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Lobo Plantation - Pulled Pork Tamales

NSW, Sydney – The Lobo Plantation

Plenty of people started filling in to the bar which is always a good sign. I was only after a simple dinner and the bar food menu fitted the bill. The golden puff pastry was delicious and the mince filling was good too with the lovely dipping sauce. The tamales are really soft, a nice mixture of soft pulled pork, polenta, and corn, but not too rich. The tomato salsa on top provides a nice tartness to the dish. They’ve certainly created an environment fitting with the name of the bar. Nice atmosphere.

Sofrito - Oxtail Stew

USA, New York – Sofrito

If you’re looking for a quiet romantic night, then don’t go to Sofrito as the pumping music and nightclub type bar area is not the ambience you will be expecting. I’m always keen to try new cuisines and Sofrito offers Puerto Rican dishes. I had the sweet plantain stuffed with picadillo, which is minced beef, tomato, and other ingredients, to form a filling encased by mash potato and banana. It’s a rather unusual combination, with the sweetness of the banana overpowering what is quite a tasty and filling dish. I ordered ox tail stew for mains which was perfectly cooked and absolutely delicious. It came with a flavoursome spiced pea soup, more bananas which are overly sweet compared to Australia, and rice. Absolutely stuffed and I really enjoyed sampling another country’s cuisine.