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Le Coup-Chou - Main: Fillet of Pork with Mustard Sauce and Potato Gratin

France, Paris – Le Coupe-Chou

For €36 for a 3 course menu, this represents excellent value at the French bistro, Le Coup-Chou. I thought the quality of the food was excellent but some of the dishes were a little different to what I was expecting such as the gratin which was moist, but lacking the creamy sauce. I really enjoyed the meaty intensity of the pork terrine balanced by the sweet jam and acid of the gherkins. The ultra tender pork fillet with a delicious mustard sauce was excellent. The super thinly sliced potatoes in the grating gave it a lightness that was pleasant in texture, but I would have preferred a creamier and moister version. The chocolate mousse was a little firm and heavy rather than being light and airy, and it was served with a biscuit crumble, however, I really liked this element as it added crunch. It wasn’t near the best chocolate mousse I’ve eaten though. A pretty filling and satisfying meal enjoyed outside in the lovely French summer along with excellent, friendly service.

La Fountain de Mars - Entree: 6 Snails of Burgandy

France, Paris – La Fountaine de Mars

The reputation this restaurant carries is clearly upheld in the professional, friendly service, and is equally matched by the quality of food produced from the bread to the dishes served. I absolutely loved the complimentary bread provided and the French butter is like nothing you will ever experience in Australia. So creamy and delicious, it makes the bread even more enjoyable. I had to order escargot and the half dozen I received were superb. Plenty of flavour in the garlic and herb infused oil, the bread must be used to sop up all that flavour. I chose veal jowl (throat) which is something I’ve never eaten but this was fantastic. The jowl was perfectly cooked, slightly crunchy on the outside, but that delicious creamy white wine sauce was stunning! A thick rich creamy flavour packed sauce with tender mushrooms made me regret not having dessert.

Le Pre Verre - Twin of Sardine, Tamarind Escabeches, Chickpea Tempura

France, Paris – Le Pre Verre

I was impressed by the different offerings presented over the course of dinner. This is a lovely bistro with friendly service, but I didn’t think French cuisine could be influenced by the spices of Asia. However, the chef does a fantastic job at keeping the integrity of each dish true to it’s French roots, yet putting a slight Asian slant on the dish. The sardines were delicious but marrying tempura chick peas and tamarind into the dish was excellent.The rabbit was another delicious dish, this untouched by any outside influence apart from maybe the taro from Africa. Since I’m in France I can’t do justice to the experience without having some French cheese so that was my choice for dessert. I love cheese and the quality produce shows in the lovely flavours of each cheese and the accompanying salad is certainly needed.

Lilane - Raviolis Langostine

France, Paris – Lilane

As I travelled around Paris, places like Lilane are typical of what Paris has to offer. Bistro’s that are quiet and classy, excellent service without the stiffness or pretension. Other bistro’s are a little more nosier and relaxed. Here at Lilane, the service was warm and friendly. Seated by a window with tablecloth covered tables, there was class in the interior and atmosphere. A place to enjoy a quiet dinner. The waitress kindly explained the menu to me in English but I was able to decipher the dishes. A complimentary basket of bread, as is typical in Rome, is a common trait here in Paris. The entree of raviolis langostine may sound Italian but has a distinctly French flavour. The silky soft ravioli was delightful, the langostine delicious, and what about that delicious foam! Amazing. For mains, the gnocchi was fantastic, firm on the outside but soft on the inside. The seam bream was cooked perfectly, the flavours of this dish excellent. And to finish, a decadent indulgent chocolate fondant that oozed gooey chocolate was enjoyed with proper vanilla flavoured ice cream, mint, and a raspberry coulis. This is my kind of food and a hidden gem.