Mr Bun - 25 Jul 2014

Mr Bun - Dry Style Noodles and Pig Ears

I returned to Mr Bun to especially try the crispy pig ears marinated in five spice but received a dish which was different to my expectations, and the picture in the menu. It looked like a plate of bacon rind but had a range of textures from soft and glutinous, to chewy and crunchy. There was flavour present but quite mild. Fortunately, I also ordered a plate of the traditional Beijing dry style noodles which were delicious. You can really appreciate the care they take in making these delicious noodles by hand and mixing the black soy bean paste with minced beef through turns it in to something special. It’s quite a filling meal and while the pig ears didn’t hit the spot for me, the simplicity of this noodle dish shone through. I still love the beef in broth from last time, that’s their signature dish. . . . → Read More: Mr Bun – 25 Jul 2014

Mr Bun - 11 Jul 14

Mr Bun - Beef with Handmade Noodles

On a cold winters day I can definitely see myself coming to Mr Bun and ordering a big bowl of flavoursome spicy broth with chunks of oh so tender beef and tasty noodles. This is an unassuming place with delicious food. I think it’s a bit of a hidden gem. They may have a small menu but I really loved the noodle dish which was so full of flavour, hearty, tasty, spicy, delicious. At just $11 it’s a steal. The Chinese burger is quite different and interesting. I also enjoyed it but much prefer the bowl of noodles. . . . → Read More: Mr Bun – 11 Jul 14

Golden Century Seafood Chinese - 6 Sep 2013

Well I was impressed with the range of dishes that I saw and of those that I tasted. The quality, taste, and flavours were delicious and amongst our table, it worked out to a ridiculous $15 per head! I ate plenty and was comfortable full and hardly shelled out any money. Such great value, this is another gem and a contender against the other dim sim establishments for the best dim sim out there. I wouldn’t hesitate in coming back here again. . . . → Read More: Golden Century Seafood Chinese – 6 Sep 2013

Yum Cha House - 4 Aug 2013

Yum Cha House is an excellent alternative to visiting Northbridge where free parking, a short walk, a shorter wait and smaller queues await. The range of dishes is quite large, maybe not as large as in Northbridge, but the quality is of a high standard and tastewise, you won’t be disappointed. I really loved the soft shell crab and BBQ roast pork in particular. Apart from the slightly overdone salt & pepper squid, there were few negatives. I was a little surprised to see one is charged for Chinese tea and there’s also a service charge included, but I had a really enjoyable time. . . . → Read More: Yum Cha House – 4 Aug 2013

Shun Fung on the River - 29 May 2013


If this is the kind of food that is going to be served to diners, I wouldn’t hesitate making a trip here. I appreciated the excellent service, presentation, array of dishes presented, and delicious flavours. I really loved the platter of Backed Oysters with Foie Gras Sauce, Chilli and Salt Mini Dried Fish, Golden Radish Balls; and the abalone superior soup, Szechuan chicken, and steamed coral trout were also favourites. But those Honey and Mustard King Prawns stole the show for me! I really loved the flavours present and is a dish very different to anything I’ve experienced. Of course, I love red bean pancake and the version presented to me was on the money. I really appreciated the invitation by Wen, and to Eva, the owner of Shun Fung Group. At the time of writing, I’m told that they can replicate similar quality food that was served to us beyond the Banquet room, except for the dim sum. The restaurant is still waiting for the appropriate utensils and other implements required to produce those dishes and once they’re there, delicious dim sum will be available to the masses. As the banquet was complimentary, I’m not sure what would typically be served and the pricing of those dishes. Thus, I cannot make a comment on pricing and value. . . . → Read More: Shun Fung on the River – 29 May 2013

Four Seas - 29 Oct 2012

Four Seas - Large Combination

I’m quite a sucker for deep fried food and my eyes lit up when I saw the honey chicken, sweet and sour pork and fish. The latter contained too much batter relative to the contents, but were okay with nice sweet and sour flavour. The honey chicken was crispy, crunchy, and had a lovely honey flavour. I really enjoyed it. The simple fried rice and Hokkien noodles were good and went well with the black pepper chicken and lemon grass beef. Simple dishes with enough flavour to get by. It’s a good cheap eat and obviously a favourite among the resident office crowd. Cash only. . . . → Read More: Four Seas – 29 Oct 2012

Northbridge Chinese - 3 Jun 2012

I once again thoroughly enjoyed my lunch, as did my family, trying some new dishes as well as some favourites. I particularly enjoyed the steamed seafood dishes; soft shell crab; chicken feet; and the roast duck although there’s not a huge amount of flesh but then that’s duck for you. The salt and pepper squid which was tender, wasn’t as good as Dragon Palace’s version, but still tasty. We ate heaps and were full and yet the bill just tipped $100. Fantastic value. Credit cards attract a 2% surcharge. . . . → Read More: Northbridge Chinese – 3 Jun 2012

Hong Kong BBQ - 27 Jan 2012

Hong Kong BBQ House is pricier than your typical Asian restaurant but the generous serves, quality, and delicious taste of the food is what you expect. Hong Kong BBQ House does not disappoint. We took a lot of food home after eating plenty so you won’t go hungry as the serves are generous. . . . → Read More: Hong Kong BBQ House – 27 Jan 2012

Hong Kong BBQ House - 13 Nov 2011

A first look at the menu left me a bit shocked at the prices. Asian food in general is very affordable but the prices here were a bit steeper than the usual Asian restaurant. That said, the food was very tasty and the preparation of the roast duck and BBQ pork is not something that is whipped up in a jiffy and involves a great deal of preparation to get the meat cooked just right with crispy skin of course. The roast duck and minced beef fried rice in XO sauce were stand outs. They also serve dishes such as shark fin soup, tooth fish, jelly fish and sea cucumber. The servings were commensurate with the price, the food delicious, the service excellent and an enjoyable experience all round. Plenty of food left over which we took home to enjoy later. . . . → Read More: Hong Kong BBQ House – 13 Nov 2011

Singapore II - Wan Tang Eating House

Singapore - WTEH - Garlic Prawns

After our quick late lunch here, we were impressed and visited for a proper lunch the next day. The food was so delicious and generous. I really enjoyed all our dishes, in particular, the fried rice. The prices are cheap and there is a choice in size generally. Crab is at market price which cost $45 but the rest of the bill wasn’t all that much. I’d highly recommend a visit here where there is heaps of choice with such delicious food and friendly service, what can go wrong? . . . → Read More: Singapore II – Wan Tang Eating House