Manise Cafe – 5 Dec 2016

Cuisine: Indonesian
Location: Northbridge – William St

Es Cendol $3.50 – Ice cold pandan jelly served with coconut milk and palm sugar syrup

Manise Cafe - Es Cendol

Ayam Bakar Manise $9 – Marinated deep fried chicken topped with home made sweet sauce

Manise  Cafe - Ayam Bakar Manise

Kondro Bakar Kecap $9.50 – Tender beef ribs grilled to perfection topped with Rica sauce

Manise Cafe- Kondro Bakar Kecap

Gado Gado $7.50 – Mixed cooked vegetables with tofu and hard boiled egg and topped with peanut sauce

Manise Cafe - Gado Gado

Ikar Bakar Manise $14 – Grilled whole fish topped with special sweet sauce, fresh chilli, freshly diced tomatoes and red onions

Manise Cafe - Ikar Bakar Manise

Es Cendol Kecang $5.50 – Tender red bean and cendol served with coconut milk and crushed ice, topped with fragrance palm sugar syrup

Manise Cafe - Es Cendol Kecang

Manise Cafe Food Review Summary

Verdict: Located at the far end of William Street in Northbridge, Manise Cafe has a home style feel, a warm welcoming environment with good honest Indonesian cuisine. The dishes don’t cost much but the serves are smaller as a result which means you can order more dishes and get a variety of flavours. I started with es cendol, the coconut milk and palm sugar syrup drink with pandan jelly which was pretty tasty and refreshing. Foodwise, we started with ayam baker manise which presented very tender chicken with slight crunch and a delicious sweet but muted sauce. This was really enjoyable. We also got kondro bakar kecap, the meat from the ribs was removed from the bone and are oh so tender and flavoursome. Yum! Can’t go past gado gado, the steamed vegetable dish topped with a creamy satay sauce. The delicious creamy peanut sauce certainly livens up the steamed veggies and is a popular Indonesian snack. Easy to see why. We also got ikar bakar manise, a whole fish containing tender flesh coated in a lovely marinade and enhanced by the refreshing tomato and onion mix. Enjoyed with steamed rice, you start to fill up with all the variety and the different flavours of the sweet soy sauce and sweet sambal mix.
Price: Bargain
Taste: Delicious
Value: Excellent
Recommendation: Recommend


Manise Cafe Restaurant Details
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