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Peruvian Ceviche

Perth Meets Peru – Peruvian Cuisine and Special Degustation

If you’re intrigued by Peruvian cuisine then why not discover the wonderful dishes Peru has to offer at the Long Table Peruvian Dinner matched with South American wines on the 3rd of September. Details about the degustation and how to book are below.

Perth Meets Peru are a group of people interested in promoting Peruvian cuisine in Perth. The group started demo Peruvian cooking classes earlier this year hosted by Chef Luis Vergara and Esperanza Roberts. From travelling, I’m quite intrigued by the different flavours on offer that I’ve eaten at different Latin American style restaurants. The degustation is a natural extension of the cooking classes, giving people the chance to taste rather than cook while also being introduced to the Peruvian culture.

To find out more about this great event check out the Perth Meets Peru Facebook page or email Esperanza directly. If you also are interested in the demo cooking classes, keep an eye out for the next class on the Facebook page and feel free to try your hand at the ceviche recipe below.

Angel Falls Grill - Empanada Degustation

Angel Falls Grill – 20 Jul 2016

On a cold winter’s day I was happy to head into the warm inviting atmosphere of Angel Falls Grill for breakfast. I started with a drink of papelon, which is like a lemonade, made with organic sugar. It’s really refreshing, not at all acidic or sweet, and tasty. For breakfast, I chose the empanada degustation which presents 4 mini empanadas filled with a different fillings (or you can have them filled with one filling). Empanadas are made out of corn, a pastry pocket of sorts, holding a variety of fillings, then deep fried. The pastry is light and the first empanada of shredded beef is very tender and tasty. I particularly liked the shredded chicken and bacon filling which was very flavoursome and delicious. The third empanada was much more milder, tender shredded beef and black beans presenting a mild hearty filling. For lovers of cheese like me, the fourth empanada has gooey cheese oozing out and is delightful. The empanadas also come with a choice of sauce so I got the Venezulean chilli kick sauce to dip the empanadas in. Maybe too much of a chilli kick first thing in the morning! Though really delicious. I was certainly sipping on the papelon and water to cool the buzz of the chilli. A different type of breakfast to start the day but I was more than satisfied.

Angel Falls Grill - AFG Parilla

Angel Falls Grill – 15 Jul 2016

Being the first Venezuelan restaurant in Perth, the menu brings items not seen before at other restaurants. I thought I’d give the grilled meats a go as ‘grill’ is in the restaurant name. The AFG Parrilla presents lots of variety which most apealled to me so this was an easy choice and gives me a good idea of the type of food served and their execution. The Venezuelan version of chorizo doesn’t have the same paprika intensity as the Spanish variety, though this sausage happened to be a tad over salted. Despite that, the flavour is good and the chorizo is nicely cooked. I love the flavour the grill has imparted on the tender rump cap and porterhouse steaks. I was asked how I wanted my meat cooked and they delivered with two tender medium rare slices that were delicious and seasoned well. I thought the meat needed a sauce so the guasacaca, an avocado based sauce akin to guacamole, is a good match which brings moistness and freshness, though is a little unusual when paired with meat. However, it pairs exceptionally well with the grilled chicken making each bite that much better. One does have the option of ordering different salsas from the menu so the Venezuelan chilli kick would be my choice. Other Latin American cuisines have chimmi churri though I’m not sure if this is made in Venezuela too. The congri (rice, bacon and black bean mix) is very wintery. The soft rice grains with the soft black beans add lots of body to a dish dominated by meat. There’s only three yuca chips but it’s more than enough as each one is quite filling. I like the crunchy outer and soft, slightly starchy, yuca filling. They’re a bit like potato chips but different. I think yuca chips are really good though. I walked in hungry but left very full and satisfied. The interior is rustic and relaxed and the service very warm and friendly. I’m keen to try the other menu items so will be back to eat more Venezuelan cuisine.

Twilight Hawkers Markets; Arepa - Tostons

Eat Drink Perth – Twilight Hawkers Markets – 19 Feb 2016

What: Twilight Hawkers Markets – Perth’s original & biggest Street Food Market When: every Friday 4:30-9:30pm, till 29 April 2015 Where: Forrest Chase in Perth adjacent to Wellington St and the Murray St Mall More Info: The great thing about the Twliight Hawkers Markets in Forrest Chase is being able to try different […]

Big Els Mexican Fusion - Quesadilla

Big Els Latin American Fusion – 26 Nov 2015

Big Els presents a range of dishes to share amongst the table giving variety and a bit of a chilli kick amongst the delicious flavours presented. I enjoyed the crunchy popcorn prawns in jalapeño tinged tartare sauce before moving on to the quesadillas which were my favourite of the night. Two thin but crispy pancake like layers encased a delicious vegetable filling which was supplemented with gooey cheese and aioli to liven things up. The coxinhas didn’t have as crunchy an outer as I was expecting but the filling was delicious, soft and mellow before getting the spicy chilli kick which added oomph to the dish. The chicken was a little tasteless on it’s own but when rolled into the soft taco shell with guacamole, salsa, and 2 sauces, each mouthful came alive and was delicious. Lastly, the lamb cutlets presented plenty of tender succulent meat with a light spice and acidic chimmichurri to add plenty of flavour. For dessert I indulged in the chocolate bar chimichangas which have a chocolate bar filling encased by a tortilla type pastry thoroughly enjoyed with caramel sauce, vanilla ice cream, and more chocolate. An excellent dining experience with delicious flavoursome food, great service, and in a relaxing environment.

Public House Kitchen & Bar - Pulled Pork Burger

Public House Kitchen & Bar – 24 Jul 2015

Public House Kitchen & Bar are constantly offering different specials on different days of the week and they’ve decided to shake things up with Pop Up Friday’s. Here, patrons get a plate for just $18 from the alfresco kitchen. Today’s offering presented a delicious succulent pulled pork burger with yuca fries. The pulled pork was excellent, and I particularly loved the humming chilli sauce which brought out the flavour of the pork and helped tie the coleslaw like salad together. The toasted bun had a nice crunch on the underside and the yuca fries just keep you coming back for more. This was a really tasty meal and I left satisfied.

Asado - Empanadas, House Relish

Asado – 31 Mar 2015

Asado have some lovely share plate items to introduce you to Argentinian street food but I feel they didn’t add enough punch in the flavour department apart from the empanada and ceviche. The salsa’s were tasty, but the chimmichurri was really lacking in acidic punch and parsley flavour. The rump cap was chewy meat lacking sufficient BBQ flavour to represent South American cuisine sufficiently and was an underwhelming dish. The desserts were pretty good, something different. The dishes are overpriced and certainly not worth their standing given they don’t blow you away. Overall, the food was above average but seemed to be holding back on letting the true flavours of South American cuisine shine through.

Cocina Bandito - The Full Castro

Cocina Bandito – 26 Mar 2015

The menu offers a small selection of dishes but you can get a cut down version all three mains for just $20 with corn chips, salsa, and guacamole. I really liked the variety and taste all three dishes offered. The toasted bread roll with mustard, Monterey Jack cheese and tender beef brisket is comfort food. The lettuce cups with spiced rice and salsa offers up refreshing flavours. The tender pork belly with black rice and black eyed peas was excellent too, especially with the orange and star anise sauce. I also got some dessert, the infinity donuts, which were a bit firm but tasty in the Havana club syrup.