The Butterworth Bar & Kitchen - 8 Feb 2014

Butterworth Bar & Kitchen - Oysters

After tasting a variety of what chef, Nick French, has to offer, I was impressed. The meals aren’t too extravagant, yet while the meals are kept relatively simple, they’re clean, are smartly paired with the appropriate elements on the plate, and the dish packs flavour. It’s this deception which hides the cleverness of the creations served in front of you, looking unassuming but waiting to surprise. The entree of chipotle ribs served up plenty of tender ribs covered in a sticky sauce that carried a bite leaving my lips zinging but with a flavour leaving you wanting more. The perfectly cooked lamb rump in that fantastic jus carrying an intense meaty flavour was just superb. There was plenty of jus to be enjoyed and it seeped into the greens adding so much flavour to every bite. The gnocchi presented a nice contrast to the meaty jus, and the cured lamb belly slipped totally under the radar, hidden underneath the rump, gnocchi and greens but tasty too. The dish is quite intense so the duck roasted potatoes were a welcome addition. I loved the crisp outer, encasing the soft fluffy potatoes. A big thumbs up. I really liked the creativity of the dessert, the firm but soft spearmint flavoured parfait providing a lovely refreshing feel to a night of dining. The light airy yoghurt cloud could easily be mistaken for cream, but the slight hint of sourness helps to balance the dish with the mint leaves providing a more noticeable flavour. The slightly sweet and tart strawberries help to balance all the other elements together and it’s such a lovely dessert but so filling. . . . → Read More: The Butterworth Bar & Kitchen – 8 Feb 2014

1907 Restaurant - 31 Jan 2014

1907 Restaurant - Beef Tenderloin

I’m glad to have finally dined at 1907 Restaurant which is just a short stroll from our work. The old English styled interior presents a lovely soft setting to have a quiet meal and enjoy food and impeccable service. I really loved the entree and dessert in particular, but thought more could have been done with the mains. While they kept it simple and executed to perfection, I would have liked to see them push the envelope a bit more with the other elements. That said, the beef was cooked perfectly and the meal was solid without being spectacular, more on the safe side. The creamy and slightly rich and cheesy spinach soup was quite something on the other hand and paired superbly with the sweet juicy flesh of the yabbie. The dessert was delicious with the lovely strawberry flavours shining through in the different strawberry creations on the plate. The mousse cake in particular was superb with a delicious flavour, soft, light and airy texture. Faultless. . . . → Read More: 1907 Restaurant – 31 Jan 2014

The Generous Squire - 22 Jan 2014

The Generous Squire - Chicken Sandwich

The Generous Squire offers up hearty generous pub meals and today’s choice was the chicken sandwich. While sounding unappealing, this was no ordinary sandwich with thick toasted bread encasing delicious rich brie, partnering beautifully with a chunky but tender chicken breast, followed by 3 layers of bacon, and balanced with baby spinach and tomato. An excellent array of ingredients that just work together to deliver a delicious sandwich which is quite outstanding. I really loved it and was very full with eating the chips, though I prefer the shoestring variety I’ve eaten here before. Top job (but please replace the paella on the menu as they are still serving up a spicy seafood risotto in it’s place). . . . → Read More: The Generous Squire – 22 Jan 2014

Tuck Shop Cafe - 18 Dec 2013

Tuck Shop Cafe - Lamb, Rosemary & Vegetable Pie with Mushy Peas

Well after finally visiting the popular Tuck Shop Cafe, I had a pie and chips. Ok, sounds pedestrian, but our table munched on 2 bowls of yummy chips with delicious aioli while we waited 30 minutes for the freshly made pies to cook in the oven. The delay is courtesy of the popularity of the restaurant causing a delay on lunch from the breakfast session. The menu comprises strongly of brunch items pairing egg with some interesting concoctions. The lunch specialty is their pies so I ate a beef, bacon and cheese pie which appeared small at first but proved to be deceptively filling and well packed. At just $12.50, one can enjoy a delicious pie full of flavour, lots of tender beef in a lovely gravy, gooey cheese, salt kick from the bacon, encased in a flaky pastry. A solid offering, I might have to order a brunch item and forgo the egg just to see what their brunch creations are like. I rather did fancy the baked beans with smoked ham hock. . . . → Read More: Tuck Shop Cafe – 18 Dec 2013

Cheeky Sparrow - 15 Nov 2013

Cheeky Sparrow - Breakfast Tart

Ok, this place isn’t a fully fledged restaurant or anything like that. It’s specialty is as a wine bar at night. During the day, however, there are a number of light meals to choose from (provided they haven’t gone) like sandwiches, wraps, tarts, and pizzas. They also make fresh juices and serve a range of coffee. This isn’t a foodie paradise but the breakky tart with chorizo and spinach was delicious. I would have preferred some dressing to go with the pile of plain baby spinach, but the flavour of the tart, bar the poached egg, was delicious. This is a really nice chilled place to come for a quick coffee catch up or a casual cheap lunch with friends. . . . → Read More: Cheeky Sparrow – 15 Nov 2013

Durty Nelly's Irish Pub - 20 May 2013

Durty Nellys - Steak Sandwich

Shafto Lane is always buzzing with activity and the restaurants along this strip have got to meet the mark. Durty Nelly’s Irish Pub is an icon of the lane but has company with The Generous Squire, where I enjoyed a fantastic steak sandwich. While Durty Nelly’s version couldn’t match The Generous Squire version, I still enjoyed the steak sandwich and flavours present, particularly the tomato relish. I was really after something kind of simple and the steak sandwich hit the mark. . . . → Read More: Durty Nelly’s Irish Pub – 20 May 2013

Pi Day - 14 Mar 2013

Pi Day - 2013

As part of some workplace meriment, we decided to celebrate Pi Day, which commemorates the mathematical constant, π . Pi Day is celebrated on 14/3 or in the American date format 3/14 given π = 3.141592653…. There’s also Pi Approximation Day on 22 July (22/7 -> 22 divided 7 produces a value that . . . → Read More: Pi Day – 14 Mar 2013

43 Below - 26 Sep 2012

For $28, I was happy with my choice and enjoyed the variety and the chance to sample “dude food”. The standout item was the mini burgers which were delicious. I enjoyed the chicken wings and char grilled sausage, but the dish could have benefitted with a slight increase in flavour in the chicken wings and skewered lamb. The squid also needed more cooking and slightly more seasoning. Nonetheless, it was a generous serving which satisfied my appetite and got the tick of approval from me on the “dude food” front. Notice no vegetables or salad – all meat. Definitely suited to men. . . . → Read More: 43 Below – 26 Sep 2012

Carnegie's Bar & Restaurant - 30 Aug 2012

I was impressed with the generosity of the serving, and that too, considering the price. Quantity is one aspect, but on the taste front, they excelled too. Tender chicken, a lovely sauce, the ingredients working well together. Along with delicious chips, a salad with a lovely dressing, and a bread roll thrown in for good measure, what a lovely meal! The surrounds are pleasant and one can grab a table in a quiet area to share amongst one selves. I wouldn’t mind coming back to try a few other daily specials. EFTPOS available for meals over $20. . . . → Read More: Carnegie’s Bar & Restaurant – 30 Aug 2012

Belgian Beer Cafe - 9 Aug 2012

There’s plenty to choose from on the menu with a range of price points. I enjoyed my steak sandwich but the bread was a little too toasted for my liking. The portion of gristle along one side of the steak was a little disappointing but the flavours were quite good and so too the chips. Not a bad meal for the price but one can have a tastier meal at other venues. The surrounds are pleasant if you are interested in heading down here. . . . → Read More: Belgian Beer Cafe – 9 Aug 2012