Bay 33 Café - 5 Sep 2015

Bay 33 Cafe - Dukkah Crusted Salmon

Bay 33 Cafe is a lovely pleasant cafe overlooking the beautiful blue waters of the Indian Ocean. There’s ample parking on the street and indoor and outdoor seating which won’t obstruct your view. The menu offers a range of dishes without an expensive price tag given the view. It’s a casual cafe which appeals to those who just want to drop in for a coffee or grab a meal. Takeaway coffee orders is accommodated and there’s a range of sweet treats available to all. I really enjoyed the fusion of the Middle Eastern Dukkah spice mix encrusting perfectly cooked moist salmon. Paired with a Mexican like avocado salsa which was refreshing and Indian pappadums for crunch and slightly creamy cooling yoghurt, all three cultures combine to produce a tasty and refreshing meal. I also had room for dessert and enjoyed the tart boysenberry with apple crumble like filling in a tart. The vanilla ice cream brings it all together and left me satisfied. . . . → Read More: Bay 33 Café – 5 Sep 2015

Grand Bar and Bistro - 2 Sep 2015

Grand Bar & Bistro - Coffee Mousse

Grand in name and grand in looks, the flashy bar and sleek classy interior downstairs in the bar and upstairs in the restaurant area, does not carry the grand price you might expect. Instead there are a range of dishes that are reasonably priced and each of the dishes we had were quite generous in serving and excellent value for money. Along with a relaxing ambience and excellent friendly service to boot, a visit here for any occasion is recommended. To start I ordered the pork belly which was very tender and tasty with a lovely balsamic vinegar glaze. Plump juicy scallops were also enjoyed and pair effectively with the pork belly. I also had a taste of the Panko crumbed tiger prawns and crab croquettes which were delicious. I also sampledthe mains, first trying some delicious cajun coated swordfish with a delicious salad. I particularly liked the strips of buffalo chorizo but felt the cajun intensity could be ramped up a few notches. The sirloin steak was tender and juicy and enjoyed with a not too peppery, pepper sauce. For my mains, I rather enjoyed the rich melt in your mouth beef cheek surrounded by soft ravioli in a Parmesan sauce that lent it’s flavour but was not too cheesy. For dessert I liked the subtle flavour of the light but dense coffee mousse which was offset by the refreshing strawberry and chocolate cones. I also had a taste of the moist but dense dark chocolate fondant, counteracted with the light creme anglais and tasty mars ice cream. Really full but satisfied. . . . → Read More: Grand Bar and Bistro – 2 Sep 2015

The Brisbane Hotel and Stand Up Comedy at Lazy Susan's

The Brisbane Hotel - Confit Duck Leg

I was expecting a visit to the Brisbane Hotel to be the usual pub food but was pleasantly surprised that the menu is a little more upmarket. I took a particular liking to the chicken liver parfait and also enjoyed the arancini balls. The sausage rolls seem a bit out of place on any menu but were tasty but the beef cheek taco’s were a bit on the bland side and didn’t go with the creamy guacamole. For mains, I throughly enjoyed the confit duck leg where a decent portion of juicy, tender, and perfectly seasoned duck is presented. I enjoyed each and every bite which carried moistness and flavour. I also loved the mushroom filling in the tortellini which carried a real earthiness, though, I’m not sure why the tops of the tortellini were crisped. The ensuing comedy show at Lazy Susan’s is fantastic and if you love comedy then I recommend a visit and definitely recommend you get the duck. . . . → Read More: The Brisbane Hotel and Stand Up Comedy at Lazy Susan’s

C Restaurant - 8 Apr 2015

C Restaurant - Potato Gnocchi

Cuisine: Modern Location: Perth CBD – St Martins Tower

As part of the Eat Drink Perth food festival, the program guide contains the Passport, a list of offers to use at various restaurants, such as C Restaurant. I think the last time I went here was when I was a little kid and . . . → Read More: C Restaurant – 8 Apr 2015

The Generous Squire - 19 Mar 2015

The Generous Squire - Lamb Ribs with Chipotle Barbecue Sauce

I did use the Entertainment Book to get a discount but for 3 dishes at a full price of $46, or $23 each, it’s pretty good value considering we got variety and some tasty food. I really liked the vegetable tart which had a lovely well balanced filling between the pumpkin and blue cheese. The slow cooked beef brisket was tender within the sliders though needed a bit of a boost in flavour and the tomato sauce helped moisten things up. The onion rings contained a lovely crunchy crisp light batter and were delicious. The lamb ribs were very tender and tasty and didn’t require the chipotle barbecue sauce. Lovely all round meal. . . . → Read More: The Generous Squire – 19 Mar 2015

Degustation Dinner With Todd Stuart, Petite Morte Chef, Matched To Singlefile Wines

Singlefile Wines - Duck Breast, Duck Neck Sausage, Fig

Cuisine: Cafe, Winery Location: Denmark (Scotsdale)

As part of the IGA Great Southern Taste food festival, one of the events which caught my eye was the Degustation Dinner With Todd Stuart, Petite Morte Chef, Matched To Singlefile Wines. It was another drive to Denmark which is home to several wineries. I was . . . → Read More: Degustation Dinner With Todd Stuart, Petite Morte Chef, Matched To Singlefile Wines

The Earl Of Spencer Historic Inn - 5 Mar 2015

The Earl of Spencer - Taster Platter

This place is open till late, and like a lot of Albany, has a colonial historic feel which adds to the character of the place. I rather fancied the Earl’s Taster Plate which offered variety and an intro to the local produce. It’s a very generous offering of all kinds of goodies which left me stuffed. I liked all elements offered from the pate, dips, cheeses, salad, cold meats and the lovely light toasted Turkish bread. Excellent value. . . . → Read More: The Earl Of Spencer Historic Inn – 5 Mar 2015

Thurlby Herb Farm Cafe - 5 Mar 2015

Thurlby Herb Farm - Lamb Patties

The menu description is a little misleading as the dish is more like a burger. The lamb patties are served on a thin crispy Turkish roll which is soft on the inside and has a firm crispness on the outside. The Turkish roll is delicious and like most of the ingredients, they’re made on the farm. The lamb patties are nice and moist and flavoursome. You can detect the pomegranate flavour in the mixture which is lovely. The patties carry a lovely lamb flavour and pairs will with the beetroot. A lovely fresh salad is also included. With most ingredients from the farm and others locally, you can really taste the freshness. It’s nice and crisp and you will not taste anything like this in Perth. . . . → Read More: Thurlby Herb Farm Cafe – 5 Mar 2015

Sadies Restaurant - 4 Mar 2015

Sadies Restaurant - Cheesecake

While the accommodation at Gloucester Motel may not be 5 star, the restaurant serves up delicious food to an excellent standard. The smart setting and quiet ambiance makes this a perfect restaurant for any occasion, a romantic dinner, quiet dinner with friends, or business meeting. The soft fluffy pillows of gnocchi is delicious and very generous. This is paired with strips of beef steak immersed in a creamy rich mushroom sauce. For dessert, the cheesecake in a citrus sauce with tartness from the strawberry coulis was hard to go past. A delicious, high quality meal, that is superb value. . . . → Read More: Sadies Restaurant – 4 Mar 2015

Swings Taphouse & Kitchen - 3 Mar 2015

Swings Taphouse & Kitchen - Salted Caramel Chocolate Tart

Swings Taphouse & Kitchen are a brewery but they also serve quality food without the hefty price tag in a casual relaxed environment. I thoroughly enjoyed the smoked hock terrine which was full of flavour and was complemented by the slightly sweet rhubarb. The sourdough bread helped take the edge off the strong meaty flavour. For dessert, the salted caramel chocolate tart was excellent. The chocolate wasn’t too rich and allowed the salted caramel to shine through. It was paired with honeycomb and a slightly too sweet but tart raspberry ice cream. Excellent meal. Very happy. . . . → Read More: Swings Taphouse & Kitchen – 3 Mar 2015