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KL Night Markets

Malaysia – Kuala Lumpur – Night Markets

All in all it was pretty good but could have been better. The food was a bit poor relative to the other food we’d eaten so far. There are a large number of stalls so some must be better than the others. A taxi driver later told us one of the middle stalls called Dragon something was really good. I’m sure if you came here often enough you could identify the stalls to go to, otherwise, it’s a lucky dip for the first time tourist. A pretty cool experience none the less.

KL Little India Masala Chat

Malaysia – Kuala Lumpur – Masala Chat

The food is very representative of India and is a must visit. The food is very simple and really cheap, but cheap does not mean it’s not tasty. The Indian breads are delicious and our meals were lovely and made for a nice breakfast. There’s a large menu selection and an array of sweets to take away and enjoy later.

Malaysia – Kuala Lumpur – Little Penang Cafe

Being foreigners, I’m a little reticent as to how to rate the food we ate. It was a bit of a mixed bag with dishes we were not familiar with and so found the tastes to be a bit unusual. The food was good and it was nice to try foods we haven’t had before. Maybe a different selection of meals from the menu would have yielded a better experience. The place did have a good menu, with photos of many of the dishes at the front of the cafe to entice you to come in. I think this place is certainly worth visiting.

KL Island Bistro Red Bean Ice Chendol

Malaysia – Kuala Lumpur – Island Bistro

The service was warm and friendly and we were glad to be indoors in air-conditioning. As patrons, we’re referred to as “boss” by the maitre d which I found quite amusing. Great value with good quality tasty food. As we went around travelling and tried other meals, there weren’t too many which bettered what was served here.

Petronas Twin Towers At Night

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Malaysia – Kuala Lumpur Like all 3 countries we visited, it is extremely humid. Best to stay within the air-conditioned malls that line the streets. We stayed at the Trader’s Hotel which was excellent and has the Skybar on level 33 providing an excellent view of the city, particularly the […]