UK, London - Hawksmoor Steakhouse Air Street

Hawksmoor Steakhouse - Potted Beef & Bacon, Onion Gravy, Yorkshire Puddings

Another visit to Hawksmoor Steakhouse but at Air Street for some more English fare. I experienced the delights of potted meats with an order of potted beef and bacon and another with potted smoked mackerel. The potted beef was delicious and I really enjoyed the onion gravy along with the largely risen Yorkshire puddings. The smoked mackerel was also delicious and partnered well with cucumber, dill and mini toasts. A unique experience trying potted meats, I really like the flavours and textures, all inside an interesting environment. . . . → Read More: UK, London – Hawksmoor Steakhouse Air Street

UK, London - Hawksmoor Steakhouse Guildhall

Hawksmoor Steakhouse - 4 Pancakes, Bacon, Whiskey Flavoured Maple Syrup

Part of travelling is taking in new experiences and the Hawksmoor Steakhouse at Guildhall is one such experience. Located underground in the financial district, you’re taken into a world from a bygone era, a huge open venue, steeped in history, a place where deals have been made and corporate battlegrounds fought. The service is friendly and efficient and there’s lots to choose from on the menu. The fluffy pancakes were as described, soft, light, airy and oh so tasty with plenty of warmed whiskey flavoured maple syrup which isn’t too sweet. The bacon was lovely but far too salty unfortunately, however, with some tart grapefruit juice, this helped to cut through the fat and saltiness. What a meal in a wonderful venue with excellent service for an unbelievable price – a price in Australia that wouldn’t buy half of what I experienced. . . . → Read More: UK, London – Hawksmoor Steakhouse Guildhall

Hog's Breath Cafe - 9 Jul 2012

For around $30, I was able to enjoy a bit of variety with delicious baby backed ribs and a supposedely medium rare steak which was rare and not that enjoyable. The garlic and white wine sauce was not flavoursome and too thick, the Cajun rice was undercooked and hard, the curly chips were lovely and so too the house salad. I was very full with the generous serve and the service was excellent and not short of effort. The venue has an interesting feel to it with plenty on the menu to suit a range of tastes. If they can deliver on taste and cook the steaks more effectively, they would be more popular. Currently, a long way short from their claim of best steaks in Australia. Given my experience, I wouldn’t be rushing back again. Quite an average disappointing meal. . . . → Read More: Hog’s Breath Cafe – 9 Jul 2012

Tony Roma's - 27 May 2011

As per my last visit, stick with the ribs as it’s their specialty. I really enjoyed my whole meal with the ribs their usual best but some bits a bit chewy, the crumbed and fried prawns were large and delicious, the coleslaw was excellent and I enjoyed the smashed potato. The strawberry cheesecake was solid. . . . → Read More: Tony Roma’s – 27 May 2011

Tony Roma's - 11 Mar 2011

I found the chicken quite disappointing, especially for the price. The highlight was the red beans in the spicy sauce but you don’t come to a restaurant for the sides. I’m not sure what the other selections on their menu are like with steak, seafood, burgers and pasta to try, but it’s best if you stick with the ribs which are delicious. . . . → Read More: Tony Roma’s – 11 Mar 2011

Tony Roma's - 15 Oct 2010

Finger licking good! Really tender pork with a delicious sauce. Given there are bones, don’t let the size fool you as to how large it is. There is a decent amount of meat with the regular serving. Certainly would like to visit again. . . . → Read More: Tony Roma’s – 15 Oct 2010

Adelphi Steakhouse & Bar

Excellent, you can’t go past this place! Delicious meals and desserts. The quality, service, servings, atmosphere and price are excellent here. This is one of my favourite places. . . . → Read More: Adelphi Steakhouse & Bar