Churros Plus - 27 Aug 2013

Churros Plus - Display Cabinet

Churros Plus – Display Cabinet

Cuisine: Dessert Location: Perth CBD, cnr Murray & Barrack St

After my lunch at Cafe Karache I still felt a bit peckish and walked past Churros Plus. I decided to give them another go despite my first experiencing yielding chewy churros with little chocolate sauce. This time, . . . → Read More: Churros Plus – 27 Aug 2013

Churros Plus - 22 Aug 2013

Churros Plus - Drizzled Churros

It’s great trying new things and I was excited to see a churros offering in the heart of the Perth CBD. Unfortunately they don’t deliver on taste as the churros was chewy and lacked sufficient chocolate sauce. In comparison to Chocolateria San Churro like the one I’ve eaten at in Northbridge, Chocolateria San Churro wins hands down, there is no comparison. Hopefully Churros Plus can lift their game because if it’s as good as what it should be, people will be flocking there given the foot traffic. . . . → Read More: Churros Plus – 22 Aug 2013

Italy, Rome - Desserts

Walking around Rome there’s heaps of places selling gelato. I went to two different vendors which were very different from each other.

Gelateria Valentino

Website: TripAdvisor: Gelateria Valentino on TripAdvisor

This place is not far from the Trevi Fountain and has an array of flavours. If you’ve never eaten gelato, this is . . . → Read More: Italy, Rome – Desserts

Ben & Jerry's - 6 June 2013

Ben & Jerry's - New York Super Choc Fudge

Ben & Jerry’s – New York Super Choc Fudge

Ben & Jerry’s Queue For Free Ice Cream Scoop – 6 June 2013

Cuisine: Dessert, Ice Cream Location: Perth CBD – Perth Cultural Centre

Someone at work had mentioned there was going to be a free scoop of Ben & Jerry’s ice . . . → Read More: Ben & Jerry’s – 6 June 2013

Icey Ice - 2 Mar 2013

Icey Ice - Choco Waffles

Icey Ice – Choco Waffles

Cuisine: Dessert Location: Northbridge (& other locations)

I was catching up with friends for dinner and stopped by Tak Chee around 7pm. I thought a booking was made but in the absence of one, we were fortunate to get a table after a short wait. I ordered . . . → Read More: Icey Ice – 2 Mar 2013

Superstar Waffles - 30 Oct 2012

Superstar Waffles - Chocolate

Second time round and still as wonderful as the first. A fantastic waffle with ample chocolate sauce and whipped cream was my choice today. I thoroughly enjoyed it and loved the balance of chocolate sauce to the dish. Not too rich or chocolatey, just right. I love this place and will be back to try the other varieties, slowly but surely. Cash only. . . . → Read More: Superstar Waffles – 30 Oct 2012

Theobroma Chocolate Lounge - 21 Sep 2012

Cuisine: Chocolatier, Dessert Location: Karawara, Waterford Plaza opposite Curtin University

Theobroma Chocolate Lounge is a place I’d heard about and been meaning to visit. Well, I had my chance today. After enjoying a nice lunch at Bintang Cafe Indonesian Cuisine, I headed off to Karawara which is not far from Victoria Park. It’s . . . → Read More: Theobroma Chocolate Lounge – 21 Sep 2012

Superstar Waffles - 28 Aug 2012

I really enjoyed the waffles served here and can’t wait to come back for multiple visits. My co-workers have the same idea but a weekly event may be a bit much, particularly, for the waist line. But we’ve certainly stumbled upon a great place to eat some delicious waffles in pleasant surrounds and indulge in something absolutely delicious. They are filling and will leave you full and satisfied. Remember to bring cash. . . . → Read More: Superstar Waffles – 28 Aug 2012

Chocolateria San Churro Northbridge - 15 Feb 2012

Picture of churros - Spanish donuts dusted with icing and served with rich, thick, chocolate sauce

Lovely Spanish doughnuts, although, tasted a bit different to what I remember them. Nonetheless, they went down nicely with all the delicious chocolate sauce. A bit pricey at $7.95 though, is the perfect serving size. A chocolate lover’s dream! Just watch out that you don’t spill any chocolate sauce over yourself. . . . → Read More: Chocolateria San Churro Northbridge – 15 Feb 2012

Koko Black

Koko Black's Queen of Hearts

I’m glad to have finally made a visit and sample what Koko Black has to offer but the high tea didn’t exactly wow me. For all the hype of this place, I don’t think it lived up to it but the standard is solid. The standouts were the chocolate opera cake, vanilla panacotta, both sets of toasted sandwiches and the hot chocolate. The other items were nice but without being uplifting. Nonetheless, if I were close by and wanted a quick snack of some sorts, a visit here is a must. Having sampled some of the chocolates, these are delicious and one can see they excel in this area and is their specialty. . . . → Read More: Koko Black