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Starfish Bar - Fish Skewer, Crumbed Prawn, Deep Fried and Grilled Fish

Starfish Bar – 18 Dec 2016

From the people behind Zambrero, it’s time for Perth to have a more glammed up fish and chip offering that takes the humble fish to a new level. With fish sourced from Kailis Brothers, The Starfish Bar on the popular Beaufort Street strip in Mt Lawley is just in time for summer where seafood is perfect for the hot weather. I was fortunate to receive an invite to sample some of the food on offer. With beer, wine and soft drinks on offer, a wide array of items on the menu to choose from including sliders, skewers, fish packs, salads, grilled and deep fried fish, there’s plenty to satisfy. The venue is large, open and casual and the staff are friendly and attentive which is refreshing for Perth.

Leeuwin Estate - Course 5 - Black Angus Beef

Leeuwin Estate Restaurant – 3 Mar 2015

Leeuwin Estate Restaurant offers al a carte dining or a degustation which is what I went for. The first few courses lead the diner via a refreshing experience – the Tasmanian rock oysters; abalone; and sashimi which are excellent dishes. The breaded fennel was a standout for me, just ahead of the sashimi. Crumbing a chunk of fennel and using the salty elements of anchovy and caper berries with a creamy sauce made for such a delicious dish. The next course was a little disappointing, I didn’t think the fermented garlic butter did justice to the succulent piece of aged Black Angus sirloin. The cheddar cheese and quince jam was a lovely finish to the meal, but I had to have the optional dessert. The chocolate mousse with a textual contrast in the crumble were lovely, a slight sourness from the plum working well. However, I felt the beef and dessert courses let the degustation down to the high standards set by the other dishes. Excellent service, picturesque setting, delicious fare.

Arc Of Iris - Deep Fried Camembert

Arc of Iris – 28 Feb 2015

The menu at Arc of Iris takes on a slightly Asian slant. I started with the deep fried camembert which was excellent. A golden brown crispy crumb encasing soft gooey camembert, aided by a sharp salad and the sweetness from the fruit coulis. The twice cooked duck was superb. Lovely sweet Asian sauce with a much too generous serve of super tender duck made for a very filling dish. While the Asian salad and steamed rice helped take the edge of the duck, it’s sheer quantity caused the dish to become a little monotonous. Fantastic dish though. Lastly, the dark chocolate fondant was slightly overdone with no oozing chocolate and was a little dry. However, the lovely flavour of the vanilla ice cream saved the day and provided the perfect partner. For the price, excellent value, excellent food, lovely service in a lovely restaurant. You must book ahead as it’s pretty busy.

A Fish Called Inglewood - Crab & Corn Croquettes

A Fish Called Inglewood – 27 Nov 2014

A Fish Called Inglewood offers patrons a casual restaurant serving an array of different seafood dishes at affordable prices. I had a lovely entree of crispy crumbed crab and corn croquettes with oozing cheese. Despite the slight richness from the corn and cheese, the spicy ketchup was a fantastic touch to add a spicy element. For mains, I enjoyed a lovely juicy piece of seared salmon and it was served with a cold oven roasted vegetable array with moist, fresh, creamy avocado. The cold vegies may seem a little jarring but for the warm weather, it goes nicely. For dessert, we skipped the home made ice cream sticks and instead took home a tub of home made mango ice cream. The ice cream had a lovely mango flavour and was smooth and creamy. It’s lovely to see a casual relaxed place serving quality food with friendly service to boot.

Dux Dine - Seafood Chowder

New Zealand, Christchurch – Dux Dine

Dux Dine is a family friendly, homely type establishment. It feels like the kind of place you want to go on a cold wintery day. The dishes I ordered are kind of in that keeping. A delicious seafood chowder that warmed me up, though I question the amount of seafood actually present. It tasted quite like a chicken and sweet corn soup. The pappardelle pasta is a generous meal with lots of pasta in a creamy but not rich sauce, filled with seafood. Delicious meal.

Live Fish - Fried Fish in Thai Sauce

New Zealand, Auckland – Live Fish Seafood Restaurant

Considering I chose this place at random, the dining experience was pleasant. There was so much to choose from one didn’t know where to begin but in the end, the fried fish with a tangy chilli Thai sauce with a salad was an excellent choice to sample quality fish. The whole fish was large and there was plenty of fish to be enjoyed with the delicious sauce. The light crispy batter was delicious as was the salad too. An excellent value meal and a different way to enjoy fish while looking out into the harbour.

Boudin Bakery - Bread Creatures

USA, San Francisco – Boudin Bakery & Boudin Bistro

A visit to Boudin Bakery is a must if you’re visiting San Francisco. It’s as much a tourist attraction as a bakery, cafe, gift shop, museum, and full service restaurant via the Boudin Bistro upstairs. We had a good wonder about and came back the next day to dine for lunch at the bistro. The service was nice and the menu extensive, incorporating several sourdough products into the unexpected like tortillas and pizza bases. I enjoyed a delicious clam chowder that had a lovely flavour, wasn’t too rich or creamy, served inside a hollowed out sourdough loaf. We were also served delicious sourdough bread with butter. I also ordered a sourdough apple pie which was pretty good but the sourdough flavour negatively impacts upon the dessert. The sourness does take some getting used to especially when eating dishes that you normally would eat sourdough free.

Hot N Juicy Crawfish - Soft Shell Crab Basket with Cajun Fries

USA, Los Angeles – Hot N Juicy Crawfish

Hot ‘n’ Juicy first started up in Las Vegas but has spread to other locations around the USA like Los Angeles. The concept is unconventional to your typical eatery. Take a seat at a table lined with plastic, with no cutlery or plates, put on a bib, and then choose a seasoning, spice level, and your seafood. The food is delivered in plastic bags where the food is cooked to retain all the juices. Open up the bag, make a mess, throw the shells in the basket, and enjoy. Enjoy we did as we tucked into clams, crawfish, crab, prawns and soft shell crab with Cajun fries. I think we tried all the seasonings which were tasty and can be quite spicy with the tasty, fresh, succulent seafood. An excellent meal where we were stuffed, yet it only worked out to USD$27 / head after tips and taxes. Who said you can’t have fun and make a mess?