Media Release: New York Diner Set for Perth

New York Diner Set for Perth

Food visionary, Denny Nehme, is bringing a taste of New York to 140, an urban destination where food, art and retail collide on transformed laneways in the Perth CBD, with the opening of East Village.

Serving classic American fare – hot dogs, pizza, waffles and sundaes – East . . . → Read More: Media Release: New York Diner Set for Perth

Meat Me in the City - 30 Jan 2015

Meat Me In The City - Pulled Pork

Cuisine: American, BBQ, Sandwiches Location: Perth CBD, lower level of Trinity Arcade

If you haven’t heard, there’s a butcher in the city, Meat Me in the City, so one doesn’t have to go far to get some lovely meat. Situated on the lower level of Trinity Arcade (ground level from Hay St, one . . . → Read More: Meat Me in the City – 30 Jan 2015

Johnny's Burger Joint - 24 Oct 2014

Johnny's Burger Joint - The Troublemaker

Not by design, but I’ve been visiting a few burger places of late so an invite to the soft opening of Johnny’s Burger Joint was just what the doctor ordered. I really liked the menu which takes on a distinctly American theme and offers items that you don’t see in Perth. A diner menu for the day plus burgers which keep on being served well into the night. Nothing fancy, just full of heart and flavour. They look that way and initially taste that way, but with each bite the burger’s ingredients transform into something special. It just keeps on getting tastier and tastier. Wash it down with a milkshake, grab some sides like cheese sticks, curly fries, cheese and bacon fries, chilli cheese fries or grab some buffalo wings, and you’re in heaven. . . . → Read More: Johnny’s Burger Joint – 24 Oct 2014

The Belasyse - 26 Aug 2014

The Belayse - Pulled Pork Sandwich

The Belasyse is another offering on the popular Shafto Lane offering a casual vibe and atmosphere with The Mistress Cafe providing breakfast, coffee and snacks inside the main restaurant, while The Belasyse provides lunch and dinner options. The lunch menu takes on an American theme with pulled pork, New York corned beef. and salmon bagels gracing the menu. Being a big fan of pulled pork, I was hoping this version would relive my US travel memories, but while providing perfectly prepared soft, moist, pulled pork, the overall meal lacked punch and flavour. They’ve chosen to pair pork with apple via a julienned apple and cabbage with a lovely herbed mayo providing moisture to the greens, but the absence of a sauce to compliment the pork let the open sandwich down. The chips were average but the soft warm fluffy potato had a certain likeness which were enjoyed with a rather unusual tomato sauce. A few tweaks and the meal can fulfil it’s true potential. . . . → Read More: The Belasyse – 26 Aug 2014

Old Faithful Bar & BBQ - 4 Jul 2014

Old Faithful - Chopped Pig Sandwich, Corn Bread, Chicken Wings

The Old Faithful Bar & BBQ is one of Perth’s newest additions to the dining scene located on King St. Serving American barbecued meats in a casual relaxed vibe, it has a very different concept. Line up and order your meal, line up again at another counter for drinks, wait while your meal is prepared, and then be presented with a paper lined metal tray with your food. The casualness of the place is fine, the service is good, the metal trays are tacky. For a venue specialising in BBQ meats and American cuisine, this place is disappointing. I visited a similar type venue in New York which served slow cooked ribs, brisket and pulled pork that would blow Old Faithful out of the water. The chopped pig sandwich is a burger with well cooked pork which pulls apart, is moist, and combines well with the other ingredients. Even after I ate the burger at the end, it was still quite tasty but lacked an intensity of flavour I was so desperately searching for in trying to recreate my foodie experiences in the US. The chicken wings were pedestrian, and the cornbread was disappointing at best. The menu is very reasonably priced and they offer a good collection of American fare, but while the food wasn’t horrible they have failed to offer Perth diners what true American fare is. The Old Faithful is on to a winner if they can just execute their food in terms of flavour. I also asked my work colleagues what they thought and they weren’t really enamoured. Mixed reviews is being polite. . . . → Read More: Old Faithful Bar & BBQ – 4 Jul 2014

Pleased To Meet You - 13 Jun 2014

Pleased To Meet You - Navajo Fried Bread & Salsa

A delicious lunchtime visit to Pleased To Meet You presented me with several dishes all different from one another, but all packing plenty of flavour. I particularly liked the pulled pork bun slider and the duck taco, like the slider, has a delicious sauce. The beef tongue was yum and the Navajo fried bread was really different. On reflection, for $36 I got the variety but it’s a bit pricey. The idea, like many restaurants, is you order lots of plates to share. While I was happy I could order a few dishes and not be stuck with large servings such that you can only order a dish or too, the small serving portions make it really small to share. I guess each person would get a bite if you had to divide among 4. For one person it’s perfect. It would take a little more effort preparing smaller versions that larger serves but it works out to be bit expensive. Having said that, the 4 dishes left me full and I was more than satisfied with the flavours of the well crafted dishes. . . . → Read More: Pleased To Meet You – 13 Jun 2014

QLD, Brisbane - Embassy Bar

Embassy - BBQ Smoked Pork Ribs

Based on the comments from Urbanspoon, a visit to Embassy Bar is a good choice if you want some true American fare. The much talked about ribs is what I ordered but I found them really underwhelming. A lot of gristle and inedible stuff on the ribs, while the pork meat didn’t come off the bone easily. The marinade on the ribs was pretty good but it needs to increase it’s intensity in flavour. The cornbread is delicious, a lovely corn flavour with just that hint of sweetness. The green beans were a little crispy for my liking and would have preferred further cooking. It’s good value at $20 considering the serving, but an improvement on the cooking and cut of ribs would make this dish fantastic. . . . → Read More: QLD, Brisbane – Embassy Bar

VIC, Melbourne - Belle's Night Lunch Diner

Belles - Southern Fried Chicken

Along Gertrude Street are a number of restaurants and we chose the American themed Belle’s Night Lunch Diner. I ordered the southern fried chicken which came with a decent serving, had a lovely light crisp batter but lacked the Caijin spice mix I was expecting. The slaw was really delicious though and the meal was filling. Nice service in a more modern styled diner in a relaxed atmosphere. . . . → Read More: VIC, Melbourne – Belle’s Night Lunch Diner

New Zealand, Wellington - Mama Brown

Mama Browns – Kentucky Hot Brown Boy

Mama Brown is a casual venue with an American style menu that serves a breakfast menu well into the afternoon, aside from milkshakes and desserts. I chose the Kentucky Hot Brown Boy which was a unique dish – chicken with other elements on a savoury French toast. I really liked it and it made for a lovely lightish lunch. The gooey melted cheese, tender chicken, freshness of the pico de gallo, and the side salad worked well to produce a tasty meal. . . . → Read More: New Zealand, Wellington – Mama Brown

New Zealand, Auckland - Orleans

Orleans - Peanut Butter Sandwich

An American bar with an old style feel serving up an array of American styled dishes from a modern era, the restaurant executes on interior, charm, feel, menu, and taste. I ordered the pig po boy and received a delicious version of oh so yum pulled pork. The size is small but compact leaving enough room to enjoy a dessert. I opted for the peanut butter sandwich which was a clever play on the savoury version, instead styled as a dessert. The bread was substituted for a slice / biscuit containing sultanas and not sweet, encasing the peanut butter flavoured ice cream. The grape jelly kept everything in balance and the milk was needed to cleanse the palette despite the gooey sticky peanut butter not being present. While service was fantastic at the beginning (the matra’d is fantastic), service was a bit slow at the end in getting me another glass of water but I liked the vibe, the menu, and the delicious food served up. . . . → Read More: New Zealand, Auckland – Orleans