Two Man's Kitchen - 21 Jan 2015

Two Man's Kitchen - Chicken Katsu

Japanese cuisine is characterised by freshness, excellent presentation right down to the knife skills (depending on what you order), and anything deep fried is always golden brown with a crunchy batter or crumbed exterior. Two Man’s Kitchen offers up the lunchtime crowd around East Perth some lovely fare. The salmon sashimi dipped in soy sauce and wasabi is a lovely start to the meal, the light fresh flavours help liven up the palette for the main meal. My chicken katsu was tasty, a golden brown crisp crumb surrounding well cooked chicken. However, while I quite enjoy the mayonnaise that typically accompanies this dish, I found the mayo a bit too rich, not even the blandish cabbage could tone it down enough. Just a bit too creamy for my liking but all in all, a tasty meal which doesn’t hurt the back pocket. . . . → Read More: Two Man’s Kitchen – 21 Jan 2015

Sushi Wawa - 23 Jun 2014

Sushi Wawa - Uramaki COB

If a place packs out during lunch you know this place is popular and the food is good. We had a short wait before being seated in the comfy booths and then proceeded to grab an array of dishes from the 62m long sushi train. From the 100+ dishes on the extensive menu with pictures to get your tastebuds salivating, there’s plenty of choice which makes it difficult in choosing what to take. The food was delicious with particular mention to the calamari, crab claws, the COB, and the lobster salad. The deep fried dishes have a lovely thin light crunchy batter, are not oily, and it’s contents are perfectly cooked – like the calamari. The sashimi is fresh and so too the sushi. The tempura has a lovely crunch. The flavours are excellent as demonstrated in the COB, an interesting creation of cream cheese, onion, beetroot, cucumber, and black sesame seeds. There is great care shown in each dish, carefully crafted and presented, precise and clean, epitomising Japanese cuisine. It’s a lovely relaxed family friendly venue and a great place to share a meal although some dishes are so yummy you could be excused for taking a dish all to yourself! . . . → Read More: Sushi Wawa – 23 Jun 2014

Media Release: Introducing Sushi Wawa

Sushi Wawa - 62m sushi train

True Japanese flavours cruise country’s longest sushi train at new ‘Sushi Wawa’

With a 62-metre sushi train – thought to be the longest in the Southern Hemisphere – new Japanese restaurant Sushi Wawa has opened its doors, bringing the convenience of super-fresh, fully-authentic Japanese cuisine to Perth, Western Australia.

Sushi Wawa . . . → Read More: Media Release: Introducing Sushi Wawa

NSW, Sydney - Ippudo

Ippudo - Akamaru Shinaji

I’m no expert on ramen but I think most people’s experience of noodles is the instant variety. At Ippudo, the noodles are made on the spot and you can taste the difference. Combined with a delicious flavoursome broth, some protein in a lovely roasted pork belly oozing flavour, black mushrooms cut to look like noodles, and some spring onions for a sharpish flavour, this heart winter meal really warms you up. . . . → Read More: NSW, Sydney – Ippudo

Yoshiya Japanese - 8 Aug 2013

Established in 1987, Yoshiya Japanese is still going strong. With the food served in today’s lunch, I can see why it’s still going. I really loved the moist succulent snapper with a lovely garlic flavour. It was very tender but just firm enough to hold together. Along with the fish sauce which brought out the flavour of the snapper; salad, rice, miso soup, and refreshing slices of orange to finish off, this made for a complete meal. The Japanese tea has a light tea flavour and goes down smoothly. You can feel it aiding digestion with each sip. I also loved the green tea ice cream. The ice cream was smooth and had a lovely green tea flavour with enough intensity. However, the touch of syrup and red bean to the dessert proved a masterstroke in drawing out and highlighting the green tea flavour. The syrup wasn’t too much nor too sweet and didn’t take over the star of the dish, the green tea flavour. Really enjoyed my lunch and can’t wait to visit again. . . . → Read More: Yoshiya Japanese – 8 Aug 2013

Fuku - Omakase and Teppanyaki - 4 Jun 2013

Fuku Interior

First time to a teppanyaki restaurant and also a Japanese degustation. The lit lantern, intercom, and sliding golden door seems something out of a spy movie. Walking in, you’re immediately greeted by the friendly waitstaff who deliver professional service throughout the night. The maitr’d blends in with interesting comments, directions, and knowledge of sake. The backlit glow of the sake bottle lined wall is quite a treat and adds to the whole ambience of the intimate 16 seat venue. With front row seats, the chefs entertain with some pretty jaw dropping and dazzling displays, but still deliver delicious flavoursome food. High grade ingredients are treated with care and carefully infused with flavour. I really loved the prawn, scallop and crispy prawn head course which was delicious. The crispy prawn head was something new for me and actually very different to what I thought – turned out to be crunchy and tasty. The swordfish, green beans, lotus root, and eggplant was also a highlight. Another dish which made you question what you’re eating, the eggplant isn’t what it looks like and yet doesn’t taste like any eggplant dish I’ve ever had. The delicious sauces were a key point throughout the night and the yuzu sauce was something to savour. I really loved the dessert which was an excellent finish to the night and a clever use of wasabi to provide that tangy element to a dish that required something like citrus to cut through the rich cheesecake flavour. Reflecting on the night, I really enjoyed myself along with the other bloggers, and while I was a guest of the restaurant, I certainly recommend a visit here as the food, ambience, setting, service, the unrivalled sake range, and entertainment provided by the chefs, make it well worth the money. . . . → Read More: Fuku – Omakase and Teppanyaki – 4 Jun 2013

Shiro Izakaya - 5 Mar 2013

Shiro - Wagyu Beef

Dinner is certainly a completely different dining experience to lunch at Shiro. We were very well looked after by our waiter who provided excellent service and helpful recommendations. I think the dishes are pricey, but it was good to try something very different. I enjoyed the simplicity of sashimi which requires the freshest fish, along with the soy sauce and some wasabi. The soft shell crab was excellent along with the delicious sauce and those amazing, lightly fried baby spinach which was something completely unexpected. Excellent change in texture, but still tasty. This dish was the highlight for me. I didn’t really rate the pork belly but was possibly expecting something a little different. The pork was quite tasty, especially with the apple sauce. Trying high grade Wagyu beef was an experience but not something I’d probably do again. Quite tasty, but I would have preferred the beef cooked longer in hindsight to fully appreciate the flavour rather than getting slightly raw meat. It does become very rich after eating a few pieces so sharing 150g with my friend was more than enough. The purees on the plate were fantastic and provided a different contrast to the beef. All in all an enjoyable dinner trying new experiences. We were pretty full and our $186 meal came to just $93 after the 50% discount, so at $46.50 per head, was well worth it. . . . → Read More: Shiro Izakaya – 5 Mar 2013

Ark Star Sushi - 13 Sep 2012

Nothing flash about this place when you step in and if you can grab one of the few tables on offer, you’re welcome to dine in. However, the main appeal about this place is providing takeaway food for the lunch crowd. Very cheap meals on offer that are tasty too and I really loved the freshness of the sushi. A fantastic lunchtime takeaway cheap eat. . . . → Read More: Ark Star Sushi – 13 Sep 2012

Zensaki - 17 Jul 2012

Third visit here, this time to try the katsu donburi. I enjoyed the soft plump grains of rice cooked in the broth which was flavoursome. The tender tasty katsu chicken was delicious but I missed the crunch it normally would have if it were not smothered by the fried egg. The fried egg and onion do add a richness to the meal, but the salty kick of the miso soup cuts through and enhances the overall meal. Delicious and such great value. . . . → Read More: Zensaki – 17 Jul 2012

Zensaki - 11 May 2012

On my second visit, I was more impressed. I loved the freshness and light batter of the soft shell crab which was an excellent entree. The small serve of teriyaki fish was an ample size and I loved the crunch of the fish with the flavours of the teriyaki sauce and steamed rice which rounded off an excellent lunch. . . . → Read More: Zensaki – 11 May 2012