Cantina 663 - 16 Feb 2013

Cantina 663 - Fried Veal Tongue

I was really happy to go to this place and was pleasantly surprised – on the upside. I don’t think any dish blew me away, but I really liked the solid consistency, the unique flavours, textual combinations, deliciousness. Ok, this place is a winner and with so much delicious food, how can one not be happy? The service was excellent and the night well paced. A very popular restaurant as there wasn’t a spare seat in the house. Plenty of late night bookings too. I’m glad to experience something different, something unique, flavours I haven’t experienced before. Top job Cantina 663. . . . → Read More: Cantina 663 – 16 Feb 2013

Deevine Cafe

While I can’t fault the generosity of the serving of paella with plenty of chicken and a lesser assortment of seafood, the dish was let down by the lack of intensity of flavour that is typical of a paella. If they up the flavour stakes, the dish will be delicious, albeit, a bit different from a typical paella which is dominated by seafood. . . . → Read More: Deevine Cafe

Part 2: First Trip To Melbourne - Acland Street, St Kilda

Best meal I’ve ever had, another place with an interesting ambience so unlike what we have at Perth. Maybe I haven’t yet found such a place in Perth though. . . . → Read More: Part 2: First Trip To Melbourne – Acland Street, St Kilda