Inglewood Night Markets – 10 Oct 2016

The Beaufort Street Festival was an excellent event drawing more and more people each year before the organisers decided to take a break.

In it’s place, the Inglewood Night Markets have popped up utilising the streetscape and space along Beaufort Street between 6th Avenue and 11th Avenue, each Monday from 6 – 9:30pm from August till March.

With the weather changing, hopefully moving towards summer after a cold spell, I decided to make my way there and check out what’s on offer.

There’s plenty of people about and you’re spoilt for choice with plenty of different vendors set up.

I had a look at the list at the end of the post featuring some of the many stallholders and made a beeline for a few in particular.


Big Redz Cheesesteaks: The Big Smoke

Rib eye steak, sauteed onions, smokey bacon, smoked raclette cheese and liquid gold cheese sauce

Big Redz Cheesesteaks - Big Smoke

Available in half or whole bun, I opted for the half so i could try other items. Really delicious, just the right mix of tender steak, meat juices, bacon fat, cheesy grease, salty bacon, gooey cheese, making each bite wonderful. Yum! I really enjoyed it and it’s not at all fatty or greasy despite my description, but there are the juices from the ingredients which is full of flavour.


El Argintino Chef’s Special

Grilled provolone cheese with bread, eggplant, and chimmichurri

Inglewood Night Markets - El Argintino Chef's Special

I must have had a craving for cheese as this was a dish full of stretchy gooey provolone cheese with the sweet acidic juices of the marinated eggplant cutting through the richness. Use that bread to stop up the cheese fat. Something different and light, though I was eying off the ribs on offer.


Miss Tartofu – Warm Brioche

Condensed milk gelato with chocolate ganache on a brioche bun

Inglewood Night Markets - Miss Tartofu - Warm Brioche

After sampling the refreshing lime sorbet at Shak Shuka’s website launch (Shak Shuka’s stall is here too) I was happy to see the people behind Ice Cream & Co had their Miss Tartofu stand up. After the two items consumed so far, it’s time for dessert. It’s slightly cold so the warm embrace of the warmed brioche bun is perfect, till you get the cold yummy ice cream. Awesome way to finish the night.

Some stallholders you will find:


Decadent marshmallows in grown up flavours. They are sugar reduced, gluten, dairy and egg white free without colouring, flavouring or preservatives. Made with real fruits and natural ingredients, the light and fluffy marshmallows come in flavours such as toasted coconut, vanilla honeycomb, passionfruit ginger, blueberry limoncello, raspberry champagne, mango lime, chilli chocolate and apple cider cinnamon.
Location: Marquee, Bunnings awning, west side.


Blaine Campbell
Honey I’m Home Produce
Honey I’m Home offers more than just ‘tea and toast’ honey – they have a full range of raw honeys, as well as raw gourmet infused and whipped honeys for a unique flavour. They also have handmade honey treats and a shop in the local area. They can provide a range of experiences including: beekeeping tours, beekeeping incursions/excursions and candle making classes.
Location: Bunnings


Daniel Sterpini
Beer Dudes
Beer Dudes (a bar float project) is rolling out with horse floats from the 1970s, which have been stripped back, fitted out with the latest beer dispensing and refrigeration technology. The branded floats are not only practical, but the perfect “no fuss” popup bar solution to any event. It is a new concept, an Australian first with a novel approach to serving craft beer, local wine and handcrafted WA spirits.
Location: Wendy’s Jazz Club, Mondo rear courtyard.


La Bombetta
La Bombetta brings great local, seasonal produce & unique tastes to the streets, markets and homes of Perth made from WA’s best ingredients. Their speciality is a version of the burger. It’s fresh, delicious and all hand made. Current menu includes La Bombetta’s Croquetas, Free Range Pork Belly, Grass Fed Beef and Mama Chan’s Asian Egg.
Location: Marquee, 10th Ave, West Lawn.


Julie Sherwen
Big Redz Cheesesteaks
Delicious authentic Philly Cheesesteaks made with quality thinly sliced rib eye steak and onions on a freshly baked bread roll, with a choice of hot gooey cheese. Dishes include The “O.G” (Original Gangster), The Shroom, The Sweet & Sour Peppers, The Hoagie, The Big Smoke and The Notorious P.I.G. Choice of cheeses includes Italian Provolone Dolce, Swiss Smoked Raclette and Liquid Gold Cheese Sauce.

We are happy to offer the Foodies willing to come down, two half rolls, so they can try two different flavours.
Location: Right in front of the Inglewood Civic Centre.


El Argentino
Argentinian barbecue with dishes such as El Argentino’s own recipe of Argentinian chorizo, 100 per cent pork, served in a crispy baguette with a famous chimichurri sauce. They also offer: succulent lamb ribs slow cooked on charcoal; chimichurri infused homemade bacon with aioli and corn salsa; Argentinian steak served with pickled eggplant; and Provoleta, a provolone cheese served with Argentinian spices.
Location: Marquee, 7th Ave.


Shimlin Sultana
Spicy Bites Oz
Provides authentic home style Bangladeshi (Indian) food such as meat and vegetable curry, samosa and naan bread. They also serve Vegan gluten free pakora.
Location: Marquee, 10th Ave, West Lawn – North.


Hassan Adam Fadil
Casablanca Real Moroccan Cuisine
Moroccan cuisine is a marriage of diverse cultures including that of the Berbers, Arabs, French, Spanish, German, Jewish and North Africans. Flavours feature cumin, paprika, lemon, garlic, olive oil and white ginger which create a complex, yet smooth sensation on the taste buds.
Location: Trailer/Van, 8th Ave – South of West Side.


Mukhtar Hedayat
Mantu Hut
Mantu Hut is Australia’s unique mobile Afghan cuisine experience bringing Afghanistan’s delicious dumplings to the street. Mantu Hut serves fresh, steaming Mantu using traditional methods on board their mobile kitchen. The dumplings are blanketed first in yogurt, then with spoonfuls of tomato-chickpea sauce, and decorated with bright green flecks of dried mint. Mantu features the sharp, clean tang of yogurt and the richer acidity of the tomato chickpea sauce, the high chime of the mint, then the cumin and coriander-seasoned ground beef inside. Served with authentic Afghan bread Naane Parakee.
Location: Van, 7th Ave.


Sandra Bahbah
MEAST offers Middle Eastern fare made from scratch for lovers of falafel, halloumi cheese, Arabic rice or MEAST’s popular sweet potato fries.
Location: Trailer/Van, Westpac Bank Area.


Jackie Forshaw-Ellis
Snug & Buster’s Gourmet Popcorn
A family run, gourmet popcorn business that recently started after the owners believed that Perth was missing out on the delights of tasty popcorn. They aim to break away from plain old salty or sweet popcorn and offer a range of flavours from curry to salted caramel, liquorice to lemon-lime, peanut butter, strawberry, bubblegum, vegan garlic & rosemary and salt & vinegar and many more. Grab some to munch on while you’re out or take a few bags home and join Snug & Buster’s Popcorn Revolution!
Location: Marquee, Community Centre, lawn left.


Phil Plowman
Wicked Waffles & Ice-Cream
Provides freshly made Belgian waffles (baked not deep fried) with maple syrup and cream, hot waffle dogs on sticks (which are baked, not deep fried), hot cheezi-dogs on sticks (baked), hot Fudge Puppies (also baked, not deep fried), gourmet hard serve ice-cream (not soft serve), Milkshakes and Smoothies (milkshakes are made with the ice-cream flavour of your choice and smoothies are made with real fruit)
Location: Van, 10th Ave, IGA carpark.


Andre Shugg
What the Flip!
WTF! starts with the fundamentals of crepeology to create a crepe customers are going to love. It then offers some extras so they can cre-ape their own crepes. On top of that are its special recipes providing some unique creations like: the Nutty Professor combining Nutella, vanilla wafer and crushed nuts; Caramel Assault, a light, crispy crepe filled with oozing pink Himalayan salted caramel and whipped cream; or The Last Straw with local redgum honey, mascarpone and balsamic glaze.
Location: Trailer/Van, 8th to 9th Ave, east side of the road.


Trouillet Amandine
Miam Miam a Bite of France
A French food caravan where good products and family diners are important.
Menu includes, freshly made on demand French sweet and savoury crepes, Liege Waffles, a famous French soda (Orangina), and French lollies including Fraises Tagada and Carambars. The batter is made daily following a family recipe. Can you find what’s the secret ingredient is?
Location: Van, in front of Williams Clothing.


Marco De Campi
Miss Tartufo Ice Cream & Co
A retro-styled food truck with a menu that features Ice Cream & Co.’s award winning, home-grown ice cream, gelati desserts and sorbet along with coffee.
Location: Wendy’s Jazz Club, Mondo rear courtyard entry.


Denver Wilcox
Just Brewed
Just Brewed is a distinct blue 1970s caravan serving a tasty array of natural and organic hot and cold beverages. This includes refreshing low sugar botanical mineral waters and tonics, healthy iced teas such as wild hibiscus flower, butterfly pea flower and cascara coffee cherry tea. During summer a built in keg system allows for the service of kombucha and Nitro cold brew coffee on tap. They also offer lovely organic and fair trade espresso coffee and hot chocolate, and some interesting coffee alternatives.
Location: Colonial Ute, Mondos, 6th Ave, entry.


David Kane
Suppa Club
At Suppa Club, we’re all about creating healthy, sustainable and simply superb tasting food. It’s why every soup we make is handmade with only the highest quality, locally sourced ingredients.

We believe in slow food, where we can take the time to show you that the best soup really is made with love. Where we can take pride in creating healthy gourmet soups, just like the ones your Gran used to make in her country cottage on a cold winters night.

We believe in sustainability across the board. Our produce comes from local farms, is prepared and sold by local people and when there are leftovers, they’re donated to local homeless charities.

Most of all, we believe there’s a better way of doing things. A business where everyone involved can benefit – from customers to colleagues, suppliers to stockists, charity workers and the people less fortunate. If we all work together we can all reap the rewards.

At Suppa Club, we’re passionate about doing things differently.
Location: Marquee, 10th Ave, West Lawn, north.


Kym Hall
Lena Lu
Our signature Bomboloni are authentic handmade Italian donuts that are made by hand in our family run kitchen. These fluffy dough balls are not to be confused with a traditional donut, the Bomboloni is a product that stands all on its own.  Our small batch Bomboloni is made over several hours and left to rise before cooking, creating a large fluffy, non-oily bread like donut that can only be described as mix between a sticky bun and a donut.  Each Bomboloni is then filled with flavours including Nutella, salted caramel and homemade Italian custard, raspberry jam, honey and caramel cheesecake, Nutella and honeycomb, Nutella and Tim Tam, Nutella and M&Ms, Nutella and Oreos, The Éclair, lemon crema and plain.
Location: Marquee, 10th Ave, West Lawn, North.


Peter Bogar
Rare Flower Hungarian Food Truck
A family-owned and operated mobile food venture specializing in authentic Hungarian cuisine. The menu is an ever changing journey of the flavours of Hungary blended into recipes of international cuisine. It includes traditional Hungarian Langos – a fried variety of flatbread with sweet and savoury toppings, Chicken Paprika with Dodolle – fried Hungarian Potato Dumplings, Grilled Hungarian Sausage Hot-Dogs (sausages sourced locally), Spicy Fries with home-made sauces, fresh salads with home-made dressings. Dishes combine family recipes and an imaginative approach to create something new, something exciting from raw materials sourced locally. Rare Flower caters for vegetarians and people with gluten sensitivity as well. They are also concerned about the environment and where they can use bio-degradable packaging materials, serve dishes in recyclable plates with cutlery using the same material.
Location: Van, Westpac Bank Area.


Josh Catalano
Fish Boss
The Fish Boss was born out of disappointment in the quality of seafood from Perth’s fish and chip shops, which Josh Catalano didn’t believe were serving the best quality Australian seafood. Offerings include everything from classic Feral beer battered fish and chips to clean grilled fish and slaw options along with Skull Island Prawn Tacos and fish sliders.
Location: Trailer/Van, Bunnings, east side of the road.


Pankaj & Kim Sharma
Toast My Curry
Toast My Curry is a unique social enterprise which has created the world’s first, Curry Toasties’. Through this simple innovation Toast My Curry has introduced a new way to enjoy their home-inspired gourmet curries with some fun of Indian street food through toasties which are known as jaffles in Australia. Toast My Curry has a mission called ‘Curry4Curry’, they donate a meal every time they sell a curry toastie to a charity in India which works for education of slum kids. Choose from Lamb Sukha, Chicken Vindaloo, Churizo Sausage Curry, Bombay Masala, Cauliflower/Pumpkin Curry, Chic-pea Curry, Veggie Stack, Samosa Toastie, Chutney Cheese Toastie, Gulab Jamun Toastie (Dessert), Crazy Spicy Toastie and many more.
Location: Marquee, 7th Ave.


Bhawani Bhati
Tikka Tango
Tikka Tango is a mobile food business selling modern international fusion food, with emphasis on creating flavours with spices and working with fresh and local ingredients to recreate already popular international dishes.
Location: Van, Bunnings.


Kerri Rafter
Grilled to the Mac
North American grilled sandwiches such as: the Cuban, a famous workers sandwich; the Reuben, the ‘foodie’ sandwich that offers a little taste of New Yorkers street food; American Mac ‘n Cheese, a kids favourite; and Mac ‘n Cheese in a sandwich, a crowd pleaser invented by Jason from Jag Hospitality. Then, just to confuse everyone, there’s Croque-Monsieur and also Pulled Pork, steaming hot in brown butter and bourbon sauce – Jalapenos an optional extra. Served to you by Derek (The Irishman) Rafter and his feisty redheaded sidekick wife Kerri who proudly shop at Ilonka and Charlies Fresh Food Markets.
Location: Van, 8th to 9th Ave on the east side of the road.


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