Eat Drink Perth – Twilight Hawkers Markets – 4 Apr 2014

Smokies - Pulled Pork Roll & Slaw

What: Twilight Hawkers Markets When: every Friday 5-9pm, 8 November 2013 till 24 April 2014 Where: Forrest Chase More Info:

As the afternoon wore on after my lunch at Public House Kitchen & Bar, I started to build up an appetite so a visit to the Twilight Hawkers Markets was . . . → Read More: Eat Drink Perth – Twilight Hawkers Markets – 4 Apr 2014

Eat Drink Perth – Twilight Hawkers Markets – 28 Feb 2014

Boss Hoss BBQ - Pulled Pork, Corn Bread, Potato Salad

I stumbled upon The Boss Hoss BBQ stall and was intrigued to see what they offered. Their menu presented 3 choices – ribs, brisket, and pulled pork. Whoo hoo pulled pork! I’m a real fan of pulled pork but have yet to come across a version that compares favourably to my travels in the US. The texture, spices, and flavours are important so for $10, with corn bread and a serve of potato salad (or coleslaw if you prefer), I thought why not. The ribs and brisket are other items I’d love to try from the US themed menu. I really enjoyed this snack which is quite filling, more something in between a snack and a meal. Now ribs or brisket next time around? . . . → Read More: Eat Drink Perth – Twilight Hawkers Markets – 28 Feb 2014

The Burger Bistro Pop Up - 22 Feb 2014

Burger Bistro Pop Up - USA Burger

The site at Beaufort Street for the Burger Bistro’s latest creation is unique, casual, relaxed but still comfortable and cool in the summer heat of the day. I was a guest of the Burger Bistro Pop Up restaurant which has a new concept focusing on prime ingredients with a completely different menu to their other locations, carrying a strong American theme. I ordered the USA Burger and it effectively represented the USA experience with the tart pickles, ketchup, strong flavour of thickly sliced cheese and that unique mustard taste transporting me back to my travels in the US. The slightly sweet brioche bun ties it all together and one can’t go paste the star of the burger, the delicious, moist, juicy beef patty. Along with shoestring fries and the fresh ingredients of the coleslaw shining through in a just coated dressing which isn’t sweet, I was pretty full. However, there’s always room for dessert and the pastry chef’s family recipe of tiramisu was delicious. Soft, light, tasty with the touch of bitterness from the sprinkled high quality chocolate, it was a dessert that once you have one spoonful you can’t stop. . . . → Read More: The Burger Bistro Pop Up – 22 Feb 2014

Tony Roma's - 21 Feb 2014

Tony Roma's - Pulled Pork Sandwich

I was really excited to see pulled pork on the menu so ordering the pulled pork sandwich was an easy choice. However, the sandwich wasn’t what I expected as the tender pulled pork had been covered with the same marinade reserved for the ribs. Masking the true flavour of the pulled pork, I didn’t get the real thing, however, the pulled pork sandwich was delicious. The pulled pork was plentiful, moist, succulent and with the sticky sweet sauce, so yum. I really loved the golden brown chips which required just a little more salt and the coleslaw, albeit a bit too sweet, was tasty too. A really generous and filling meal. . . . → Read More: Tony Roma’s – 21 Feb 2014

The Old Crow - 17 Jan 2014

The Old Crow - Jerk Belly & Peach Coleslaw

The menu of The Old Crow is kind of like a tapas menu with vegetarian options and separate meals, but still holds it’s own unique identity. It offers something very different to the typical Perth eatery and the jerked pork belly was one such example. A well thought out and executed dish, the melt in your mouth pork belly combines with elements of sweet and sour as well as playing with textures in the smooth yoghurt and peach coleslaw, crispness of red cabbage and chives, and crunch of fried shallots. Plenty of colour to keep your eyes interested, the meal is tasty and yet deceptively filling. The chocolate pie and peanut butter ice cream was a pretty solid dessert but didn’t wow to the same extent as the mains. Still, a well balanced dessert which was enjoyable. The relaxed and breezy setting in the semi outdoor area is certainly inviting for an easy Friday lunch or hop indoors to the old converted house for a more intimate setting. . . . → Read More: The Old Crow – 17 Jan 2014

Varnish on King - 5 Dec 2013

Varnish On King - Twice Cooked Ribs

Back for another visit and the twice cooked ribs were ridiculously tender. A very generous serving of tender, juicy, succulent meat, with a lovely flavour of rosemary to present a really hearty and earthy dish. The treacle reduction adds so much flavour to the meat, slight bitterness of the Brussels sprouts adds another dimension, and the acidity from the delicious chimmi churri helps cut through the meatiness. I really loved this dish and it’s very filling. I passed on a side of vegies which is in all likelihood needed, but I instead oped for the Whiskey “Sweet & Sour” dessert. Unique, interesting, creative. A promising dessert with different layers and textures let down by the overly sweet lemon curd. However, the tartness of the lemon, strong smoked meringue and Italian meringue, whiskey jelly and acidity from the cherries made for a tasty finish. The mains were once again perfection in execution, the dessert, not as well executed but I really enjoyed my lunch. I’ll have to return to try their other imaginative, creative, and flavour packed dishes. . . . → Read More: Varnish on King – 5 Dec 2013

Varnish on King - 27 Nov 2013

Varnish On King - Pressed Pig Cheek

Yes, I’m at an American whiskey bar but I’m here for the food, not the drink. There’s an interesting array of dishes so different to the typical menus in Perth so it’s refreshing to see something of an American flare. I went with the lobster dog which was rich but delicious and the pressed pig cheek was something special. The crumbed cubes encased tender strands of pork that lacked seasoning, but the flavoured salts and samphire step in to complement the meal. I also enjoyed the batter coated stuffed mushroom. Varnish on King offers some imaginative food, quality, and flavour, in lovely surrounds evoking memories of the old style bars in some American movie. . . . → Read More: Varnish on King – 27 Nov 2013

NYC Pizza - 25 Oct 2013

NYC Pizza - Broadway Vegetarian

Like the pizzas I ate in America, NYC Pizza is an excellent representation – big, bold, generous in size and flavour. You will notice the names of each pizza variety take their name from New York City – Brooklyn, Broadway, Soho, Union Square, Central Park, Manhattan, Grand Central, Wall Street etc – it’s a who’s who of typical places in New York, many of which I visited. The combination of ingredients are a little adventurous as I have never seen pumpkin on a pizza but they pulled it off with supreme confidence pairing it up with feta and semi dried tomatoes in the Broadway Vegetarian variety. The Bronx BBQ Chicken and Bacon is typically American with the distinctive taste of BBQ sauce pairing well with chunks of flavoured chicken and salty bacon. So delicious, the huge slices, thin crispy base, flavour combinations, and lunch time specials make it all the more appealing to come down and enjoy pizza by the slice for lunch. They also do catering so if you like their pizzas, then grab them whole. They also sell breakfast and what is typically New York? Bagels. . . . → Read More: NYC Pizza – 25 Oct 2013

The Cutting Board Eathouse - 21 Oct 13

The Cutting Board Eat House - Southern Fried Chicken Burger

Cuisine: American Location: Northbridge, Pier St (not far from McIver Train Station)

After my last visit to The Cutting Board Eathouse where I spied more American fare in the form of southern fried chicken, I had to return to try it out. Another lovely sunny day presented itself which made it perfect to . . . → Read More: The Cutting Board Eathouse – 21 Oct 13

The Cutting Board Eathouse - 14 Oct 13

The Cutting Board Eat House - New York Cheeseburger

After my first visit I had to come back to try the New York double pattie cheeseburger and it didn’t disappoint. Perfectly cooked beef patties, well seasoned, great flavour and I love the cheddar slices. The burger holds well together and is not messy but just tasty. I love the bun and the mayo was lovely. I’m really enjoying the menu offerings and have to come back for some more delicious dishes served by friendly people in a lovely setting. To boot, the menu offerings are reasonably priced and offer excellent value. . . . → Read More: The Cutting Board Eathouse – 14 Oct 13