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Zarephath Wines - Antipasto Tasting Plate

The Black Olive At Zarephath

Cuisine: Native Australian Location: East Porongurup – Zarephath Wines Mark Olive, a chef specialising in native Australian cuisine was the star attraction at Zarephath Wines, offering tasting plates for the event “The Black Olive At Zarephath” as part of the IGA Great Southern Taste food festival. With such lovely weather, a long […]

Bushfood Cafe - Gourmet Native Platter

Bushfood Factory and Cafe – 6 Mar 2015

The Bushfood Cafe seems a hidden gem. What a way to be able to enjoy food using native Australian ingredients which are prepared in a variety of dishes. The gourmet native platter gives this variety and is excellent value considering the many items on the platter, the quality, and taste. The store has lots of different things to try out so don’t be shy, pick up some spices and give it a go. Oh, and grab some of their delicious food as well. Fantastic!

Kuditj Cafe - Bush Experience Platter

Kuditj Cafe – 9 May 2014

Kuditj Cafe is quiet and simple cafe but offers a variety of items on their menu showcasing native Australia. They are open for breakfast and their menu includes burgers, Aussie Specials, wraps, and breads. I ordered the bush experience platter for $9.95 which should easily carry a higher price tag given the generous quantity of meat packed into this dish. There’s loads of variety with crocodile best enjoyed with their delicious aoili and a squeeze of lime, emu enjoyed with a unique spicy tomato sauce, a fantastic wild chicken sausage roll which I could keep on eating, an intense gamey kangaroo meatball, a chunky tender kanagaroo packed flavoursome stew upon a small amount of rice (well it appears that way when the stew is overflowing with kangaroo), a salad and dried damper crisps. I didn’t find the native Australian meats hugely different to what I’ve normally eaten but the kangaroo is quite intense via the meatball, but so completely different in the stew. It was unfortunate that some of the meats were a little tough but I really liked the generosity, the different flavours, and a new experience. I might have to come by to try a few of the other menu items which offers lots of choice. I haven’t seen much use of native Australian elements in cooking apart from a brief session on MasterChef but there are some items for purchase like lemon myrtle.