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Maple Crepes Cafe - Nutella Supreme

Maple Crepes Cafe – 11 Oct 2014

I walked in and a look at the menu before settling on the Nutella Supreme $7.80 – Nutella, banana, strawberry, roasted almonds, oreos, peanut butter. After a reasonable wait the crepe was served. It looked really delicious! The crepe is quite a large size and well packed full of ingredients. The crepe itself is a little overdone, slightly crunchy, firm, leathery in some spots, and yet for the most part, it’s reasonably soft. I would have preferred my crepe to be cooked a little less. Having said that, each mouthful was delicious. The crepe’s filling contains lots of thinly sliced banana and strawberry pieces that are lovely and soft and warmed through. There’s a nice mix of nutella, adding just that touch of chocolate and sweetness, a bit more chocolate intensity from the crushed oreos, a bit of crunch from the flaked almonds, and a bit of gooeyness from the peanut butter. It’s a feel good dessert, big on the yum factor, big on comfort food. You leave with a smile and a full stomach.

Pancake Manor - Regular Stack with Cream & Ice Cream

QLD, Brisbane – Pancake Manor

Pancake Manor doesn’t just serve pancakes. The Charlotte Street venue is open 24 hours so they serve all kinds of meals and they’re available anytime. I ordered the regular stack and received 3 much larger than the picture in the menu pancakes that were soft, fluffy and light. They were really tasty and went extremely well with maple syrup, cream which is rich, and ice cream. Delicious.

Pancakes At Carillon - Hot 'n' Troppo

Pancakes At The Carillon – 20 Dec 2012

After returning to one of my favourite restaurants, the venue’s interior may have changed but not the delicious food on offer. They make sweet or savoury pancakes a delight to eat with excellent flavour combinations and balance from the ingredients chosen. The French themed Tabriz was another example of deliciousness with a lovely red wine flavour shining through the tender beef mince and sweetness from the tomato sauce balancing the richness of the dish. The tangy garden salad provides a balance from the protein and I like the dressing which livens up the salad. The Hot ‘n’ Troppo is delightful with lovely fluffy pancakes with a slight salty flavour, vanilla ice cream and chocolate sauce providing more deliciousness, and then the richness and crunch of the walnuts offset by the soft and slightly sweet bananas. Absolutely yum!

JJ Crepes – 5 Oct 2012

I always like trying new things and who doesn’t like crepes? I notice they have a daily special but I opted for the chicken Teriyaki crepe before returning for a sweet crepe – vanilla choco cake. Both were delicious with the ingredients complementing each other. The crepes are more of a meal on the go. They’re in stark contrast to that served at Pancakes At Carillon, which is a personal favourite. However, bother offer a different experience, one a fast food type meal and the other a restaurant experience. I prefer Pancakes At Carillon but would still be happy to return to JJ Crepes for a quick meal, or dessert, on the go.