Noodle Forum - 30 Dec 2014

Noodle Forum - Beef Brisket Noodle

I rather enjoyed the crispy wanton dumplings which had enough crunch after my 5 minute walk back to the office and contained a delicious pork filling which combined nicely with the spicy mayo. The tender and subtly flavoured beef brisket was also delicious, with a good quantity provided, and was enjoyed thoroughly with the egg noodles. The noodles were coated in sufficient sauce to keep them moist and made for a satisfying meal with the wanton, choy sum, soft pieces of ginger, and spring onions. A lovely lunchtime meal. . . . → Read More: Noodle Forum – 30 Dec 2014

Noodle Forum - 5 Nov 2014

Noodle Forum - Crispy Chicken Fillet Noodle with Satay Sauce

Noodle Forum specialise in making noodles by hand on a daily basis and then incorporating the noodles into a variety of dishes which you can enjoy in comfortable surrounds or takeaway if you wish. I ordered the crispy chicken fillet noodle with satay sauce which was crispy for sure, but tender chicken on the inside. The thinnish noodles were delicious and enjoyed with the excellent satay sauce, crispy crackers, spring onions, cucumber and fried shallots. A delicious meal which is evident by the business of the restaurant. It obviously has a loyal band of followers. . . . → Read More: Noodle Forum – 5 Nov 2014

Papparich Northbridge - 18 Sep 2014

Papparich - Roti Canai Curry Chicken

Papparich offers patrons a lovely modern comfortable interior to enjoy a variety of Malaysian dishes from their extensive menu. Just write down the dishes on the notepad, press the buzzer, and your order will be whipped away to the kitchen by the friendly staff. We sampled a variety of dishes during our lunch. We started with the satay chicken which was super tender and moist and enjoyed with a lovely satay sauce. Next up, the delicious roti dipped in with the flavoursome dhal, spicy chilli mix, and of course the chicken curry made for a treat. There was plenty of tender pieces of chicken to enjoy which were very tasty. I really liked the soft rice noodles of the char koay teow with the plump and juicy prawns. The prawn mee was an interesting dish resembling what looks like laksa but is not. The mix between prawn infused broth and curry presents a unique set of delicious flavours to be enjoyed with perfectly cooked thick Hokkien noodles, chicken slices, and prawns. This was a very tasty dish. You can’t go past the array of milk drinks home to Malaysia so I enjoyed iced teh tarik with my meal. After all that, I couldn’t squeeze in dessert but had a taste of my colleagues who ordered a very warm, soft, smooth, soothing dessert. The fermented soy bean is like soft coconut flesh immersed in a slightly sweet syrup. It’s such an unassuming dish that just ends the meal perfectly. I really enjoyed my visit to Papparich and would be happy to return. While a guest of the restaurant which I appreciate, I think the only criticism I would reserve would be in terms of pricing – it’s a little pricey for an Asian restaurant (~$35 per head) and there’s also an inconsistency between dishes. An example is the roti with chicken curry costs the same as 6 satay skewers. The roti delivers more bang for your buck, and at $13 dollars, is rather pricey for satay chicken skewers. . . . → Read More: Papparich Northbridge – 18 Sep 2014

NSW, Sydney - Mamak

Mamak - Roti Canai

A visit to Mamak and eating this authentic Malaysian food reminds me of my travels in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. The dishes are simple and the menu slightly limited. But it’s better to offer a limited selection and do them extremely well than to offer lots and have a few star dishes. The curry and soft puffed roti and really delicious. It’s a simple meal that people are flocking here for. The curry has a lovely flavour and tearing the roti into pieces to sop up the curry is yum. I liked the Satay sticks with a slight grilled flavour and a different kind of sweet peanut sauce. To finish, the ais kacang which was one of the first desserts I had in Malaysia was delicious. It’s a cheap dinner with variety and EFTPOS facilities are available too. . . . → Read More: NSW, Sydney – Mamak

Cafe Karache - 27 Aug 2013

Cafe Karache -Lamb Biriyani & Curry Puff

Cafe Karache is a simple restaurant with a modest setting but obviously has a following judging by the patrons stopping by. There’s a range of curries to choose from and the menu ranges from Indian / Pakistani to Asian / Malay. enjoyed my lamb biriyani and the curry puff was pretty good. It’s not the most authentic biriyani I’ve had but it’s a very good verison. The meals are cheap, the servings decent, and the food enjoyable. If you’re after a cheap meal that still delivers on taste you can’t go too wrong with a visit here. Cash only. . . . → Read More: Cafe Karache – 27 Aug 2013

D’Nyonya Penang Restaurant - 19 April 2012

Coming here and perusing the menu took me back to my time in Kuala Lumpa, Malaysia. I thoroughly enjoyed my plate of Char Koay Teow which had delicious soft silky smooth rice noodles with ample seafood and excellent flavour. The iced red tea washed it down. Cash only. . . . → Read More: D’Nyonya Penang Restaurant – 19 April 2012

Malaysia – Kuala Lumpur – Night Markets

KL Night Markets

All in all it was pretty good but could have been better. The food was a bit poor relative to the other food we’d eaten so far. There are a large number of stalls so some must be better than the others. A taxi driver later told us one of the middle stalls called Dragon something was really good. I’m sure if you came here often enough you could identify the stalls to go to, otherwise, it’s a lucky dip for the first time tourist. A pretty cool experience none the less. . . . → Read More: Malaysia – Kuala Lumpur – Night Markets

Malaysia - Kuala Lumpur - Hotel Breakfast

KL Traders Hotel Breakfast

The hotel breakfast has a large selection and options to choose from and are excellent value and very generous. My cousin absolutely loved his breakfast and I enjoyed mine too. Well I can say I’ve had a Chinese breakfast trying some new and interesting things. . . . → Read More: Malaysia – Kuala Lumpur – Hotel Breakfast

Malaysia – Kuala Lumpur – Little Penang Cafe

Being foreigners, I’m a little reticent as to how to rate the food we ate. It was a bit of a mixed bag with dishes we were not familiar with and so found the tastes to be a bit unusual. The food was good and it was nice to try foods we haven’t had before. Maybe a different selection of meals from the menu would have yielded a better experience. The place did have a good menu, with photos of many of the dishes at the front of the cafe to entice you to come in. I think this place is certainly worth visiting. . . . → Read More: Malaysia – Kuala Lumpur – Little Penang Cafe

Malaysia - Kuala Lumpur - Island Bistro

KL Island Bistro Red Bean Ice Chendol

The service was warm and friendly and we were glad to be indoors in air-conditioning. As patrons, we’re referred to as “boss” by the maitre d which I found quite amusing. Great value with good quality tasty food. As we went around travelling and tried other meals, there weren’t too many which bettered what was served here. . . . → Read More: Malaysia – Kuala Lumpur – Island Bistro