Copper Chimney – 6 Nov 2016

Cuisine: Indian
Location: South Fremantle

Mixed Tasting Plate $17.50

A selection of starters including Samosa, Paneer Tikka, Chicken Tikka and Bharah Kebab

Copper Chimney - Mixed Tasting Plate
Copper Chimney - Mixed Platter

We started with a mixed platter which has a selection of items from the entrees. The tandoori chicken has excellent flavour, particularly from the tandoor oven. The bharah kebab is also tasty too. The samosa is huge and I like the pastry and delicious filling. There’s a couple of chunks of paneer, the Indian cheese, which is tasty. The platter is great value and an excellent way to start the meal off, but very filling too.


Meat Thali $21

Butter Chicken, Lamb Rogan Josh, Dhal, Vegetarian Curry, Rice, Garlic Naan, Pappadum, Raitha, Bhuja Mix, Dessert

Copper Chimney - Meat Thali

We decided to share a number of dishes and from the specials, there’s a range of thali’s to choose from – vegetarian, meat, or seafood. The meat thali has a selection of vegetable and meat curries, raitha, naan, pappadum, rice, chucklies (those small crunchy sticks on the left), and a dessert. Lots of variety and plenty to get through. I had a taste of some of the items. The butter chicken has a strong tandoor imparted flavour but lacked the rich tomato creaminess butter chicken is known for. The lamb rogan josh is tasty though and so are the other curries.


Masala Dosa $14

A dosa stuffed with spiced potatoes

Copper Chimney

Whoa! Can this get any bigger? A very thin crispy kind of pancake encases a spiced potato mix which is delicious to eat. I found it easier to just cut the dosa into thirds of which the ends don’t have any filling. These can be used to break up into pieces and dip into the curry and the other condiments the dosa comes with. The curry is really tasty and I like the sweetish condiment as well as the coconut condiment which is refreshing.


Kangaroo Vindaloo (GF) $20.50

A Goan speciality, vinegar marinated kangaroo meat cooked in a hot and spicy curry with potato

Copper Chimney - Kangaroo Vindaloo

Talk about adapting to local produce! The kangaroo is a little gamey but tasty in the curry which builds and leaves one sweating. Definitely packing some bite but bearable.


Pistachio Kulfi

Copper Chimney - Pistachio Kulfi

So stuffed, I had a taste of this Indian ice cream which was yum.


Sweets Display Cabinet

Copper Chimney

This Indian sweets cabinet caught my eye on the way in but was way too full to consider more food. I’m not a big fan of Indian sweets despite having a sweet tooth.


Cannoli $4.80

Patisserie La Vespa - Cannoli

Another thing which caught my eye was the patisserie across the road – Patisserie La Vespa. After finishing our lunch I headed across for a sticky beak. More of a bakery come café, there’s a smallish selection of sweet items, not really those you would expect from a patisserie though. However, the cannoli caught my eye so I picked up a few of those. Pretty tasty late afternoon snack.


Copper Chimney – Food Review Summary

Verdict: I’d heard from people Copper Chimney was an excellent Indian restaurant so I finally made a visit. It’s a casual open space tastefully decorated to reflect the Indian culture. There’s heaps of choice on the menu, including the specials, so you’re spoilt for choice. We got a mixed platter to start which proved to be quite filling but offering lots of variety and tasty treats. The tandoor imparted flavour is evident in the tandoori chicken and bharah kebab. The samosa is delicious, as too, the paneer and mint chutney to pour over the salad. They also offer 3 thalis, we got the meat version and I had a taste of some of the items which were pretty good. We shared other dishes like the masala dosa, a huge thin crispy pancake encasing a delicious spiced potato mix. Plenty of extra dosa to dip into the tasty curries and condiments. We also got the kangaroo vindaloo which packed some bite, was reasonably tender and the curry flavour hid the gaminess to quite an extent. Certainly not chilli hot but the heat built and was hot but bearable. Pretty stuffed with all the food, we shared a dessert. I had a small taste of the pistachio kulfi, the Indian ice cream was tasty. I also popped across the road to grab some cannoli at Patisserie La Vaspa, given my sweet tooth, and enjoyed this as a very late afternoon snack. I also got some biriyani to takeaway and ate that for lunch the following day. Flavoursome and packed full of chunks of goat. The service, flavours, venue, and menu choice is excellent and certainly a solid choice for Indian fare if you live around Freo.
Price: Reasonable
Taste: Delicious
Value: Excellent
Recommendation: Recommend


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