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Matterhorn - Gorgonzola Beignet

New Zealand, Wellington – Matterhorn

I find the Matterhorn has a kind of casualness but yet the venue and restaurant has a certain deception. I’d class the food as fine dining for the masses. There’s skill in the execution of the dishes, but there’s no delicateness shown. No restraint. Instead, big bold flavours with generous serves are the mantra here. There was quite a bit of food dished up for the chef’s selection. They should call it a feast. I loved the garlic bread and then the gorgonzola beignet. The chorizo had big bold flavours which aren’t tempered. The Wagyu fat roasted potatoes have the most crispy skin and soft fluffy potato you could find. With the sourness of the buttermilk mayonnaise, what a side. So filling. The perfectly cooked and seasoned roast pork with the most delicious crunchy crackling was fantastic. To finish, gladly a lightish dessert. The two sorbet varieties were a welcome relief in cleansing the palette and finishing the excellent array of flavours and creativity unleashed in the kitchen.

Logan Brown - Puau Ravioli

New Zealand, Wellington – Logan Brown

What’s interesting about the menu is the range of cuisines employed in the different courses – French, Italian, Mexican, and Asian. Each carries soft flavours that let the ingredients shine through. The delicate crafting of the dishes and careful pairing of the elements, plus consistency, makes the dining experience an excellent one. I really loved the signature dish, the ravioli, which was fantastic. Just eclipsing it was the venison which was superb. A notable mention is the masterstroke of spiced poached pear with the NZ cheese, creating a fantastic pairing for something so simple as crackers and cheese. The peppery flavour of the tartare, the freshness of the Mexican inspired fish, the Asian flavours in the rabbit and duck, and the different citrus flavours with the dark chocolate presented delicious dishes to be enjoyed through the course of the night. If you want to experience a delicious and well crafted dining experience in a lovely setting then a visit to Logan Brown is a must.