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Asado - Empanadas, House Relish

Asado – 31 Mar 2015

Asado have some lovely share plate items to introduce you to Argentinian street food but I feel they didn’t add enough punch in the flavour department apart from the empanada and ceviche. The salsa’s were tasty, but the chimmichurri was really lacking in acidic punch and parsley flavour. The rump cap was chewy meat lacking sufficient BBQ flavour to represent South American cuisine sufficiently and was an underwhelming dish. The desserts were pretty good, something different. The dishes are overpriced and certainly not worth their standing given they don’t blow you away. Overall, the food was above average but seemed to be holding back on letting the true flavours of South American cuisine shine through.

Bilbys Chargrilled Burgers - Metro Burger and Chips

Bilby’s Chargrilled Burgers – 21 Dec 2012

Bilby’s offers a solid burger offering with a delicious bun filled with seeds and a tasty beef patty with “gourmet” ingredients like feta and sundried tomato pesto. The feta provides a salty kick but is kept in moderation while the pesto provides a moistness in the burger. It’s amply filled with salad and other ingredients and will leave you full and satisfied. The chips are quite standard and I did eat them at the end so they had gone a little soggy but they were nice. I did get some crisp ones but I thought they could have been crisper overall and needed a little more salt. With quite a range to choose from, Bilby’s offers tasty burgers at excellent prices.

Koko Black's Queen of Hearts

Koko Black

I’m glad to have finally made a visit and sample what Koko Black has to offer but the high tea didn’t exactly wow me. For all the hype of this place, I don’t think it lived up to it but the standard is solid. The standouts were the chocolate opera cake, vanilla panacotta, both sets of toasted sandwiches and the hot chocolate. The other items were nice but without being uplifting. Nonetheless, if I were close by and wanted a quick snack of some sorts, a visit here is a must. Having sampled some of the chocolates, these are delicious and one can see they excel in this area and is their specialty.