Took Bae Kee II - 26 Oct 2012

Took Bae Kee - Sides

For just $13, the sizzling hot & spicy pork really lived up to it’s name – brought out on a sizzling hot plate, and definitely spicy considering I had the “mild” version. I shudder to think what the normal version is! Tender juicy slices of pork, flavour, spiciness, and a lovely accompaniment of sides to provide relief (thank goodness for those salads), provide more spice (those chilli specs in the kimchi), and some sweetness via the red beans. Along with the drink, it refreshed me and left me full and satisfied. Quite an interesting meal. Credit cards are welcome. . . . → Read More: Took Bae Kee II – 26 Oct 2012

Arirang - 5 Jan 2012

An enjoyable meal, a mini banquet. Lots of variety and I can see why the honey chicken soy is a favourite on the menu. You won’t leave feeling hungry and there is enough variety to keep your taste-buds interested. I was a bit concerned at how long our meals took to reach us. All in all a nice modern clean setting to have some simple Korean food that is quite tasty and won’t hurt the back pocket. . . . → Read More: Arirang – 5 Jan 2012

Arirang - 3 March 2012

To be honest I was more engrossed explaining my holiday travels and listening to what’s been happening than focussing on the food. I apologise, this will never happen again. Food is the #1 priority. Nonetheless, the meal was simple, tasty, and came with a nice variety of different things. I really enjoyed the miso soup in particular. . . . → Read More: Arirang – 3 March 2012