J’Aime Patisserie Cafe – 24 Oct 2016

Cuisine: Patisserie, Cafe
Location: Subiaco – Subiaco Square

Pies and Quiches

J'aime Patisserie Cafe - Pies and Quiches

Patisserie Items

J'aime Patisserie Cafe - Patisserie Items

Eclairs, Petit Fours, and Macarrons

J'Aime Patisserie Cafe - Desserts

J’Aime Patisserie Cafe Food Review Summary

Verdict: I stopped by for a quick breakfast on the go. I’m a little too eager first thing in the morning for the dessert cabinet isn’t fully stocked and I decide I need something less sweet for breakfast. Examining the quiches and pies, the chicken and mushroom quiche fitted the bill. Nicely warmed, gooey cheese, soft mushroom and tender chicken, this was just what I needed. After my client meeting I had to make a return stop for morning tea before heading back to the city. Plenty to enjoy, I selected several eclairs, petit fours, and some macaroons. I like the choux pastry of the eclairs, particularly the coffee and chocolate varieties. And those macarrons are so yum! If you’re at the Subiaco train station or at Woolworths popping in for shopping at the Subiaco Square, you have no excuse not to indulge in the delicious pastry items both sweet and savoury.
Price: Bargain
Taste: Delicious
Value: Excellent
Recommendation: Recommend


J’Aime Patisserie Cafe Details

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J'Aime Patisserie Cafe - 24 Oct 2016, reviewed by Shaun on 2016-10-24T10:25:53+00:00 rating 4.0 out of 5