Fraser’s Restaurant – 21 Sep 2016

Cuisine: Modern Australian
Location: West Perth – King’s Park

I’ve never eaten at Fraser’s Restaurant in King’s Park before so I was looking forward to the opportunity of enjoying their creations as part of a work event. There were a series of canapes served outside but I was too involved in conversation and happy in the end I didn’t eat any as I was really full after the night. The venue is really lovely, though the chairs seemed a bit flimsy. For entree and mains there were 2 options but we couldn’t choose between the two as they served alternating dishes per table.


Pan fried goats cheese gnocchi, tomato, basil & roast pepper sugo

Fraser's Restaurant - Pan fried goats cheese gnocchi, tomato, basil & roast pepper sugo

I haven’t eaten a goat’s cheese gnocchi before and this was interesting. The soft fluffy goats cheese flavour is muted to an extent but the pairing with the slightly tart roasted pepper sugo is excellent.


Moroccan spiced poached chicken, beetroot, with quinoa and pomegranate salsa

Fraser's Restaurant - Moroccan spiced poached chicken, beetroot, with quinoa and pomegranate salsa

Rib eye steak, kipfler potatoes, caramelized onion, red wine jus

Fraser's Restaurant Rib Eye Steak

Wow, what a chunk of meat fit for a caveman! Tender, slightly pink, tasty but significantly enhanced by that wonderful jus. I like the yummy caramelized onion and tasty potatoes too. I’m not a fan of steak as it’s simply a chunk of meat, but importantly, it needs to be cooked perfectly and it was on this occasion. Having said that, the dish was pedestrian, safe and lacked any creative flair.


Grilled salmon fillet, eggplant, sambal, pickle salad

Fraser's Restaurant

Quinoa salad, crushed almond, green bean, preserved lemon

Fraser's Restaurant

We also had a couple of sides per table, the quinoa salad and the smashed chats, rosemary and garlic. By the time the smashed chats worked it’s way down to my end of the table, there wasn’t a huge amount left. This side dish of potatoes was really tasty and I really enjoyed the flavour imparted here. In comparison, the salad was pretty standard which was good but needed more dressing (maybe I got the undressed part).


Fraser’s Mess – raspberry coulis, crushed meringue, candied walnut, vanilla ice cream

Fraser's Restaurant

The candy floss is a nice start to the dessert of several layers. The ice cream is nice before hitting the thin meringue, blueberries, and then the cream. I don’t believe I got a candied walnut unless it got lost in all the layers. It’s a dessert of intrigue with lots going on and people digging about with their spoon trying to uncover what is in this dessert. It’s a lovely dessert ruined by way too much cream which just makes the dessert sickening. I left some of the dessert as a result. Promising but falling down badly in the end.


Cheese Platter

Fraser's Restaurant

After all that food they’re still plying us with more! Cheese! Yum.


Fraser’s Restaurant Food Review Summary

Verdict: Fraser’s Restaurant is an excellent classy venue that played host to a work function. With beautiful views of the Perth City by night and a large area with lots of room for tables, a stage, and a dance floor, the venue caters to a variety of events. I expected a high standard of cuisine and while the food was well executed in technique, it was let down by the balance of elements and in flavours at times. The food was uninspiring, too safe and didn’t give the diner anything special from the experience to warrant a return visit.

The goat’s cheese gnocchi was an interesting creation but the flavour of the goat’s cheese didn’t shine through. The tartness of the roasted pepper sugo, however, was an excellent element to pair and compliment the dish. A cave man sized chunk of perfectly cooked rib eye was served for mains but was really plain and unimaginative with a well cooked potato, caramelised onion for some sweetness, and a delicious jus to add flavour. Such a dish doesn’t need to wow but it needs some creativity rather than the pedestrian effort served up here. The sides were contrasting, a very standard salad which one could better at anyone’s home, and some really delicious smashed potatoes with rosemary and garlic. For dessert, Fraser’s have their take on an Eton Mess and this version was promising, with lovely vanilla ice cream, smashed meringue, blueberries and cream. I like cream but there was so much here it was sickening and I left the dessert. The last thing served was a cheese platter paired with crackers and fruit bread, which was a lovely finish to the meal.

Very generous in quantity, I certainly didn’t go home hungry, but was disappointed they couldn’t have lifted the balance of flavours to match the service and standard of the venue. I’m not sure if Fraser’s has fallen into one of those venues around the world which offer amazing views but can’t offer the food fitting for what you’re paying for.
Price: n/a
Taste: Delicious
Value: n/a
Recommendation: Recommend Worth Visiting Again


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