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Poppo Korean and Japanese - 6 Aug 2015

Poppo Korean & Japanese - Beef Bulgogi

It’s a little unusual to have a restaurant serving two completely different cuisines in Korean and Japanese but it gives the diner more choice. I went with the Korean seafood pancake which was light, crispy and delicious with the slightly salty sauce. I really enjoyed it and it was quite a generous serving. I was pleased to see that the seafood, in particularly, the squid, was very tender. For mains I chose the beef bulgogi which was excellent. The steamed rice helps to mop up some of the marinade and meat juices but the soft tender flavoursome beef is an excellent lunchtime meal for the cold of winter. It does become very meaty and rich due to the onions, but the miso soup, spicy kimchi, and refreshing pickled vegetables help to create balance and take the edge off. The crispy and slightly sugar coated seaweed was an interesting element too. . . . → Read More: Poppo Korean and Japanese – 6 Aug 2015

Bulgogi BBQ Restaurant - 14 Feb 2015

Bulgogi BBQ Restaurant - Seafood Pancake

An unassuming restaurant on Hay Street in East Perth, the restaurant filled up fast and several opted to utilise the gas stoves at their table to barbecue the raw ingredients on the menu. I chose the cooked dishes and started with a tasty crispy seafood pancake with condiments of spicy kimchi, bean sprouts, bean curd, and a sour sauce which help to counteract the richness of the pancake. I then had a hot plate of steaming finely sliced beef bulgogi. Tender and very tasty, the bulgogi carries a lovely flavour of the marinade which I enjoyed with steamed rice. . . . → Read More: Bulgogi BBQ Restaurant – 14 Feb 2015

Eat Drink Perth – Twilight Hawkers Markets – 30 Jan 2015

Twilight Hawkers Markets - Bulgogi

What: Twilight Hawkers Markets – Perth’s original & biggest Street Food Market When: every Friday 4:30-9pm, 17 October 2014 till 24 April 2015 (closed on 14 Nov & 19th Dec) Where: Forrest Place in Perth adjacent to Wellington St and the Murray St Mall More Info:

I’ve been working long hours . . . → Read More: Eat Drink Perth – Twilight Hawkers Markets – 30 Jan 2015

The Gaya Applecross - 28 Jun 2014

The Gaya Applecross - Japchae

Currently The Gaya Appelcross is the talk of the town on Urbanspoon and after visiting here, you can see why. The contemporary Korean fusion based cuisine offers Perth diners something they’ve never previously experienced. Korean food has it’s own take and is distinct from other Asian cuisines. From the dishes I sampled tonight, kimchi and pancakes feature in some form, but they are carefully combined with delicious sauces, finely sliced Asian stir fried vegetables, Korean salads, and chilli to provide that spice kick but not burn your mouth. I particularly liked the kimchi cheese jijimi and the 36 Pork. You can order al a carte or choose from the set menu, either option offers very well priced dishes. We had spent about $45 per head for a 3 course meal which is excellent value for the quality and taste of the dishes delivered. These dishes can be enjoyed in smart modern surrounds taking on a Korean character with service that is really nice and friendly. When the dishes were being served for mains we mentioned we would like to share and the waitress kindly brought out additional bowls and spoons for the seafood stew without asking. This is a nice touch, shows thoughtfulness and being proactive. So if you’re intrigued enough to come out and try Gaya, I strongly suggest you make a booking beforehand or be disappointed as the booked out tables fill up fast. . . . → Read More: The Gaya Applecross – 28 Jun 2014

Took Bae Kee II - 26 Oct 2012

Took Bae Kee - Sides

For just $13, the sizzling hot & spicy pork really lived up to it’s name – brought out on a sizzling hot plate, and definitely spicy considering I had the “mild” version. I shudder to think what the normal version is! Tender juicy slices of pork, flavour, spiciness, and a lovely accompaniment of sides to provide relief (thank goodness for those salads), provide more spice (those chilli specs in the kimchi), and some sweetness via the red beans. Along with the drink, it refreshed me and left me full and satisfied. Quite an interesting meal. Credit cards are welcome. . . . → Read More: Took Bae Kee II – 26 Oct 2012

Arirang - 5 Jan 2012

An enjoyable meal, a mini banquet. Lots of variety and I can see why the honey chicken soy is a favourite on the menu. You won’t leave feeling hungry and there is enough variety to keep your taste-buds interested. I was a bit concerned at how long our meals took to reach us. All in all a nice modern clean setting to have some simple Korean food that is quite tasty and won’t hurt the back pocket. . . . → Read More: Arirang – 5 Jan 2012

Arirang - 3 March 2012

To be honest I was more engrossed explaining my holiday travels and listening to what’s been happening than focussing on the food. I apologise, this will never happen again. Food is the #1 priority. Nonetheless, the meal was simple, tasty, and came with a nice variety of different things. I really enjoyed the miso soup in particular. . . . → Read More: Arirang – 3 March 2012