Shak Shuka’s Website Launch Event – 6 Oct 2016

Shak Shuka Website Launch - Professional Cooking School

A family business coming from a passion for food, the chef, Riki Kaspi, used to run a North Perth restaurant for 12 years before starting The Cooking Professor in Mt Hawthorn. The night is all about the new website launch of Shak Shuka which featured different Moroccan canapés as well as featuring some other small businesses and their products. The venue actually comprises 4 businesses in one:

  • A Professional Cooking School – learn to cook from a range of cuisines
  • Catering – for special events like weddings, corporate events, birthdays, as well as running the Shak Shuka stall at various markets around Perth
  • Event Hire – private client event, cocktail night, hens & bucks nights, corporate team building
  • Commercial Kitchen Hire – access to one of two professional kitchens to prepare dishes for an offsite event, market etc

Shak Shuka Website Launch - Event Area

The venue is very open and also very customisable, allowing the area to transform from several kitchen benches for a cooking class of up to 40, to a cocktail event with live music playing for a special occasion.

Shak Shuka Website Launch - Pastes

They also sell a range of Moroccan pastes (e.g. harissa, chermoula) made fresh which can be incorporated in a tagine to feed the family. There are also spice mixes available for purchase such as ras el hanut, dukkah, za’atar, and grain mixes such as cous cous, quinoa, spiced rice pudding.

Shak Shuka Website Launch - Spice Mixes

The professional cooking classes available offer different cuisines from Moroccan, Italian, Spanish, and Indian to name a few and are hands on. Watch the chef give tips and demonstrate techniques, break away into pairs and work in preparing a range of dishes to be enjoyed by all.

Several canapés were making the rounds so was happy to grab a few in between conversation, showcasing Moroccan cuisine.

Shak Shuka Website Launch - Moroccan Canape

Shak Shuka Website Launch - Baba Ganouj

Loved the smoked eggplant flavour of the baba ganouj, yum.

Shak Shuka Website Launch - Dukkah Prawns

These dukkah prawns were absolutely delicious. I love the crispy Panko crumb, the dukkah spice, and the harissa inspired sauce packs a chilli kick!

Shak Shuka Website Launch - Chips with Hummus

Can’t say no to crispy chips with hummus

Shak Shuka - Lamb Koftas

Hard to go past these soft moist delicious Moroccan spiced lamb koftas with pomegranate molasses.

Shak Shuka Website Launch - Churros with Chocolate Sauce

Oooh churros! Chocolate sauce…mmm.

Ice Cream & Co as featured at the Shak Shuka Website launch

The night also featured other small businesses such as Ice Cream & Co with these interesting gelato tartlets. They disappeared quickly!

Ice Cream & Co as featured at the Shak Shuka Website launch

I didn’t miss out on these naked scoops. Loved the lime flavour. So refreshing and delicious!

Yoffee Toffee - homemade European style cakes, bakes and anything sweet

There were also these little baked treats in the gift bag from Yoffee Toffee which were a lovely sweet treat. They specialise in homemade European style cakes, bakes and anything sweet.

Along with the canapés were drinks which featured some of Brash Vineyard’s creations. A young winery situated in Margaret River, they already have won a few awards in their brief history and only output approximately 300 wines each vintage.

Shak Shuka also run a stall appearing at several markets around Perth. I can’t believe time has flown by and the Twilight Hawkers Markets are back in Forrest Chase in the city. Check out Shak Shuka’s current locations here –


More Detail About The Businesses Featured

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Miss Tartufo Gelato – Miss Tartufo Gelato on Facebook
Yoffee Toffee – Yoffee Toffee on Facebook and at the St Stephens Community Farmer’s Markets