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Pancake Manor - Regular Stack with Cream & Ice Cream

QLD, Brisbane – Pancake Manor

Pancake Manor doesn’t just serve pancakes. The Charlotte Street venue is open 24 hours so they serve all kinds of meals and they’re available anytime. I ordered the regular stack and received 3 much larger than the picture in the menu pancakes that were soft, fluffy and light. They were really tasty and went extremely well with maple syrup, cream which is rich, and ice cream. Delicious.

Red & White Peruvian - Tasting Peru

Qld, Brisbane – Red & White Peruvian Restaurant – 2 May 2014

Take a relaxing walk from the CBD to Southbank and you will find Red and White Peruvian Restaurant, the only Peruvian restaurant in Brisbane. I had the tasting plate to start where there are smaller versions of 4 dishes from the entree menu. This gave variety and different flavours. I really liked the 2 ceviche dishes which were very different from each other, the octopus in a mushroom like olive sauce, and the milder potato and tuna dish which was a welcome relief to the stronger flavours of the other dishes. The Peruvian chilli is unique, not initially pungent, but providing some real burn that keeps building in the background. I had a Peruvian herbal drink, emoliente, which was interesting and quite tasty, providing relief to the chilli. It’s quite a filling drink too. For mains I really enjoyed the paella. Lots of seafood and I loved the succulent prawns and scallop. The white wine flavour provides a richness to the flavoursome paella. An absolute steal at just $22. I had an excellent experience and loved the food, but was really disappointed to walk away without dessert as I was too full.

Qld, Brisbane CBD – Saj & Grill – 2 May 2014

It’s always wonderful to discover something new and different and while this may seem like any other Lebanese joint where you pick up a wrap and off you go, this is certainly not the case. The Saj is a traditional Lebanese bread cooked on a clay dome oven and the taste is just delicious. Nothing like the normal pita breads you get at the shops or eateries like this, but something completely different. It’s really tasty, light, and flavoursome. The filling was also delicious. Warm gooey melted cheese, tender chicken pieces with ample garlic flavour, succulent mushrooms, soft olives, and a moist delicious garlic sauce. I really enjoyed this meal for a late breakfast. Fantastic.

Embassy - BBQ Smoked Pork Ribs

QLD, Brisbane – Embassy Bar

Based on the comments from Urbanspoon, a visit to Embassy Bar is a good choice if you want some true American fare. The much talked about ribs is what I ordered but I found them really underwhelming. A lot of gristle and inedible stuff on the ribs, while the pork meat didn’t come off the bone easily. The marinade on the ribs was pretty good but it needs to increase it’s intensity in flavour. The cornbread is delicious, a lovely corn flavour with just that hint of sweetness. The green beans were a little crispy for my liking and would have preferred further cooking. It’s good value at $20 considering the serving, but an improvement on the cooking and cut of ribs would make this dish fantastic.

Aria - Chocolate Centred Cherry Souffle & Coconut Ice Cream

QLD, Brisbane – Aria Brisbane

For $72, a meal at Aria delivers lovely views of the river and represents excellent value when you receive 3 carefully crafted courses in a smart, sunlight filled environment with professional service. I liked the entree of kangaroo but felt it was overpowered by the acidity of the vinaigrette. Further there could have been a greater serving of kangaroo and if it were cut thickly one could get the rich flavour, allowing the other elements to come into play. The succulent coffee infused chunk of brisket with bits of fat was delicious, though needed far more jus to add additional flavour to counteract the meatiness of the beef and richness of the puree. It becomes a little one dimensional and may be better enjoyed with a side or the complimentary bread. The cherry and coconut soufflé was superb, especially with that tease of chocolate at the bottom. Please, some more chocolate! Paired with a light coconut flavoured creamy ice cream, this was a fantastic dish to finish. If the entree and mains were at the same tastalicious level the dessert deliver, this would have been a knock out meal.