 large red onion

– Salt and pepper

Sauce (Tiger Milk):

– 1/3 red onion

– 3 garlic cloves

– 50g celery

– 8g yellow chilli paste

– 25gr fish fillet

– Juice of 6 limes

– 30gr fresh coriander

– Salt and pepper


-500gr sweet potato

-1 half iceberg lettuce

– 2 corn cobs




For the Fish:

Clean the fish remove skin and bones. Remove any dark fresh from the fillet (keep some parts for the sauce). Slice the fish in thick strips and put it in a bowl. Add fist salt, then the rest of the ingredients. Let it cure for 2 minutes them add the Tiger Milk sauce. Toss gently and add the onion cut in juliennes.

For the Sauce (Tiger Milk):

Blend all ingredients together and strain

For the Garnishes:

Cook the sweet potato and corn. Break down the leaves of the lettuce.






In a suitable plate put a base with the lettuce and add the mix of Ceviche at the top. Put the rest of the garnishes around and pour on some of the tiger milk as well.


Bowl, strainer, pot and blender.


Suppliers of Peruvian yellow chilli paste and/or whole yellow chillies


Shop 162, Coventry Village 243 Walter Rd, Morley

Tel: 92762466 (Purchase on-line is available)


Shop 11 (Next to Poolmart) Cockburn Shopping City

Beeliar Rd, Success

Tel: 94145816




Promoted By: Esperanza Roberts




Peruvian Ceviche

The signature fish dish of Peru – raw white fish, cured in lime juice with chilli and red onion, and garnished with sweet potato and corn.

Has a long and complex history. Studies of ancient Moche culture in the north of Peru suggest that people would eat fish and seafood cured in chicha. The Spanish conquistadors are said to have introduced the idea of using lemon and garlic to create the marinated seafood dish we know and love today.