Mashawi Moroccan & Middle Eastern – 13 Oct 2016

Cuisine: Moroccan, Middle Eastern
Location: Mt Lawley – Beaufort St

One of the guys at work with a Middle Eastern background told me about this place so I was keen to sample the Moroccan cuisine on offer. The venue is large, open and relaxed, decorated with ornaments from the region. The menu has a tapas sections, starters, and mains. We choose a selection of tapas items and mains to share.


Complimentary Breads and Pickled Vegetables

Mashawi Moroccan & Middle Eastern - Complimentary Breads and Pickled Vegetables

We were presented with a complementary basket of breads and pickled vegetables to start. I like the pickled vegetables which carry a little bit of a chilli hit. The thin crunchy spiced bread is really tasty and unique, something I’ve not eaten before. I also like the freshly warmed and soft Turkish bread which is excellent. The Pita bread is good too.


Mixed Hot Tapas Platter $19.90

Mashawi Moroccan & Middle Eastern - Mixed Hot Tapas Platter

The mixed tapas seemed like a good choice giving variety and a cross section of their tapas menu items.

  • Cheese Cigars – Spinach & feta filled filo pastry rolls
  • Falafel – famous chickpea, fresh herbs and spice balls
  • Kibbeh – crushed wheat and spice balls, filled with beef mince and nuts
  • Sambousek – pastry filled with beef mince and nuts, flavoured with ras-el hanout spices.

The cheese cigars were lovely and not too cheesy but a subtle balanced flavour. The falafel had a lovely parsley flavour and isn’t too intense. Really crunchy and delicious. The same can be said of the kibbeh, tasty, well balanced, not too salty or intense. The sambousek is like a curry puff of sorts and has a delicious filling. I like the two sauces which partner well with the food. This is a really good way to get a variety of tasty dishes and begin the meal.


Mixed Seafood Tagine $19.90

Combination of fish, prawns, and squid in Moroccan Neapolitan sauce. Served over cous cous or rice.

Mashawi Moroccan & Middle Eastern - Mixed Seafood Tagine

We decided to order a bunch of mains and share. The seafood tagine comes with juicy prawns, tender squid and soft fish, immersed in a delicious sauce. The cous cous is light and tasty and you just want to keep on eating more.


Chicken, Olive and Potato Tagine $19.90

Chermoula marinated chicken slow cooked with potatoes, olives, preserved lemon. Served over cous cous or rice.

Mashawi Moroccan & Middle Eastern - Chicken, Olive and Potato Tagine

I like the chicken and olive tagine with soft spiced potatoes. The moist chicken is tender and flavoursome as too the cous cous.


Mixed Grill $25.90

Three skewers (chicken, lamb & mince, and shish kebab), 2 Marguez sausages, hummus and Mashawi salad with a side of rice and nuts

Mashawi Moroccan & Middle Eastern - Mixed Grill

The meat skewers are really delicious with moist succulent meat. The sausages are something unique and interesting and I found them enjoyable. The rice pilaf is really light with loose moist grains and a lovely light spice. I like the garlic cream and hummus. The salad is so refreshing and a much needed element to balance out the meat. Generous serving. Excellent service.


Selection of Sweets from the Display Cabinet

Mashawi Moroccan & Middle Eastern - Sweets

So full, we had to ask the food to be packed up. The desserts available are those from the front counter, a delectable display cabinet of baked goods which caught my eye on the way in. I love baklava and preceded to get a selection, particularly with the offer of 5 for $10, otherwise a very reasonable $2.50 each. I ate these the next day and really enjoyed trying different pastries which I’ve not seen before. Love the baklava, crunchy pastry, not too sweet syrup, tasty pistachios.


Ibiza N2 – Passionfruit & Apricot Gelato $8.90

Ibiza N2Ibiza N2

I also went across the road to Ibiza N2 and got some passionfruit and apricot gelato. Lovely strong sweet passionfruit flavour emanating with a tang but balanced by the apricot. A strawberry cream and cherry on top round things off. While waiting it was interesting watching the kitchen at work especially when the liquid nitrogen is added creating a bit of a show..


Mashawi Food Review Summary

Verdict: Mashawi offers a range of dishes representing Moroccan and Middle Eastern cuisine. With an inviting atmosphere, friendly service and delicious, flavoursome, well balanced cuisine, I really enjoyed my experience here. The mixed tapas presents a range of items to share. I liked the filo encased cheese and spinach cigars, the fried kibbeh is tasty and well balanced, not too salty, I loved the falafel which is spiced but subtle and not too intense with a lovely crunch, and the sambousek is kind of like a curry puff with a delicious filling. All enjoyed with some tasty dips. For mains, I really enjoyed the chicken, olive and potato tagine as well as the seafood tagine. Generous serving, tasty, flavoursome and moist tender proteins cooked perfectly served with loose moorish cous cous. I also liked the mixed grill which presented a range of skewered meats perfectly cooked, moist, tender and flavoursome with a delicious rice pilaf and refreshing salad. The sausages were also interesting and unique. I couldn’t help myself in obtaining a selection of baked sweets on the way out and really enjoyed them, particularly, the baklava.
Price: Reasonable
Taste: Delicious
Value: Excellent
Recommendation: Highly Recommend


Mashawi Moroccan & Middle Eastern Restaurant Details

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