Moana Coffee – 15 Dec 2016

Cuisine: Breakfast, Cafe
Location: Perth CBD – Hay St Mall

Hay St Mall Entrance To Moana Coffee

Moana Coffee - Hay St Mall Entrance To Moana Coffee

Close to the corner of Hay St Mall and Barrack Street lies Moana Coffee, hidden away upstairs. I’ve walked past here so many times and didn’t know it existed.


Balcony Cafe

Moana Coffee - Balcony Cafe

Who knew a slice of peace and tranquility existed overlooking Hay St Mall. A rare cafe open during the weekend too.


Smoked Salmon, Cream Cheese Bagel

Moana Coffee - Smoked Salmon, Cream Cheese Bagel

Cream Cheese and Nutella Bagel

Moana Coffee - Cream Cheese and Nutella Bagel

French Toast – thick cut brioche with blueberry lime coulis, honey mascarpone and seasonal fruit

Moana Coffee - French Toast

Cola Pulled Pork

Moana Coffee - Cola Pulled Pork

Moana Coffee Food Review Summary

Verdict: Moana Coffee is a hidden cafe, a place I’ve walked past so many times I really think most of Perth does’t know it exists. Situated in the renovated Moana Chambers, from Hay St Mall, keep a look out for Britton’s Formal Hire, walkthrough and to the left and up the stairs or take the lift if you’re lazy. Sharing the space with an artist-run exhibition space, once you do a U turn after reaching the top of the stairs, you will discover this peaceful and tranquil balcony cafe.

We grabbed a table outside as part of our team breakfast and had a look at the menus which are at the counter. After perusing the menu which offers 5 senses coffee, teas, lunch items plus the breakfast menu, we placed our orders at the menu and chatted away. Some members chose bagels with a few varieties on offer. There’s smoked salmon with cream cheese and someone else chose the cream cheese and nutella version.

The rest of us ordered the French toast. The brioche was nice though needed more soaking in the egg to really evoke the flavour of a typical French toast I was searching for. The banana, cut strawberries and honey mascarpone balance each other out and add more depth of flavour to the dish, along with the blueberries and coulis. I also ordered a side of cola pulled pork which was succulent, flavoursome, and the sweetness from the cola was excellent. Really delicious. I also had an iced matcha green tea which carried a strong flavour but was enjoyable.
Price: Reasonable
Taste: Great
Value: Reasonable
Recommendation: Worth Visiting Again


Moana Coffee Restaurant Details
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