Grill'd @ Shafto Lane - 11 April 2014


I entered the Grill’d Shafto Lane store with high expectations of that small bite I had of the Baa Baa Lamb burger. When it was served and I took my first bite I knew those expectations were met. A burger packed full of flavour and freshness, the sweet tomato relish sticks out immediately, but then the strong flavour of the cheese takes over with the soft avocado sticking to the cheese providing a creamy richness. The salad and herbed mayo add different flavours while the delicious wholemeal bun holding everything together is delicious. But the star of the burger is the lamb. A perfectly cooked and flavoursome patty, it just oozes flavour and I’d have to say lamb is far tastier than the beef variety. The burger hit the mark in all departments and I thoroughly enjoyed it. . . . → Read More: Grill’d @ Shafto Lane – 11 April 2014

The Burger Bistro Pop Up - 22 Feb 2014

Burger Bistro Pop Up - USA Burger

The site at Beaufort Street for the Burger Bistro’s latest creation is unique, casual, relaxed but still comfortable and cool in the summer heat of the day. I was a guest of the Burger Bistro Pop Up restaurant which has a new concept focusing on prime ingredients with a completely different menu to their other locations, carrying a strong American theme. I ordered the USA Burger and it effectively represented the USA experience with the tart pickles, ketchup, strong flavour of thickly sliced cheese and that unique mustard taste transporting me back to my travels in the US. The slightly sweet brioche bun ties it all together and one can’t go paste the star of the burger, the delicious, moist, juicy beef patty. Along with shoestring fries and the fresh ingredients of the coleslaw shining through in a just coated dressing which isn’t sweet, I was pretty full. However, there’s always room for dessert and the pastry chef’s family recipe of tiramisu was delicious. Soft, light, tasty with the touch of bitterness from the sprinkled high quality chocolate, it was a dessert that once you have one spoonful you can’t stop. . . . → Read More: The Burger Bistro Pop Up – 22 Feb 2014

Grill'd @ East Victoria Park - 3 Dec 2013

Grill'd - Hot Hombre Burger & Chips

I was a little apprehensive about accepting an offer to visit the new Grill’d store at East Victoria Park, with complimentary burger and drinks provided, after my first visit to Grill’d produced a rather underwhelming burger. However, this was not the case this time around and the three burgers I sampled were delicious. Grill’d serve decent sized burgers that pack a punch in terms of flavour and that also extends to their herbed chips. The burgers are cooked perfectly, nice and moist, tender, well filled and not at all messy. The summer sunset was delicious but a little sweet due to the presence of the pineapple. The hot hombre certainly lived up to it’s name providing plenty of chill kick. But the burger that did it for me was the Baa Baa Lamb burger. Wow, that was fantastic! I had an excellent experience as did my friends. What was really great is giving Grill’d a second go certainly changed my mind as to what they’re all about and I certainly would come back to try their other burgers, especially that Baa Baa Lamb burger – not just a taste, the whole experience. I can see why Grill’d is popular as many of my work colleagues head down to the Shafto Lane store. I think I’ll be heading their soon too. . . . → Read More: Grill’d @ East Victoria Park – 3 Dec 2013

Butty's - 15 Aug 2013

Butty's Double Cheeseburger

Butty’s Crinkle Cut Fries

Butty’s Double Cheeseburger

Cuisine: American, Burgers Location: Check for locations

I’d seen an article recently in The Sunday Times about gourmet food trucks so I went hunting to see what I could find. One which I had visited previously was Butty’s. They served American fare where I . . . → Read More: Butty’s – 15 Aug 2013

Jus Burgers - 1 Mar 2013

Jus Burgers - Pommy Burger

I thoroughly enjoyed the toasted Turkish bun while the beef patty had density and flavour but required just a little more seasoning. All the other ingredients rounded the meal out but the mayo possibly, was a little sour and dominated the burger after awhile. The chips were average at best so it was a little disappointing. Still, a solid meal that was enjoyable. . . . → Read More: Jus Burgers – 1 Mar 2013

Burgermeister - 15 Jan 2013

Burgermeister - Cheeseburger & Chips

This is a burger like no other. It has a very classical feel to it and for some reason, reminds me of McDonalds but tastes nothing like it, so much better in fact. The presence of the pickles, a thinish fast food like pattie, the processed square cheese slices just melting, plus all the other ingredients combined for a great tasting burger. Unfortunately, the intense mustard flavour of the sauce overpowered the flavours and detracted from the overall experience. The beef patty could have had a little more moistness to it. However, those fantastic chips stole the show! Absolutely fantastic. I really enjoyed the offering presented by Burgermeister which can be enjoyed in a comfortable, funky setting. Thumbs up from me. . . . → Read More: Burgermeister – 15 Jan 2013

A Review Of Perth's Gourmet Burger Bars

Jus Burgers - Pommy Burger

Without design, after starting with a visit at Grill’d, I’ve been informed of several gourmet burger bars in Perth that I should try and have gone about visiting many of them. Below, I’ve prepared a comparison table ranking the best burger eateries I’ve recently visited over the past few months along with a . . . → Read More: A Review Of Perth’s Gourmet Burger Bars

Bilby's Chargrilled Burgers - 21 Dec 2012

Bilbys Chargrilled Burgers - Metro Burger and Chips

Bilby’s offers a solid burger offering with a delicious bun filled with seeds and a tasty beef patty with “gourmet” ingredients like feta and sundried tomato pesto. The feta provides a salty kick but is kept in moderation while the pesto provides a moistness in the burger. It’s amply filled with salad and other ingredients and will leave you full and satisfied. The chips are quite standard and I did eat them at the end so they had gone a little soggy but they were nice. I did get some crisp ones but I thought they could have been crisper overall and needed a little more salt. With quite a range to choose from, Bilby’s offers tasty burgers at excellent prices. . . . → Read More: Bilby’s Chargrilled Burgers – 21 Dec 2012

The Angry Moose - 4 Dec 2012

The Angry Moose Burger

I enjoyed The Angry Moose Burger in it’s entirety but felt let down by what could have been. If they had only cooked the beef patty longer instead of the very pink inside patty, it would have carried so much more flavour along with a little more seasoning. The beef from the local butcher is tasty and so too the local bakery’s ciabatta rolls. Good chips and all at quite a reasonable price. A solid offering but a not in the league of V Burger Bar, Jus Burgers, The Burger Bistro, or Flipside Burger Bar. . . . → Read More: The Angry Moose – 4 Dec 2012

V Burger Bar - East Victoria Park - 28 Nov 2012

V Burger Bar - Chicken Deluxe

Oh I enjoyed all the burgers and am still split as to which one was the best. I liked the chips and onions rings but could be packed with more of their main ingredient – potato and onion. They also could be a little less oily. In terms of the burgers, there are a few key points to take away from the delicious burgers at V Burger Bar: They look quite ordinary but are anything but. The serving looks decent but the ingredients pack a punch. Despite having 3 single quarters from 3 burgers (plus chips and onion rings), they make for a very filling meal. The ingredients don’t look anything out of the ordinary you would find in a burger yet are somehow different to all the burgers I’ve eaten before. The ingredients just work together and are carefully selected to ensure the flavours complement each other. The burgers are just delicious. And how about those delicious buns? Fantastic. No one area dominates, there’s an even spread in deliciousness. A new contender for number one spot which I think they’ve taken out. Now which one of the 3 burgers would occupy top spot? . . . → Read More: V Burger Bar – East Victoria Park – 28 Nov 2012