La Belle Sweets – 17 Sep 2016

Cuisine: Patisserie, Coffee
Location: Lathlain

Items from the display cabinet

La Belle Sweets - Items from the display cabinet
La Belle Sweets - Items from the display cabinet

Mandarine and Passionfruit Filled Cruffin, and a Matcha (Green Tea) Croissant

La Belle Sweets - Passionfruit & Mandarin Cruffin and Matcha Croissant

Creme Brûlée Danish

La Belle Sweets - Creme Brûlée Danish

Almond Chocolate Gateau

La Belle Sweets - Almond Chocolate Gateau

La Belle Sweets Food Review Summary

Verdict: How did you start your weekend? I popped into La Belle Sweets being a lover of patisseries and baked goods. Situated in a quiet suburban area of Lathlain, several people drop by for a coffee, a baked item or a sweet treat. Looking at the display cabinet had me drooling over what I should get. There’s lots to choose from and they also have hot items like quiches for example. We’ve got cronuts, now they have cruffins – a croissant type pastry formed into the shape of a muffin and filled with something special. With several fillings to choose from, I chose a cruffin with a passionfruit and mandarin cream and really enjoyed this delicious creation. The croissant is firmer and has a slight salty tinge like those in Paris. The cream filling is tasty but swings from too overpowering to perfect. The mandarin and passionfruit flavour work extremely well together. I also had a delicious croissant filled with matcha cream. I’m not sure if they meant to overcook the croissant but it adds crunch and the slight smoky flavour contrasts nicely with the rich matcha (green tea) flavoured cream. Yum yum yum.
I couldn’t wait till the afternoon and dove into the creme brulee Danish. Lovely crispy flaky pastry, delicious vanilla flecked custard, soft apple cubes hiding underneath. Very yum! They didn’t have a name for the last item picked up, I call it an almond chocolate gateau, but it has an almond layer followed by a chocolate ganache, hazelnuts and chocolate cream, topped with a white macaron and silver. Pretty good though the different elements and flavour need a bit more balance. Some interesting creations, excellent execution, just need a little more work on balancing the flavours. If you’re local, definitely a spot to swing by but get there early as the items disappear fast.
Price: Bargain
Taste: Delicious
Value: Reaonable
Recommendation: Recommend


La Belle Sweets Restaurant Details
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