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The Merrywell - Fried Chicken & Red Velvet Waffles

The Merrywell @ Crown Perth – 22 Nov 2012

As a bar and while I’m not a drinker, I think the venue is excellent to catch up with friends over a few drinks. The food is not horrible but while trying to be quirky, it has lost direction. The fusion of flavours from different cuisines or different flavours did not come off as a master chef dish. Rather, it was an epic fail. I would loved to have had southern fried chicken or some version far closer to American roots without being like a fast food chain version. Same too for the ribs. I wouldn’t come here again. This is the most overhyped place. It’s a bar and it’s good at that but it will not be known for it’s food. Supposed dude food, yes some quirky dishes, more style than substance and overpriced. Go out on to the casino floor and you can order and pay for a drink and have it brought to you. Go into The Merrywell, and you have to go the bar and get it yourself, then line up at the entrance to place and pay for your food order. Something is not right here. I thought some of the dishes are overpriced for the quantity served. Even the restaurants in Perth’s CBD have prices that look better. I guess what they say is true about a casino, “the house always wins” – whether dining or betting.

The Merrywell - Angus Beef Burger & Fries

The Merrywell @ Crown Perth – 28 Oct 2012

The Merrywell is a nice relaxed setting to enjoy a meal with modern funky music playing in the foreground (if it were softer I’d say background, yes, it’s a bit too loud!). It was quiet early on but it filled up. The shoestring fries were delicious but upstaged by the secret sauce. Very unique and I loved it! Yes it’s just sauce but what a difference it made. So too the sauce in the burger. Nice hit of chilli, lovely soft bun, intense meaty flavour provided by the angus beef, plus gooey melted cheese with the other ingredients combined well. Quite pricey at $24 though. Not worth it to my mind.

Atrium @ Burswood – 21 Jun 2012

For $39.90 per head for lunch (check pricing during weekends etc), the range on offer is unbeatable. There’s a range of dishes from a variety of cuisines that should please everyone. I think what let down the offering was the lack of consistency in flavour. The dishes weren’t horrible by any means but while the Asian dishes were delicious, the others were let down in taste and could have been a shade more tender. The same went for the desserts. The eclair was excellent and some other cakes not bad. The waffle was passable and one can eat better outside while the ice creams were enjoyable. I think if you want a range of cuisines, for the price it’s worth a visit. Given parking is $15 for the day, it’s worth becoming a Club Burswood member for free which entitles you to other discounts amongst parking and the Atrium. Entertainment cardholders get 25% off up to $40.