Italy, Rome - Checchino Dal 1887

I think a restaurant like this is certainly one to be visited. It’s not a tourist trap and carries so much history it’s interesting to come by and sample cuisine that has been perfected over many decades spanning over a century. If you want to stick to the safe meals and avoid any entrails, then fine, go for that but the calf’s head while evoking unusual sensations amongst some, was turned into a very tasty meal. So too the pig cheek pasta which is just like bacon but without the salty intensity. It didn’t taste strange or revolting, but quite like the usual meats one eats, just a little different. And to finish off, wow, that panna cotta was something special. Very different to anything I’ve previously eaten but having access to the local cheeses is evident in this creamy dense and delicious dessert. . . . → Read More: Italy, Rome – Checchino Dal 1887

Italy, Rome - La Fontana di Venere

Gnocchi della Cass pesto

Cuisine: Italian Location: Italy, Rome – near Trevi Fountain

La Fontana di Venere is another restaurant that is close by my hotel and the Trevi Fountain, which received positive reviews on TripAdvisor. I think this is a restaurant for the locals because it’s not so easy to find . . . → Read More: Italy, Rome – La Fontana di Venere

Italy, Rome - Da Armando al Pantheon

Cuisine: Italian Location: Italy, Rome – close to Pantheon

For my first night in Rome I chose a restaurant reasonably close by that serves the local Roman cuisine – Da Armando al Pantheon. It’s to the right of the Pantheon so if you’re having trouble finding this place, just stand in front of . . . → Read More: Italy, Rome – Da Armando al Pantheon

Italy, Rome - Luzzi

Maybe popular with the tourists, but sitting outside under the shade and people watching, the locals also love it. I was supposed to come here for pizza but got the beef tail Roman style, so what better meal to try as your first in Rome than something of the local cuisine. I was not disappointed. Cooking is about using the local produce that’s available and this simple dish delivers on flavour. Italian bread mopping up the tasty gelatinous tomato sauce along with tender flavoursome beef that’s falling off the bone, delicious. . . . → Read More: Italy, Rome – Luzzi

Maurizio Restaurant - 28 May 2013

Seafood Spaghetti (Sea) and Ricotta Tubular Spaghetti (Mountain)

Today, was a first time visit to dinner after 3 previous lunch visits. I was really glad to have experienced a degustation at Maurizio Restaurant. I thought it was well worth the money, 5 delicious courses with excellent flavours. It was a delight to experience a range of Italian cuisine with differing flavours. I really enjoyed the medley of 4 different components to kick the night off on our first course. The second course “from the mountain and the sea” was an excellent follow up. While the salty seawater from the seafood made the tomato sauce a little intense, it contained such great flavours and felt like the sea. The “mountain” component stole the show for me. I loved the ricotta, broccoli, and mushroom in a thicker tubular spaghetti, finished off with a slightly harsher flavour provided by the Parmesan. The sea bass was moist, juicy and succulent as our third course, and for fourth, it’s hard to go past the delicious roasted baby goat which is also a favourite and probably the signature dish at Maurizio Restaurant. The scallopini also contained great Italian flavours, and then the fifth course of that silky smooth creamy panna cotta was fantastic. The surprise dessert or sixth course of waffle crepe, Mascarpone, gelato and zabaione was something special to finish the night. I really enjoyed the array of delicious food presented throughout the night, the fantastic & professional service, and appreciate the generosity showed by Maurizio & Marco to us. Maurizio’s stories were also entertaining so a great night out all round. . . . → Read More: Maurizio Restaurant – 28 May 2013

Stuzzico - 16 May 2013

I really enjoyed the pizza’s in the dine out area by the street. There isn’t a dine in area but they offer free wifi and a PC. The pizza base is thin, light and crispy while the simple combination of ingredients work a treat in the different variety of pizza’s on offer. I really enjoyed eating the freshly prepared out of the oven slice of ham pizza. The room temperature rocket and proscuitto pizza was also delicious and presented a very different contrast. Most slices are $5 each and they also offer coffee, panini’s and a few pasta dishes. If you’re after a quick lunch time meal that is a bargain, then head to Stuzzico. . . . → Read More: Stuzzico – 16 May 2013

Media Launch: Italian Cooking Master Class by Accento and ICCI - 6 May 2013

Italian Cooking Master Class - Gnocchi with Gorgonzola Sauce

Giuseppe Pagliaricci of Perugino Restaurant

Marco Mari, ICCI Representative, opening the media launch and Maurizio Di Ciano of Maurizio Restaurant

Cuisine: Italian Location: Claremont, Accento Showroom

I was privileged to receive an invitation to the media launch of the Italian Cooking Master Class by Accento and ICCI on Monday 6th May . . . → Read More: Media Launch: Italian Cooking Master Class by Accento and ICCI – 6 May 2013

Jamie's Italian - 16 Apr 2013

Jamie's Italian - Black Angel Spaghetti

I really loved the black angel spaghetti and all those juicy tender scallops. How generous! The flavours in this dish were just amazing and I liked the chilli hit which really grabs you just as you’re swallowing. It’s not so hot that you’ll be howling but it’s typical Jamie Oliver, always adding chilli and just that little bit more to just about every thing he cooks. To top off the meal and excellent service, I really enjoyed the sour cherry bakewell which also demonstrated different flavours all working together in harmony. Apart from being a little dry, such a delicious dessert. All that for $30.25 with a 25c surcharge for using my credit card (0.8%). Fantastic stuff Jamie. He delivers on the hype. . . . → Read More: Jamie’s Italian – 16 Apr 2013

Jamie's Italian - 2 Apr 2013

Jamie's Italian - Chocolate & Vin Santo Pot

Well I probably set my expectations a little too high and was subsequently disappointed. To be fair the wild rabbit tagliolini was delicious and had excellent flavours, but needs the lemon element of the dish tuned down so it doesn’t overpower it. The pasta was delicious and the serving more than decent for a $23 price tag. The dessert was also delicious and probably stole the show from the mains. I really loved the soft smooth texture of the very dark chocolate mousse which was very intense but perfectly balanced by the cream and vanilla ice cream. The biscotti is also a welcome relief, providing a textural element and a different kind of sweetness to offset the slight bitterness of the dark chocolate. The atmosphere was excellent, as too the interior, the service was refreshing, the price fantastic, serving size excellent, and I will definitely be making more visits. If Jamie Oliver can serve such delicious foods at such affordable prices, why does most of Perth charge so much more? Hope he opens up more restaurants in Perth and this starts a revolution in food, service, quality and pricing. Go Jamie! . . . → Read More: Jamie’s Italian – 2 Apr 2013

Cantina 663 - 16 Feb 2013

Cantina 663 - Fried Veal Tongue

I was really happy to go to this place and was pleasantly surprised – on the upside. I don’t think any dish blew me away, but I really liked the solid consistency, the unique flavours, textual combinations, deliciousness. Ok, this place is a winner and with so much delicious food, how can one not be happy? The service was excellent and the night well paced. A very popular restaurant as there wasn’t a spare seat in the house. Plenty of late night bookings too. I’m glad to experience something different, something unique, flavours I haven’t experienced before. Top job Cantina 663. . . . → Read More: Cantina 663 – 16 Feb 2013