The Painted Bird Bar & Kitchen - 30 Jul 2014

Painted Bird - Nougat Gelato, Brioche Doughnuts, Rhubarb Compote

Cuisine: Italian, French, Modern Australian Location: Perth CBD – Wesley Quarter

I have a more recent food review of The Painted Bird here.

Obviously the Perth dining scene is very competitive and it seems the sudden explosion of restaurants in Perth over the past few years is unsustainable with a slow down . . . → Read More: The Painted Bird Bar & Kitchen – 30 Jul 2014

Dolcetto Patisserie & Cafe - 7 June 2014

Dolcetto Patisserie & Cafe - Selection

I’m a real fan of patisseries and this Italian patisserie serves up a variety of pastry items, including wedding cakes and other made to order cakes, plus the cafe which serves breakfast and lunch. I really loved the cannoli, delicious soft firm and at times crisp pastry surrounding the filling. The Italian custard was delicious but I liked the chocolate custard even better. The tiramisu slice carried lovely flavours of a tiramisu but was a little dry but still tasty. The delicious coffee eclair had a hint of coffee flavour in the custard filling but was a little too sweet for my liking. I didn’t really like the almond biscuit varieties which aren’t to my tastes but the baci biscuit was good. Thank goodness for patisseries and the lovely goods they offer. . . . → Read More: Dolcetto Patisserie & Cafe – 7 June 2014

VIC, Melbourne - Gelato Messina

Cafe Messina - Various Gelato Flavours

With an array of flavours and some interesting combinations, there’s something to suit your taste buds when it comes to a scoop or two of gelato. I chose passionfruit in a cup (cone also available) and it was soft, smooth, full of passionfruit flavour, a real freshness, and the seeds are included for crunch. So delicious, the closest thing to gelato I ate in Rome. . . . → Read More: VIC, Melbourne – Gelato Messina

New Zealand, Christchurch - Base Woodfired Pizza

Base Wood Fired Pizza - The King

In the make shift shopping mall, Re:Start, lies a quality pizza operator providing wood-fired pizzas to the masses. With a range of pizza varieties and two sizes, the light and tasty pizzas provide an excellent option for the family or as a lunch time option for the office crowd. I had The King and enjoyed a crisp thin light base with ample toppings and fresh pineapple. Delicious pizza at an excellent price. . . . → Read More: New Zealand, Christchurch – Base Woodfired Pizza

Casa Del Amici - 29 Oct 2013

Casa Del Amici - Supremo Pizza

One is always going to compare restaurants and if I compared Cafe Nocello to Casa Del Amici, Cafe Nocello wins hands down across all dishes which I’ve eaten at both restaurants. Having said that, Casa Del Amici isn’t horrible by any stretch but I believe if you want Italian food in a relaxed environment, then Cafe Nocello is a more worthy choice. Casa Del Amici presents a warm friendly atmosphere and I liked the fried bocconcini balls and the chilli jam to start off with. The pink snapper fish limoncello was cooked perfectly, soft, tender and moist but I would have loved some more of that delicious butter sauce, and please, please add dressing to a salad because it is very dry and tasteless and gives salad a bad wrap. The tortellini was delicious but a little dry at times but the odd portions of pancetta infused fat added some lovely flavours to the dish. The pizza was a little disappointing to my mind. The base and flavour of the pizza was lacking compared to what a pizza can deliver. The small taste of tiramisu was excellent but the profiteroles were too firm and crunchy instead of being soft and moist. The light custard and gooey warm chocolate sauce only just saved the dish. It’s a lovely venue, obviously very popular, just a few small tweaks and the quality of the food can rise to a level worthy of honouring Italian cuisine in all it’s greatness. They’re not too far off the mark. . . . → Read More: Casa Del Amici – 29 Oct 2013

Cafe Nocello - 22 Sep 2013

Cafe Nocello - Smoked Cod

This is the third time I’ve visited and continue to be impressed by the consistency and quality of the food produced. I really enjoyed the wood fired Capricciosa pizza with ample toppings on a soft base. The meaty smoked cod was delicious with that herbed butter sauce, as to the juicy king prawn, and the mash potato. I really loved the venison filled ravioli. There was plenty of delicious sauce to surround the tender pasta cases which added to the flavour. Couldn’t leave without getting some dessert and the homemade tiramisu is fantastic! I really really loved it and it was so delicious, soft, smooth, with a lovely coffee flavoured soaked sponge. The profiteroles were no slouch either, lovely soft choux pastry encasing a tasty light Italian custard and with some whipped cream and chocolate sauce, so yum. What a way to finish a delicious meal. . . . → Read More: Cafe Nocello – 22 Sep 2013

USA, New York - Via Della Pace

Via Della Pace - Fettuccine Served with Meat Sauce and Pork Ribs

Given my first destination on this long holiday began in Rome, the bar was set really high for Via Della Pace. I chose the fettuccine with meat sauce and pork ribs. The fettuccine was cooked al dente and was smooth. The Bolognese sauce contained a lovely flavour of herbs, the Italian sausage was delicious, and so too the pork ribs which were a little overdone. A simple, filling meal, with good flavours. I rather enjoyed the New York Cheesecake which was my indulgent treat for the day. A lovely atmosphere just like in Rome, excellent friendly service, solid food. This place takes me back to Rome. . . . → Read More: USA, New York – Via Della Pace

USA, Washington DC - Urbana Restaurant and Wine Bar

Urbana - Buckwheat Waffles

A wine bar at night a restaurant serving breakfast and lunch by day. The smart interior is backed by excellent service and array of dishes on the menu to choose from. I opted for buckwheat waffles as something different. I’ve never eaten buckwheat but I didn’t find it all that heavy compared to wholemeal and the waffle was tasty. The compote provided just that hint of sweetness but was more tart in flavour due to the rhubarb. Along with warmed maple syrup drizzled over the top, it’s a great start to the day. . . . → Read More: USA, Washington DC – Urbana Restaurant and Wine Bar

Italy, Rome - da Sabatino a S. Ignazio

Ok so I’ve left it very late to try some pizza but the wait was worth it. Such a light soft base containing few ingredients but packed with flavour, you can see the simplicity in the creation of the dish and yet it still delivers. This is such a far cry from the ingredient heavy topped thick pizza’s we get back in Australia. The freshness and quality of the ingredients are evident in the food here in Rome and that just makes everything taste better, from the delicious pizza I enjoyed to the bruscetta I was served for an antipasti along with the arancini ball. The place was packed and people just kept on coming despite it being late into the night. Looking at the menu, there’s plenty to choose from and with the quality of food served here, I can see why it’s popular and still serves as a meeting place for politicians, locals, actors from the theatre, and tourists. . . . → Read More: Italy, Rome – da Sabatino a S. Ignazio

Italy, Rome - Checchino Dal 1887

I think a restaurant like this is certainly one to be visited. It’s not a tourist trap and carries so much history it’s interesting to come by and sample cuisine that has been perfected over many decades spanning over a century. If you want to stick to the safe meals and avoid any entrails, then fine, go for that but the calf’s head while evoking unusual sensations amongst some, was turned into a very tasty meal. So too the pig cheek pasta which is just like bacon but without the salty intensity. It didn’t taste strange or revolting, but quite like the usual meats one eats, just a little different. And to finish off, wow, that panna cotta was something special. Very different to anything I’ve previously eaten but having access to the local cheeses is evident in this creamy dense and delicious dessert. . . . → Read More: Italy, Rome – Checchino Dal 1887