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Mix - Korean Tacos

Mix – 28 Aug 2015

Mix presents a fusion of Korean and Mexican cuisine through tacos, burritos, and quesadillas. I had 3 tacos with fillings of beef bulgogi, spicy chicken, and pork. I also had the option of choosing a salsa and got tomato, tropical, and cucumber. Each bite was delicious and full of flavour. There’s a bit of a chilli kick and the salsa’s add additional flavour while the sour cream cools things down. Really tasty, service is quick but the eating is messy! Serviettes provided are much needed. A cheap eat that hits the spot.

Mamasita - Ceviche De Yukaton

VIC, Melbourne – Mamasita

Mamasita is well recognised as an excellent moderately price eat on Urbanspoon and after a slightly rushed lunch I can see why. I would have like to tried some dessert but from the delicious fresh ceviche, the extremely flavour packed tacos, and the fresh cactus salad, the simplicity of Mexican cuisine shines through. The flavours of each dish are carefully controlled and the freshness is allowed to shine in the ceviche and salad, while the spice mix in the taco filling is flavour packed and carries a slight bite. The salsa helps cool things down. Another place in Melbourne with a casual vibe, friendly service, delicious flavour packed food.

La Cholita - Beef Cheek Taco

La Cholita – 23 Aug 2013

First time to La Cholita and the $15 all you can eat tacos deal is a sure winner. There are 7 taco varieties but you don’t get any choice, the kitchen picks one variety and then proceeds to serve the other 6 in no particular order, before repeating till you can’t eat any more. They kitchen was quick on the trigger with the tacos rolling out as quick as we could eat them. Once a few other patrons entered, things started to slow down, or maybe it was the pace at which we were eating the tacos slowed down as we got more and more full! The experience was a bit of a blur as we just kept eating but it was still at a comfortable pace. The tacos are small and can be eaten in a few bites, but they are sufficiently filled, don’t skimp on meat, have nice sauces but could be a little more intense, and the service is efficient. The tacos themselves are quite bland and act more as a vehicle for transporting the creations out of the kitchen. The condiments can help liven up the dishes but I would have preferred the flavour intensity of the tacos to be a lot stronger to compensate for the blandness of the tacos. Having said that, the beef tongue taco with that delicious Ranchero sauce was an absolute standout! If they can execute each taco variety like the flavours of this taco, they’ll be on to a winner. The prawn and pumpkin taco varieties were also really good too. Not sure how long this special offer is going so head down and see what you’re missing.

Guzman y Gomez Mexican Taqueria – 8 Apr 2013

Guzman has a name you won’t forget and offers a range of Mexican fare at excellent prices in a lovely relaxed setting. The food is deceptively filling, packed with all kinds of flavours and textures. I loved the freshness of the guacamole, the grilled flavour of the chicken which there was plenty, the spiced tender rice, and the tomato hit from the salsa. The ultra soft tortilla holding it all together stays firms and never broke apart. I was really impressed with the excellent flavours and freshness that came through and really enjoyed my meal. As a comparison to Salsa’s, Guzman was streets ahead compared to the makings of a great meal at Salsa’s but lacking in flavour. Different eateries, Salsa’s more of a fast food chain, Guzman a cheap eats venue and an excellent one at that.

Zapata’s – Northbridge – 1 Mar 2012

I really enjoyed the team night out and I enjoyed all that Zapata’s had to offer. Being in a group allowed us to share a few dishes which added variety to the dinner. I enjoyed the cheese sauce dip in particular and the chicken, corn and rice burrito for mains was flavoursome and filling. I loved the churros and chocolate sauce and while not being a drinker, loved the death by chocolate cocktail. We all enjoyed ourselves and would like to come back if not for just the cocktails! Surprised at the low rating amongst other patrons on Urbanspoon.