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Chu Bakery - Matcha Yuzu

Chu Bakery – 17 Jul 2016

With a big queue of people hanging outside the small Chu Bakery, once you taste their creations, you know what all the fuss is about. I got the matcha yuzu which presents a most delicious green tea flavoured cream on a crunchy pastry which has a yuzu jelly inside for a change in texture. So yum. I also got a Boston cream bun which was a doughnut filled with a lovely rich creamy vanilla custard with a chocolate top, and I also got a chilli passionfruit doughnut which was dusted with chilli and filled with a gooey passionfruit filling which was delicious. Excellent way to start the day, serving coffee and a range of pastries that are so naughty but very satisfying.

Gourmandise - Quiches

Gourmandise & Co – 7 Mar 2015

The first quiche I dived into was a bacon and cheese quiche which was delicious. Lovely buttery pastry that is just divine encasing a lovely rich filling. I’m glad I ordered the sharp salad which took the edge off the richness. I really enjoy quiche and this was excellent. I also had a few bites of the smoked salmon quiche which is even better. I’ll save that for breakfast tomorrow along with a few other pastries I picked up. The next day I warmed the quiche up and it was amazing! I really love the flavour of the smoked salmon which is just like chunks of softened salmon, but with a smoky flavour, well complimented by the creamy avocado. I liked this quiche the best and also enjoyed my other pastries.

Jean Claude Patisserie

Chez Jean-Claude Patisserie Leederville – 17 Oct 2014

I love visiting patisseries to enjoy fine French pastries. I found the chocolate eclair to be a little substandard to the type of eclair I was expecting in terms of the choux pastry. It appeared to contain chocolate mousse which was delicious though, as opposed to a chocolate custard. The millefeuille contained a lovely custard cream filling but the pastry layers were far too crunchy. I’ve never eaten escargot and this was quite enjoyable. I think the best pastry item of the lot was the chocolate ganache slice. It contained a lovely moist sponge which the perfect balance, not too sweet or not too chocolatey. Instead, the intensity was provided by the dark chocolate layer and the high quality chocolate dusting. I’ve visited several patisseries and while this one offered a range of items, I didn’t think it delivered on what French pastries can really offer.

Zumbo - Cakes Display

VIC, Melbourne – Adriano Zumbo Pâtissier

I’m such a fan of patisseries and seeing the amazing creations of Adriano Zumbo on MasterChef led me to make a special trip to one of his stores to try some of these wonderful creations. Looking at the display cabinets will leave you wondering what to choose as your eyes are immediately drawn to all kinds of creations and your mouth starts salivating. I chose a Pollock flight which was delicious, as too the maccaron and the pipeto. The beauty of his creations is they just don’t taste delicious, they look visually appealing not just on the outside, but even the inside. The Pollock flight once cut open, looks exactly like a fresh coconut – a bright white shiny flesh. How he manages to create effects like this is beyond me.

Cozy Cable Car Cafe - Mediterranean Crepe

USA, San Francisco – Cozy Cable Car Cafe

I was really hungry and 40 minutes is an unreasonable amount of time for the production of a crepe, especially since the cafe wasn’t filled to the brim. When my breakfast, or brunch was ready, the meal was at least worth the wait. It was a very well packed crepe which was delicious but lacked a touch of seasoning. With the moist potato salad providing the perfect accompaniment, it made for an excellent meal and was very filling.

Boudin Bakery - Bread Creatures

USA, San Francisco – Boudin Bakery & Boudin Bistro

A visit to Boudin Bakery is a must if you’re visiting San Francisco. It’s as much a tourist attraction as a bakery, cafe, gift shop, museum, and full service restaurant via the Boudin Bistro upstairs. We had a good wonder about and came back the next day to dine for lunch at the bistro. The service was nice and the menu extensive, incorporating several sourdough products into the unexpected like tortillas and pizza bases. I enjoyed a delicious clam chowder that had a lovely flavour, wasn’t too rich or creamy, served inside a hollowed out sourdough loaf. We were also served delicious sourdough bread with butter. I also ordered a sourdough apple pie which was pretty good but the sourdough flavour negatively impacts upon the dessert. The sourness does take some getting used to especially when eating dishes that you normally would eat sourdough free.

Jesters – 6 May 2013

While I didn’t try Jesters pastries, I loved the Footy pie but the Pavarotti wasn’t that great. The Footy pie was delicious with an excellent balance of tender chunks of meat, saltiness from the bacon, that lovely thick gravy, and the strong cheesy flavour hiding under the pastry lid. The Pavarotti had lovely tender pieces of chicken, but the Carbonara sauce wasn’t what I expected and let the pie’s contents down. The William Tell dessert pie promised so much but left you wanting. The flavour combination is there but the lack of sweetness in the custard let this dessert pie down and could have been a star. Still, if the other savoury pies are along the lines of the Footy, this is a great place to grab a pie for lunch.

Pie Face – 18 Apr 2013

I’m not a pie expert but if you’re in the mood for a savoury pie, I think a stop at Pie Face is worthwhile. The flaky puff pastry is delicious as too the filling but just need to watch the intenseness. As for the other pastry items, I can’t say I was impressed. Pie Face is a bakery and not a patisserie serving fine French made pastries. Having said that, apart from the danish which was on par with Miss Maud’s, the other items were ok. The chocolate mini pie was poor though. If you want sweet pastries, stick with Miss Maud’s – you know they’re tasty.

Lawleys - Display Cabinet

Lawley’s Bakery Cafe – Mt Lawley – 19 Dec 2012

Lawley’s is a bakery and not a patisserie. Despite that, they still offer up delicious pastries. I wouldn’t rate the pastry itself as good as Choux Cafe or Scents of Taste but the fillings and flavours of each pastry work well. I really loved the chocolate tart which is easily the best I’ve eaten. You expect a strong dark chocolate flavour but it has a milk chocolate flavour instead and it melts in your mouth like chocolate heaven! The raspberry tart and the eclairs were also very enjoyable. I also like the pumpkin and spinach quiche which had a perfect balance of flavours. From all the patisserie like establishments I’ve visited, Lawleys are also the cheapest with a bill under $29 whereas I’d normally pay ~$35.