Jamie's Italian - 16 Apr 2013

Jamie's Italian - Black Angel Spaghetti

I really loved the black angel spaghetti and all those juicy tender scallops. How generous! The flavours in this dish were just amazing and I liked the chilli hit which really grabs you just as you’re swallowing. It’s not so hot that you’ll be howling but it’s typical Jamie Oliver, always adding chilli and just that little bit more to just about every thing he cooks. To top off the meal and excellent service, I really enjoyed the sour cherry bakewell which also demonstrated different flavours all working together in harmony. Apart from being a little dry, such a delicious dessert. All that for $30.25 with a 25c surcharge for using my credit card (0.8%). Fantastic stuff Jamie. He delivers on the hype. . . . → Read More: Jamie’s Italian – 16 Apr 2013

Jamie's Italian - 2 Apr 2013

Jamie's Italian - Chocolate & Vin Santo Pot

Well I probably set my expectations a little too high and was subsequently disappointed. To be fair the wild rabbit tagliolini was delicious and had excellent flavours, but needs the lemon element of the dish tuned down so it doesn’t overpower it. The pasta was delicious and the serving more than decent for a $23 price tag. The dessert was also delicious and probably stole the show from the mains. I really loved the soft smooth texture of the very dark chocolate mousse which was very intense but perfectly balanced by the cream and vanilla ice cream. The biscotti is also a welcome relief, providing a textural element and a different kind of sweetness to offset the slight bitterness of the dark chocolate. The atmosphere was excellent, as too the interior, the service was refreshing, the price fantastic, serving size excellent, and I will definitely be making more visits. If Jamie Oliver can serve such delicious foods at such affordable prices, why does most of Perth charge so much more? Hope he opens up more restaurants in Perth and this starts a revolution in food, service, quality and pricing. Go Jamie! . . . → Read More: Jamie’s Italian – 2 Apr 2013

Cantina 663 - 16 Feb 2013

Cantina 663 - Fried Veal Tongue

I was really happy to go to this place and was pleasantly surprised – on the upside. I don’t think any dish blew me away, but I really liked the solid consistency, the unique flavours, textual combinations, deliciousness. Ok, this place is a winner and with so much delicious food, how can one not be happy? The service was excellent and the night well paced. A very popular restaurant as there wasn’t a spare seat in the house. Plenty of late night bookings too. I’m glad to experience something different, something unique, flavours I haven’t experienced before. Top job Cantina 663. . . . → Read More: Cantina 663 – 16 Feb 2013

Ciao Italia - 31 Jan 2013

Ciao Italia - Squid Ink Pasta

When I last visited some 3 years ago, the food was fantastic. This time around, nothing has changed. I really enjoyed all the dishes I ate, the pizza, tortellini, the rigatoni, the black squid ink pasta, and the delicious desserts. The prices may look a bit expensive but the servings are large. The quality of food is excellent and well worth the money. The venue may be a little cramped but the whole feel, buzz, business, and decor adds to the theatre. The Italian waitstaff are attentive and friendly and provide great service. The food is very quick out of the kitchen and the popularity of the restaurant is evident with a full house in no time. I really enjoyed the food here and would definitely recommend a visit. . . . → Read More: Ciao Italia – 31 Jan 2013

Cafe Nocello - 5 Aug 2012

I really enjoyed the wood fired Capricciosa pizza with a lovely light base, ample toppings and great flavours. The smoked trout ravioli was the highlight for me. While served with a creamy sauce, it wasn’t rich and had the perfect balance of ingredients. Enough smoked trout to give it’s flavour, lots of ricotta to add a creaminess, the spinach to dull things down, and the salty burst of the capers to present a contrast. The fettuccine con gamberi contained plenty of prawns and in well cooked pasta with the sauce, went down well. Despite the lunch being excellent, the bill was more than I expected. This place is a bit on the pricey side and recommend the takeaway option where most of the dishes can be had for a much cheaper price. Can’t fault the deliciousness of their food though. . . . → Read More: Cafe Nocello – 5 Aug 2012

Shafto's Cafe - 31 Jul 2012

I enjoyed the version of paella served up to me in a nice pleasant setting with a focus on polite service. A more than decent serving of paella, lovely soft plump rice grains that were not mushy, delicious cacciatore sausage adding a lovely flavour to complement the pieces of chicken, tender scallop, prawns and the king prawn perched on top of the meal. . . . → Read More: Shafto’s Cafe – 31 Jul 2012

Delisio Pizza Romano - 7 Jun 2012

I’ve eaten the pizza by the slice on several occasions, trying different varieties, and enjoying the flavour combinations. The base is light and tasty and the toppings make the pizza sing. Head down and see what you’re missing. . . . → Read More: Delisio Pizza Romano – 7 Jun 2012

Maurizio Restaurant - 24 May 2012

Second time around, the same high standards that you expect from a fine dining establishment were met. Excellent friendly service, delicious generous servings of Italian cuisine, high quality meals, I was again completely satisfied on all fronts. It was great to try different items and experience a slice of Italian cuisine. To do justice to the food served, you must bring an appetite. . . . → Read More: Maurizio Restaurant – 24 May 2012

Il Padrino Pizzeria & Restaurant - 11 May 2012

All in all, we had a good night out. The pizzas were pretty good but didn’t blow me away. Especially given the owner has won a world’s best pizza maker award. The base was lovely and light and the pizza’s weren’t over packed with too many ingredients. Instead, the ingredients were allowed to shine. I particularly enjoyed the olives marinated in chilli, chilli oil, the Papa Benedictine 16th, and the marinara pizza. The Papa Benedictine 16th was an absolute standout. . . . → Read More: Il Padrino Pizzeria & Restaurant – 11 May 2012

Maurizio Restaurant - 10 Feb 2012

Well for a fine dining establishment serving Italian food, I was completely satisfied on all fronts. Such delicious meals, variety, combinations of ingredients, flavours, superb service, generosity, and value for money. I really enjoyed my experience but would prefer to leave on a slightly less full stomach but I didn’t want to offend the owner! Bring an appetite. . . . → Read More: Maurizio Restaurant – 10 Feb 2012