Bintang Cafe Indonesian Cuisine - 21 Sep 2012

The appeal of this place is to serve tasty Indonesian style dishes at cheap prices. Having travelled to Bali, several of the dishes on the menu are recognisable and I can understand why it’s popular among the uni students. A more than generous serve of kwai teow goreng with prawn crackers were presented. Great flavours and a tasty meal for just $8.90 is a steal. Cash only. . . . → Read More: Bintang Cafe Indonesian Cuisine – 21 Sep 2012

Bali II - Paon

Bali - Paon - Suckling Pig

You can’t question the generosity of the meals. They’re beyond belief! Unfortunately, the meals weren’t all that flavoursome which is a shame as we were looking forward to enjoying some traditional Indonesian fare. The refreshing mango juice was delicious and I particular enjoyed the chicken breast with this lovely sauce which was like a sweet sticky BBQ sauce. The sate skewers were also excellent. Along with the chicken, the other highlight of the meal was the dessert. Simple and delicious. Apparently spring rolls can be used for desserts. . . . → Read More: Bali II – Paon

Bali II - Hotel Cafe

Bali - Hotel - Ayam Bakar Sambal Matah

Hotel – Sate Campur

Well after our eventful first night with a trip down Poppies Lane II and the drunken, shirtless, barefoot young Aussie men, we decided we’d head back to the hotel and get dinner there. A safer bet in security and quality of food since nothing looked particularly appealing in . . . → Read More: Bali II – Hotel Cafe

Chatters Cafe & Restaurant

You don’t know if you don’t try and there is huge gulf between Chatters and the typical dim sim places in Northbridge. For example, Dragon Palace leaves this place for dead in terms of price, flavour, taste, while the servings and fillings are generous. While the service was friendly we were full but left feeling very disappointed. Not sure what the al a carte is like. . . . → Read More: Chatters Cafe & Restaurant

Bali - Ocean Asian Cuisine Restaurant

Ayam Bakar

OK, this was the only restaurant we got to try given I was confined to the hotel with flu but despite feeling off colour, the restaurant was a great choice to enjoy some Asian fare and sample a few Balinese dishes. We both enjoyed our meals and the drinks plus those wet towels provide relief and refreshment from the stifling humidity. . . . → Read More: Bali – Ocean Asian Cuisine Restaurant

Bali - Desserts & Hotel Cafe

Pisang Goreng

Pisang Goreng

Our last leg of our trip was a stop to Bali. After queuing up to get a visa and then through immigration and eventually getting to our hotel, we were glad to settle in and put our feet up. Of course, there’s always that curiosity when you walk into your . . . → Read More: Bali – Desserts & Hotel Cafe

Satay Spot

All up, I enjoyed the flavour of the satay which while subtle, was tasty. Other satay’s can have a much more confronting flavour in comparison. An all round meal with the rice, cabbage and prawn crackers which is great value. They also have other items on their menu, particularly, drinks such as ice cendol and the such, typical of an Indonesian restaurant but available in a food court. . . . → Read More: Satay Spot


Cash only, for a really good meal in warm friendly surroundings at unbelievable prices, give Sparrows a go. A few dishes are a bit of a miss but there’s others which are really good. . . . → Read More: Sparrows

Holiday Part 11 – Sydney - Jimbaran

Delicious, have never eaten anything like this before. . . . → Read More: Holiday Part 11 – Sydney – Jimbaran