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Hawksmoor Steakhouse - Potted Beef & Bacon, Onion Gravy, Yorkshire Puddings

UK, London – Hawksmoor Steakhouse Air Street

Another visit to Hawksmoor Steakhouse but at Air Street for some more English fare. I experienced the delights of potted meats with an order of potted beef and bacon and another with potted smoked mackerel. The potted beef was delicious and I really enjoyed the onion gravy along with the largely risen Yorkshire puddings. The smoked mackerel was also delicious and partnered well with cucumber, dill and mini toasts. A unique experience trying potted meats, I really like the flavours and textures, all inside an interesting environment.

The Mudlark - Ploughman's Platter

UK, London – The Mudlark @ London Bridge

What better way to sample some of London by making a stop to a pub and grabbing a traditional meal – the ploughman’s platter. The dish comes with lots of variety of things typically English. The pork pie was lovely, a suet made pastry filled with a nice blend of pork and fat to produce this delicious pie. The different cheeses on offer were enjoyed with some charred bread, tangy pickled onions, sweet onion jam, and a salad. It’s quite a meal and really fills you up. I couldn’t eat all that cheese unfortunately but it’s a simple hardy meal that would have offered some real fuel and sustenance for the ploughman to get through the rest of the day. Certainly fuelled me for the rest of my travels through London.

Hawksmoor Steakhouse - 4 Pancakes, Bacon, Whiskey Flavoured Maple Syrup

UK, London – Hawksmoor Steakhouse Guildhall

Part of travelling is taking in new experiences and the Hawksmoor Steakhouse at Guildhall is one such experience. Located underground in the financial district, you’re taken into a world from a bygone era, a huge open venue, steeped in history, a place where deals have been made and corporate battlegrounds fought. The service is friendly and efficient and there’s lots to choose from on the menu. The fluffy pancakes were as described, soft, light, airy and oh so tasty with plenty of warmed whiskey flavoured maple syrup which isn’t too sweet. The bacon was lovely but far too salty unfortunately, however, with some tart grapefruit juice, this helped to cut through the fat and saltiness. What a meal in a wonderful venue with excellent service for an unbelievable price – a price in Australia that wouldn’t buy half of what I experienced.