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Singapore - WTEH - Garlic Prawns

Singapore II – Wan Tang Eating House

After our quick late lunch here, we were impressed and visited for a proper lunch the next day. The food was so delicious and generous. I really enjoyed all our dishes, in particular, the fried rice. The prices are cheap and there is a choice in size generally. Crab is at market price which cost $45 but the rest of the bill wasn’t all that much. I’d highly recommend a visit here where there is heaps of choice with such delicious food and friendly service, what can go wrong?

Singapore II – L’Angelus

I thoroughly enjoyed my second visit here. I opted for the tender duck breast in a lovely red sauce which also came with an extremely delicious dish of potato gratin. My creme brulee lived up to all expectations and I savoured each spoonful. My travelling companions also throughly enjoyed their meals and desserts. Pricey, but worth every cent in value, taste, and experience. The serves are generous. A must dining experience.

Singapore - Chinatown - Ice Kechang

Singapore II – Chinatown

You can see details of my first visit to Singapore’s Chinatown. My second visit to Chinatown didn’t disappoint but I had already seen most of the shopping stalls on my first visit. However, there was plenty of food to try out on my second visit plus a visit to a […]

Singapore - Chinatown at Night

Singapore II Travelling Experiences

Well readers, I know I haven’t posted lately but that’s because I’ve been on holidays. After my prior visit to Singapore in February 2011 for the first time, I decided to head back again to check out what I’d missed in terms of food and shopping. I stayed at The […]

Singapore – Maxwell Food Centre

I have a more recent food review of Maxwell Food Centre. On our last night in Singapore, we’d asked the hotel concierge the location of some nearby cafes where we could have breakfast. A few eateries were provided and we went in search of them the next day but both […]

Singapore - Epicurious - Pancakes

Singapore – Epicurious Cafe

I hear their French toast is excellent and I’m kicking myself for not changing the order. Maybe it would have provided a better food experience as the pancakes weren’t that great. They do serve lunch and dinner so this place is worth checking out. Either way, it was nice enjoying the views of the river but it’s no where as good as the Swan River in Perth. This river was rather murky.

Singapore – L’Angelus

This place takes the top spot for the best food experience I’ve ever encountered. My main meal was fantastic and the dessert topped things off. Fortunately, I got to eat a reasonable portion of my cousin’s creme brullee which was absolutely amazing. He too thoroughly enjoyed his mains, wine, and dessert. Look past the price tag, this place is a must try. At least come in for the creme brullee. Please!

Papaya Salad

Singapore – Por Jai Thai Restaurant

Not a place that we planned to eat at but the papaya salad was the highlight of the meal adding some really surprising flavours. The prawn fritters were solid and the fried rice was quite different but I prefer the more flavoursome fried rice you generally would be served at other establishments. The whole meal was just under $25 SGD which is really cheap for the two of us. The papaya salad is worth coming back for.