Mama Tran - 9 Jan 2015

Mama Tran - Rice Noodle, Braised Pork, Minced Beef, Prawn Fritters

The cuisine of foreign countries in Australia isn’t always a true representation which is a shame. After my recent trip to Vietnam, I headed to Mama Tran for some Vietnamese flavours and ordered a range of dishes. The chicken wing was a bit unusual with the sugar, the prawn fritters had a nice spiced batter but were ok. The banh mi was well packed full of tender slices of pork, carrot, cucumber, coriander and a sweet sauce, but lacked the punch I was expecting in flavour and the bread roll is not like the soft light French baguettes. The flat rice noodles in a sweet sauce was a little unusual but the acid of the lemon counteracted this. I liked the minced beef and flavoursome braised pork, but the dish as a whole was rather underwhelming and lacking punch and the freshness that is associated with Vietnamese cuisine. . . . → Read More: Mama Tran – 9 Jan 2015

Good Morning Vietnam

we set offI’ve been working pretty hard so it’s time to enjoy some of that leave I’ve accumulated. So it’s off to Vietnam to explore this interesting country, take in the sights, culture, and of course, plenty of delicious Vietnamese food! I’m joining up with other travellers from around the world on a . . . → Read More: Good Morning Vietnam

Le Vietnam - 19 Aug 2014

Le Vietnam - Bahn Mi and a Profiterole

Situated on Barrack Street lies Le Vietnam, a Vietnamese cafe with a chic interior serving coffee, Vietnamese bahn mi, and French patisserie items like profiteroles. I had the pork bahn mi and thoroughly enjoyed the delicious bread holding the Asian slaw contents of julienned carrots along with refreshing cucumber and greens. The tender pork was flavoursome but I liked the chilli sauce which added a real kick to the meal. I ordered a chocolate profiterole which was superb. A lovely light choux pastry filled with a delicious smooth, light, chocolatey custard that made you savour each morsel. So yum. A delicious cheap eat with dessert included. . . . → Read More: Le Vietnam – 19 Aug 2014

Viet Hoa - Brookfield Place - 9 Jan 2013

Viet Hoa - Large Combo

Food courts can be a bit hit and miss but there can also be some great offerings. There’s Thali Contemporary Indian serving some of the best Indian food in Perth. A few other examples that come to mind are Crust Gourmet Pizza and my recent visit, Viet Hoa. These are both a “mini” version from the full scale restaurant offerings. Crust serves pizza by the slice without having to order a large pizza. Great way to try a some of the varieties on offer. Same too with Viet Hoa. The restaurant in Northbridge has an extensive offering. Here, there are dishes prepared from the menu or you can go with a combo and sample some dishes from the display cabinet. No compromise on quality, tender proteins, great flavour. It’s excellent there are some low cost lunch options which are still tasty. The food court is very clean. Viet Hoa has PayPass so you tap and go and then find a table and sit down to enjoy your lunch. I got a decent serving and was comfortably satisfied. . . . → Read More: Viet Hoa – Brookfield Place – 9 Jan 2013

What The Pho Challenge - 14 Mar 2012

Bowl of Pho - Eat This In 20 minutes

Well in comparison to the chaotic consumption of pho around me in the attempt to complete the What The Pho Challenge and win a $50 voucher, I ordered wok fried noodles with duck and slowly enjoyed my meal. The smoky wok flavour imparted into the noodles adds an excellent dimension and lives up to the name of the dish. A satisfactory serving, good quantity of tender roasted duck along with the other ingredients made for an enjoyable meal. I take it the group enjoyed their pho, otherwise, they wouldn’t of ploughed on for the allotted 20 minutes. . . . → Read More: What The Pho Challenge – 14 Mar 2012

What The Pho

I love duck pancakes and they didn’t disappoint but I have had slightly better versions. The stuffed chicken wings were different and quite tasty as was the five spiced chicken but it lacked a bit of flavour. The ice kechang was very good too but I have had better. Overall, the food was very enjoyable and for the two of us, $50 seemed reasonable for entree, mains and dessert. I guess their speciality is pho so maybe pho enthusiasts could give a better evaluation of the food served. . . . → Read More: What The Pho

To To Vietnamese

All in all a really good night with an enjoyable meal at a bill below $80. My parents really enjoyed the food and vow to visit again. I got a chance to taste more of what’s on offer on my second visit and really enjoyed the food. This place is popular so make a booking and grab some fine Vietnamese fare. There were plenty of Aussies here too, so they must like it. . . . → Read More: To To Vietnamese – 8 Jan 2011

To To Vietnamese - 30 Sep 2010

Nothing fancy but don’t let that fool you as this is a great place to enjoy some Vietnamese fare in a pleasant setting, great service and at excellent value. . . . → Read More: To To Vietnamese – 30 Sep 2010

Holiday Part 6 – Melbourne - Mekong

Don’t let the simplicity fool you, a decent meal at a giveaway price. . . . → Read More: Holiday Part 6 – Melbourne – Mekong